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  1. Well today should have been Boomtown weekend, So my mate Pixie is coming up to visit me instead. Tents are going up in the garden again, there will be 4 of us. The intent is to take her round the touristy areas, but we may just end up getting drunk for 4 days haha. Is it too early to make sacrifices to the weather gods for next year or potentially 2022s festival? I feel we may have some not dry weather on the way.
  2. I will do pet. I'm looking forward to it!
  3. I guessed you would be busy. Everyone is is keen for a change of scenery. Keep as safe as you can you two. I would love to come up when it's a bit quieter... only to see the boss mind 😉 and by that I mean MitzyDog 😁 I have a feeling my October time off work will be spent moving house rather than sorting ticket day sadly. @deebeedoobee & @pilton digger, Simon and Deb, I'm booked into Ashcombe farm on the 10th Sept for a few days. I know we're not allowed around the farm, but I would very much like to catch up with you all. Is the crown open during the day yet? We could go for lunch if you're free?
  4. I'm going to a gig! It's being put on by the Ey Up Mi Duck and Wroot rocks people Neil and Amber Sanderson. There will be no facilities... bring your own booze and food. It's held in The Nook campsite in Doncaster. The stage is in a truck, and there will only be 2 portaloos for those of us camping. Anyone with their own toilet facilites (Campervans and caravans) are asked to use their own. And we have all had to agree to strict social distancing rules before being allowed to buy tickets. It was sold out but Neil has very kindly said he will fit me in. I am beyond excited This time last year I would have probably turned my nose up at such an event! Oh how times have changed haha. How are you all? I'm still working heaps and saving up Time Off In Lieu for next year (praying things will have a semblance of normality by then, tho I doubt it). There's not much else to be done at the moment so I may as well work.
  5. Art'noon all. It's all a bit strange in the world innit? Bearded Theory was cancelled on Thursday, all to be expected but a bit more upsetting when I realised they hadn't secured The Flaming Lips for next years festival. That night was going to be my festival highlight of the year, I had totally bigged it up So instead of being away all summer, I had decided to sort my house out and get it on the market. It only went and sold in 6 days so I am soon to be homeless haha. My friend who I festival with a lot has said I can move in with her and split the rent until I find my perfect home so that's good. I stuck some tents up in the garden for Glastonbury weekend, and had an efests visitor in the name of Mr Gumby! It certainly took the pain away from the forced fallow. What have you all been up to? Any life changing epiphanies? Belated birthday wishes LugyG, I'm sure i wished you well on the book of face xx
  6. Hello beautiful people!!! Yes to the cherry bakewell @noplacelikehome😁 I actually lay down in the middle of the road today in a massive thunderstorm. It was stunning. Do you think it would be muddy on the farm? @deebeedoobee what is the state of the ground??
  7. It's very very wet and blustery outside... just the type of weather to have us all panicking and relying on @deebeedoobee for hourly updates 😁 I miss you all. Mostly, we will miss Big Dog. The loveliest of lovely boys. Have fun in those fields above us pet x
  8. Hi Paul, I'm thinking maybe you're part of the BT team? If so can you please advise... I bought tickets for 3 of us on earlybird. One of us has emailled to cancel her ticket as she can't get time off in September due to work. She has had a reply with a code should she be able to rebook at the same earlybird price. Now here comes the issue. My bank account has been credited for the whole booking. Obviously we all 3 are happy for tickets to roll over to next year, should September be cancelled. But we don't want to book all 3 again now just incase September does go ahead and she would have to cancel hers again. Shall we wait until we know for certain what is happening with the September date? Thanx Anyone else putting the tents up in the garden this weekend?
  9. Hi lovely ones. Huge congratulations to you and Emily @thurlow84! I'm over the moon you found each other and are now looking to get married. Makes my heart warm mate. With any luck I'll see you next at Bearded Theory? Much love to you both. Today I received in the post a pompom maker! I made one using the old traditional cardboard method from my childhood and what a pain it was. So I was pleasently suprised to see someone has created them. I can now make 4 different sized pompoms in moments. I'm bloody loving this new found love of wool. I am half way through making the 'Namaqualand' blanket. I can't attach a photo as I'm at work, but I'm well impressed with it. Talking of squirrels, I'm seeing alot more roadkill than usual. There's less cars on the roads so how can this be? Are the animals becoming complacent? Love and hugs all round xx
  10. It may have been a faff but well worth it. Its fantastic Dizzy! I actually posted in my estates fb group the other morning. When I came home from night shift, tired and a wee bit emotional, i drove slowly around the estate looking at all of the rainbows the children had made. It warmed my heart a little bit so I had to say thank you to them. A bus i drove past this morning had 'Thankyou ALL keyworkers' on the window screen. Also made me smile
  11. You won't regret it mate. It's a fab festival. KarlHippy is so right about the vibe, very similar to Glastonbury, but with no pressure of running around the site to see bands or meet friends. Bearded Theory is now my firm favourite. I also have Lindisfarne booked so fingers crossed they both go ahead.
  12. Wonderful news. Congratulations!! What a wonderful time for you to bond as a family... No outside interuptions.
  13. I bloody love this thread!! Great idea @crazyfool1! I don't know any of the answers but I'm finding the little annecdotes very interesting.
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