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  1. I haven’t tried mine in my small tent so I can’t compare but I had 2 in a 4 man dome tent squished in. They touched the bottom but it was quite a small tent.
  2. I got campbeds from go outdoors for £25. They weigh 5k tho so I only take them regular camping. Loads of room under for storage, very sturdy, and well comfy with a self inflating mattress on. You can go to go outdoors, put them up and try them. Good luck with your search
  3. @Funkyfairy! you will need comfort this year! 3 weeks is a long time to be sleeping on the floor. Have you found any yet?
  4. Morning Poppets... To those so far ticketless, I'm so sorry you can't get excited at the line up poster. I for one am blooming bouncing like a bouncy thing, but I feel your pain. I keep looking at it and seeing someone I had forgotten was on there and then predicting clashes everywhere! Just been on the day and stage thread... Cure v Chems v Janelle! Now that is a toughie!! I'm lucky enough to have a new colleague who is also going, So I can Glastobate all day!!! Mind, we need to start the sacrifices to the weather Gods people... It's horrid out there today, and I don't fancy bouncing around to The Killers in this not dry suff. Have a good day
  5. @lucyginger is it just general resale you’re going for? I saw ferocious dog st Incider, they had the place bouncing.
  6. Evening all, apologies for the absence once again, I’m working so bloody much at the moment to get festival season off work. I’m knackered but it’s for a good cause Add in nights out, nights in and gigs and I’m ready for a blooming good sleep!! @guypjfreak that’s a beautiful photo of your lovely self and the gorgeous Eliza, put a smile on my face mate!! @dizzymoo your son is doing so well!! We’re all like proud aunties over here!! As for @Funkyfairy! you are going to have the most amazing June!! Much love to you all... I’m available resale day and working on getting coach sale off work to help @ICGenie x
  7. Upon awakening?? I've given up actually going to bed, the adrenaline keeps me awake.
  8. Lucky you haha, I've normally made myself calm down by that point, but my nickname for that morning is Glastzilla, I don't deal with stress well. The tutor made us all do the slow breath in for 2, then hold for 2, then exhale for 4... But they were bloody slow counts. I can see how it works.
  9. I swear in 2015 i had a full on panic attack, I thought I was having a heart attack at 4am :0) He said something about breathing... 2-2-4! But he also has no idea of the stress we go through leading up to Tday.
  10. I've just had a training session on 'Stress management' and was asked do I remember the most stressed I'd ever been and what was the cause of it? My colleagues all know about 'Tday' nerves but the civilian instructor looked at me as if I were crackers!
  11. Hello you!!! OOhh, Exciting, when will you find out? Of course everything is crossed for you both, and if all else fails, there's always the resale. Hope you're keeping well Lucy x
  12. Yeah mate. Ours was Sands Bay, other side of WSM. is there an update? Is everyone ok?
  13. @fatyeti24 I can’t stop laughing at your avatar! I’m taking grandad to see War Horse tonight. I’m a little bit excited! He’s never been to the theatre before.
  14. Curlygirl

    BRIT Awards 2019

    Fecking brilliant 🤣 well played sir!!
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