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  1. Springs is a bit too expensive for me personally but Skylark has showers & flushing toilets and is reasonably priced, you can buy fancy showers & toilets tixs without camping at either of those though. However keep in mind there's a big slope splitting the festival in two (uptown and downtown) so if you do Skylark (based in uptown) and want to go to the downtown areas a lot from your tent the closest way down is with these fucking horrible steps that are a pain to go and up down on.
  2. jump


    That didn't last long, Bischoff has been sacked and Bruce Prichard has taken over Smackdown. Not surprising as out of Heyman, Trips and Bischoff he was the one who had his finger least on the pulse but I'm not sure Prichard knows modern wrestling that well either.
  3. I ain't got a clue, may you could try asking Citizens Advice. There's a link below; https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/
  4. I don't think Paul Weller would headline either.
  5. I've just seen Jeff Goldblum's jazz band is playing a fairly small clubs in the UK next month, would it be too bonkers to have him as headliner on The Lighthouse?
  6. I remember making fun of them when they were about, they had something like 5 names changes and kept changing their genre to whatever fad sound was in at the time.
  7. Did you actually wait around for her? I accidently saw her on the way to downtown after seeing Prophets Of Rage who were meant to have finished after her. For the few songs she did play she was alright, it was the long 10min monologue in the middle of the set that was really annoying.
  8. I would have thought if Foals were to headline they'd have the tour done earlier in the year so once it's finished they'd be clear for an announcement. If R&L did wait for their tour to finish then it'd be May which seems a bit late to announce a headliner.
  9. I fell asleep during Mumford & Sons too, it was at a London day festival where Arcade Fire were headlining. I wasn't fussed with watching Mumfords so my mates went off into the crowd whilst I was stayed back and had a few drinks. I started nodding off till I split some of my beer on myself. I was fucking knackered that day, I was out the night before and was at work in the morning.
  10. I weren't really impressed with Angels & Airwaves when I saw them play, it didn't help the crowd were really annoying. There were some teenage girls giggly to themselves the entire time and complaining about people wanting to move around to the music.
  11. I've always been a fan of exploring the stages throughout the festival even when I've got no interest in the acts playing on that stage. The stage production for even the small and cramp stages are fantastic, the forest parties in particular are really cool as well as the colossal scale of the Relic stage. My favourite last year was stumbling upon a fashion show room where people from the crowd were asked to model some recycled rubbish on a catwalk.
  12. I'm pretty sure their last 3 UK tours all had sold out London dates, last year were all instant sell outs although they were smaller venues due to NIN taking part in Robert Smith curated Meltdown festival and a last min date added for the Royal Albert Hall as so many people couldn't get tixs, I was so fucking annoyed I couldn't get tixs either of those myself. Apparently they have been offered a headline slot at All Points East next year.
  13. I find influential is probably the right word for The Strokes, once they broke through loads of similar new indie bands broke through and the biggest bands of the 00s like The Killers, Artic Monkeys etc named checked The Strokes. It's worth noting all of the All Points East shows from the extremely poor selling Bring Me and Christine & The Queens to the big names of Mumford & Sons and The Chemical Brothers this year only The Strokes day sold out. They aren't a mega draw on par with the likes of Foo Fighters or Muse though.
  14. I can see why the yankee likes of Green Day, Blink 182 etc don't play but I'm more curious about the why UK pop punk bands aren't invited like Neck Deep or You Me At Six.
  15. Isle of Wight downsized this year, tixs for next year are £150 (for the early bird tixs anyway), I'm not sure how they'd be able to afford AC/DC.
  16. jump


    It's less of a draft and more of a brand split again. The wild card rule has fucked up it for so long, even the titles with Raw and Smackdown in the name weren't exclusive. I'm surprised at Wyatt going to Smackdown, I thought Fox wanted it to be the sports shows and he'd worked better as a more traditional WWE type show, well Hell In A Cell aside. Lucha House Party seemed to stick out as they hadn't got to the jobbers yet so I'm hopeful they do something with them as all three of those can have amazing matches. I wasn't going to watch Smackdown but I saw pic of Bayley's entrance on Smackdown and decided to get it watch anyway.
  17. Download booking Metallica to headline two days of the fest would get around them not having many headliners to choose from.
  18. I can't comment on Harry's music but whatshisname from Busted did alright with the crowd at R&L when Fightstar played.
  19. Slowthai was the worst support act I've ever seen, it was last year with Slaves. He threw up on stage multiple times, started throwing his shoes at the crowd, kept shouting"Fuck Theresa May" & "Fuck your Mum" etc. Tbh if I ever see him again he'd be a let down if he didn't do all that.
  20. Red Hot Chili Peppers at Reading 07, it was almost constant jazz band jamming and every now and then they would play a song. This missed a few classics from the set too but most notably Under The Bridge. I remember people waiting around after their encore expecting a second encore to feature it as they couldn't understand why they wouldn't play it.
  21. I don't think they have in the UK tho, they subbed R&L and Sonisphere in the UK. The only spots I remember seeing them play in mainland Europe was as a sub for Rock am Ring. I wouldn't bat an eyelid if they were announced as headliners though.
  22. I'm glad you enjoyed it but I'm never gonna agree with you that was a period of Blur worth checking out tho. Graham Coxon is as much to Blur as Damon is imo and if you think of the best Blur songs there is at least 10 (probably a lot more) that would be ahead of anything from Think Tank.
  23. I don't think any fest would touch Morrisey, he refuses to play at festivals that sell meat and his politics talks are off putting. Your 2nd stage headliner is actually bigger than the mainstage one on Sat.
  24. I don't think a money hungry band like AC/DC would take a pay cut to do Glasto myself.
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