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  1. No idea. I had a persistent cough in June and had a test which was negative. I was recently in isolation where I had been in contact with a colleague that had tested positive. Either way it's good I have antibodies. I've had it but not suffered like some. Scary that I could have had it with no symptoms. Makes social distancing even more important. Hope you're ok sweet. So many people are going through tough times x
  2. What's going on with you FF? Hope you get home ok and everything starts to improve. I'm ok. Obviously along with everyone I'm missing people. Festival people. Like minded people. Gig in Newcastle in 2 weeks is now cancelled. House sale isn't going as planned etc. At least I have a job though so I shouldn't moan. On the plus side, I have antibodies. You take care lovely xx
  3. Thank you Guy. I've just changed my annual leave from next week to the first week in November. Hopefully I will know something by then. It's the not knowing thst is the worst. Good news about GIAF #3, I got tickets They sold out in less than a minute this time. Probably because if Covid is still around then, GIAF is almost guaranteed to go ahead. And we all need a bit of certainty in our lives.
  4. Hi Guys, Life has been a bit hectic my end. The house sale is moving along but I still don't have an actual date to move out, so i'm slowly packing and shifting stuff in between shifts. Gig in a field #2 was bloody awesome... and in true desperation for live music, it sold out in 3 minutes. They're not selling through an agent this time for GIAF #3, instead we are to email them at 9am tomorrow, and if we get allocated tickets, we pay via Paypal. It sort of feels out of my hands as to wether i will get tickets or not, but time will tell. If restrictions are lifted in relation to covid, the
  5. Just this!! I saw a post from Funke this morning about playing at Glastonbury Abbey, and I know of a few people that went. It appears that some people down the front didn't 100% abide by the social distancing rules, but mostly it was good. And it needs to be good more of the time for these small events to continue. I too was in my happy place, Gig in a field was just amazing. We had Davey Malone, Ramble Gamble and Jake Martin all do accoustic sets on the Thursday night. Then on Friday we had Scarlett Rose (13 years old and already owns the stage), Brad Dear, Ryan Brooke (From Ferocious dog), B
  6. That sounds lovely dude... Was it with some Beardy folk? I'm so looking forward to going to 'Gig in a field' tomorrow. I don't know anyone that is going, but I'm sure I will have friends at the end of it. There's a possibility that Davey Malone is opening it up at 6pm tomorrw. I did ask him a couple of days ago and he denied it, but I have seen a clue of a picture of a ring he wears. @deebeedoobee I spoke to my mate last night and she would more than like to join us at the King Arthur. I do hope @lucygingercan join us.
  7. That very much sounds like a plan Dee. I may have a friend with me, tho she may want to stay behind. Let me know which day suits. Thank you xx
  8. There is truly no better place. That is the perfect spot for winding down and drinking wine Also sorry to read your sad news Guy... Much love to you all x
  9. That would be fantastic!! I can't do Sunday lunch tho as I need to be up, packed and driving back home ready for work the next day. @deebeedoobee do you know the pub thats just outside of Ashcombe farm? I think it's the Apple Tree Inn.. Is that open for lunch? And if so, @lucyginger are you free Friday or Saturday? I arrive 10th Sept and come home on the 13th
  10. Well today should have been Boomtown weekend, So my mate Pixie is coming up to visit me instead. Tents are going up in the garden again, there will be 4 of us. The intent is to take her round the touristy areas, but we may just end up getting drunk for 4 days haha. Is it too early to make sacrifices to the weather gods for next year or potentially 2022s festival? I feel we may have some not dry weather on the way.
  11. I will do pet. I'm looking forward to it!
  12. I guessed you would be busy. Everyone is is keen for a change of scenery. Keep as safe as you can you two. I would love to come up when it's a bit quieter... only to see the boss mind 😉 and by that I mean MitzyDog 😁 I have a feeling my October time off work will be spent moving house rather than sorting ticket day sadly. @deebeedoobee & @pilton digger, Simon and Deb, I'm booked into Ashcombe farm on the 10th Sept for a few days. I know we're not allowed around the farm, but I would very much like to catch up with you all. Is the crown open during the day yet? We could go for lunch
  13. I'm going to a gig! It's being put on by the Ey Up Mi Duck and Wroot rocks people Neil and Amber Sanderson. There will be no facilities... bring your own booze and food. It's held in The Nook campsite in Doncaster. The stage is in a truck, and there will only be 2 portaloos for those of us camping. Anyone with their own toilet facilites (Campervans and caravans) are asked to use their own. And we have all had to agree to strict social distancing rules before being allowed to buy tickets. It was sold out but Neil has very kindly said he will fit me in. I am beyond excited This time last year I
  14. Art'noon all. It's all a bit strange in the world innit? Bearded Theory was cancelled on Thursday, all to be expected but a bit more upsetting when I realised they hadn't secured The Flaming Lips for next years festival. That night was going to be my festival highlight of the year, I had totally bigged it up So instead of being away all summer, I had decided to sort my house out and get it on the market. It only went and sold in 6 days so I am soon to be homeless haha. My friend who I festival with a lot has said I can move in with her and split the rent until I find my perfect home so t
  15. Hello beautiful people!!! Yes to the cherry bakewell @noplacelikehome😁 I actually lay down in the middle of the road today in a massive thunderstorm. It was stunning. Do you think it would be muddy on the farm? @deebeedoobee what is the state of the ground??
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