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  1. I would make a trip to Decathalon if its not too far. £80 will get you a decent tent from there.
  2. Hasn't @mr gumby got that one Paddy? I'd definately recommend the F&B though.
  3. Give me 2010 every year!! I don't ever recall being too hot to party then, but this year (especially Saturday) felt very stuffy. Maybe it's as Gnom says, we're 9 years older.
  4. Been outdoors innit! Fest season is winding down, I have Leeds and the big fake fest to go before my head gets stuck into work for the winter. I did pretty much similar Ian, without the offer of work... or boomtown tickets. There's not many discussions in the other forums is there?
  5. Morning all, back to work I go today. @dizzymoo my feet are better thank you. I’ve been really rough this week, had a stinking cold and tummy issues. I’m starting to think I’m getting too old for all of this hardcore partying. My next fest is just a day ticket to Leeds so I’m going to do it sober and see how I get on. That will be a novelty 🤣
  6. Yeah first two days were lovely then it’s torrential.
  7. Kendal Calling. It’s always ‘not dry’ there but that was relentless. Didn’t help I was moshing I suppose. But soaked feet for two days isn’t good.
  8. The amount of teens barging past everyone using elbows and pushing was unreal at Tom Jones. Took me 15 minutes to realise they were all there for the Courteeners. There were lovely respectful girls next to us who confirmed it but at least they weren’t dicks
  9. I was saying before Kendal this year that I doubt I would return but I’ll give it one last chance. Ive decided I won’t be going again. The dynamics have changed so much in the last 5 years. Most of the young’uns were fab, so don’t take this as an attack on all of them, but the minority that weren’t fine were horrid. Rude, obnoxious, cheeky, pissing everywhere, throwing pints (possibly of piss), throwing rubbish, barging through crowds with no words of excuse me or sorry. I pulled a few of them up and just got abuse back. Maybe I’m just getting old and spoilt by Glastonbury and Bearded theory.
  10. Idles smashed it!!! Bloody brilliant set. They were my highlight and all of my friends that were originally going to the doves. I’m very bruised today after moshing to them and subways.
  11. Highlight of the festival was definitely Idles. They smashed it. But I equally loved K.O.G, Our Fold, Subways, Slowthai, KT Tunstall and The Lottery Winners. There was a lot of teenagers there this year. Most of them were lovely but some of them were cheeky little shits, barging past people, peeing everywhere, dropping rubbish and being generally rude. I still had a brilliant time but I think my Kendal days are over. I would happily camp 7 miles from home! As long as you’re with the right people it’ll be amazing.
  12. I think I have trenchfoot. That was the worst weather I’ve ever experienced at a Festival! Both walking boots and muck boots were drenched. It was still bloody brilliant tho. I’m covered in bruises from moshing 🤣
  13. They bloody did!! But K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade were bouncing!
  14. Im in Emporers and it’s not muddy. There’s mud from camping to the arena.
  15. Oh and @Quark The Allergies don’t clash. They’re on 1-3am. We will definitely be there
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