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    AEW Dynamite was great, it's shocking to think how far Cody has developed since WWE. Also this is brilliant;
  2. I thought they broke up after de la Rocha quit the band due to telling Tim not to do the attention seeking stunt at the MTV awards, he was completely ignored so he felt like he said no say in the band. Although I'd imagine that was the final straw rather than the sole cause but the impression I got it was a more abrupt split than a planned one.
  3. There was a story about how Rage were a last minute addition to the line up in 2000 as they wanted to play the fest, Eminem had pulled out that year but they were added before he pulled out though.
  4. Were The Verve subbing Metallica?
  5. They have been doing shows this summer though.
  6. I'm surprise by all the comments about Rage Against The Machine not being big in their day. I was too young for Rage in the 90s to properly comment of their popularity then but they were playing arenas back (I remember being a tween and wanting to go to their Wembley show) and they split up less than a year after their 3rd album came out which was very popular. In between them breaking up and reforming they had their videos playing on MTV2 regularly, being played in rock/metal club nights etc.
  7. Great line up at the time but the Sunday main stage became a bit of a train wreck on the day though. Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold pulled out, an unknown (at the time) Bring Me The Horizon were added (and then bottled) and the order was messed up as some bands were late, Mindless Self Indulgence end up playing ridiculously high. The Saturday Lock Up stage was superb too.
  8. Yeah I was there that day, it was fucking great from start to finish. Gogol Bordello are one of my favourites live bands and are always fun live.
  9. If it is Rage I wonder what kind of line up they would have. When they did the Finsbury Park show they had Gallows, Gogol Bordello and Roots Manuva, I'd really hope they would keep that vibe rather than chucking on loads of 90/00s acts like Insane Clown Posse and Kid Rock.
  10. Emirates has done gigs before, Green Day and Springsteen have played there before but I don't remember any gigs being announced for it in the last few years though.
  11. They were doing early birds tixs for next year at this years prices.
  12. I would of thought Chili Peppers would be too pricey with the downsized model IOW is operating under now.
  13. They do it all loads of shows around this time of year, I got given one for Refused & Thrice the other night. I got given loads last year too.
  14. The problems with The Springsteen gig (as well as other conditions for the licence) was one of the things they mentioned as to why they moved it too.
  15. I can't stand Milton Keyes for gigs. It's a soulless place, the trains are shit and it's going after the same crowds as London so why not just go to London instead.
  16. That's a shame if it's the very end and if it's not revived after the reunion. I found even them even though marketed as sort-of-Rage and with a very strong Rage setlist, had a different vibe to their live shows and were more fun than Rage were live.
  17. It doesn't look likely they will have new material, between Tom Morello's solo stuff and Prophets Of Rage they wouldn't have had a chance to do anything yet. Whilst I agree with what you're saying at least the second time was more selflessly motivated as they wanted to celebrate their xmas no 1 with a free show even if the other shows they did at the time paid well.
  18. Grace Jones is doing Meltdown next year. Maybe APE which let Bring Me curate their line up last year.
  19. In fairness Rage is only a rumour at this point and MCR were bottled when they headlined.
  20. I just had a looksie and Prophets Of Rage have no dates lined up however if Rage were touring next year I'd imagine they'd be hitting Europe for the big pay days. With Rock am Ring & Download being the two most likely but are missing from their line ups I can't see it.
  21. It's funny this is the 3rd reunion with Rage without new music but the same people excited about this are also complaining about System being back again with no new music
  22. The main thing I remember about My Chemical Romance from 06/07 was their thousand people march against The Daily Mail...and only a few dozen fans showed up Also how big Mindless Self Indulgence got when Lyn-Z married Gerrard Way, their venues size tripled and was filled with MCR fans. MCR were a big band but in the peak they were never a massive band outside of their fanbase. I do give them credit though as they were great live, I honestly think they are more rock and roll than Guns n Roses live.
  23. Maybe but when they headlined those fests in their peak they didn't get massive crowds. If there is a MCR day I want Mindless Self Indulgence!!!
  24. I'm not so sure, I would of though they'd make the smaller stages headliners and overall line up stronger. There's no point putting on bigger headliners on The Lions Den when they already draw big crowds when it's barely filled the during the day and the smaller stages like Hangar 161 or The Forge for example could be better used to split the crowd.
  25. I wouldn't say that, whilst they get a few stadium acts every now and then it's largely down to would their audience accept them as headliners. Last year with Tool, Deaf Leppard and Slipknot, whilst they are established names they would struggle playing (mainly Deaf Leppard & Tool) at other fests/stadium shows. Even some of their recent headliners like Biffy or System have been used as co-headliners or subs at R&L.
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