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  1. I'm going to it as soon as we're checked in. I'm currently on the Bristol Express. Fixed that for ya Lucy... tut tut. But thanx for the sacrifice 😉
  2. I'm so excited Dee!! Do they have a cloakroom?
  3. I heard about that! Did you actually feel it? I'm flying to Bristol later to go and see Imperial Leisure with some festival buddies.
  4. Me too, I'm just grateful I get to see them tomorrow.
  5. Party in my bed this morning! Love it. For any Bristol people, Imperial Leisure are playing at the Exchange on Saturday, supported by Monkey Bizzle. It'll be their last ever gig 😥 (that's a bit of a lie, the last last gig is in London on the 20th)
  6. 7 out of 24 of my real life mates were successful. So many of my festival friends missed out too. It's getting tougher each year. Good luck in April 🤞
  7. Imperial leisure have announced that the last gigs they're doing are Bristol 7/12 and London 20/12. Then very sadly they are no more. Luckily I'll get to see them at the Bristol gig. We booked flights straight after this years Bearded Theory they were that good.
  8. Ahh Sorry mate. That's got to be a first is it? Will you try in the resale? Got to be honest, the first drop is more than good enough even if i don't like anything else still to be released. I'm absolutely buzzing for Flaming Lips, Nova Twins, Barstewards, Leylines, The Lagan, Gaz B, Ferocious dog, Sugarhill gang and KT Tunstall.
  9. I get more excited for the BT line up than I do Glastonburys. I reckon because it's so much smaller so you get to see so much more.
  10. It really did!! Circus you can read about it and look at photos and videos but there truly is something magical about the place that you will feel once you arrive. One of my colleagues went for the first time this year and he still can't explain how he feels, he can't find the words. Funny enough my mate no longer goes, where as I fit in as many festivals as i possibly can now.
  11. My first was 2010, and I really did not want to go! I must've had my head buried in the sand for years but i knew nothing about it prior to then. I went as a favour to a mate. I remember being so grumpy in the Tuesday night queue as my mate was mortal and being a lot of a dick. It was so cold that night but so bloody warm the next day. Not having a clue what I was doing, I had a massive suitcase on wheels with all of the drinks in. By the time we got to camp in Michaels mead, I was fit to drop. Camp was set up and we all had a nap, then sat around a camp fire for the rest of the night. I remember the exact moment I fell in love with it, my heart swelled and I got all emotional. Thursday morning sat in the tiniest bit of shade from the wall of Cocktails and Dreams watching all the weird and wonderful walking by. I've been to every one since, and I'll never take my ticket for granted. Thank you Michael for changing my life
  12. Are you sleeping any better? My sleep is always shit if i've had a drink, I wake up incredibly early.
  13. WT actual F?? HMV and no alcohol just do not go together!! I'm amazed. I'm on night shifts so I haven't seen daylight since Sunday. It's a clear night tho so I can only imagine it was sunny today.
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