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  1. Off topic but I saw vid of Rammstein playing MK Stadium from the outside and you literally saw the flames rise above the stadium. It did make me wish I left the gig early to see that from the street.
  2. jump


    This thread is quite with the royal rumble a few days away. I’m hoping with the rumours of Edge, CM Punk, Ronda etc coming back there’s someone completely out nowhere turns up instead like Brian Cage.
  3. ^Also APE aren't exactly getting huge headliners, they seem to put more effort into the general line up than just the headliners imo.
  4. By who? To me it looks like they are waiting for their Jan/Feb shows* to be done before they announce themselves for anything else in Europe which may or may not include Slam Dunk. They are suspiciously off the Mega Hella Tour euro dates and I can't imagine a band that tours as much as they do wouldn't do some summer Euro fests when they are already active and have space in their diary. *speaking of which they have The Skints and Buster Shuffle supporting them, that's gonna be a great night out.
  5. It's not just exclusive to Foos, Ozzfest had 7 bands on the mainstage and a mid-day opening. The Bowl is more like Hyde Park than an established venue where sometime its open at noon and other times it opens in the evening depending on the specific event.
  6. There's not really a usual opening time for the Bowl though as it's not a regular venue, if I remember correctly when Foos played there it was open at 2pm and had 4 support bands.
  7. Did you see The White Stipes at Hyde Park with Queens Of The Stone Age supporting them? That was a quality day out. Mine would be Streetlight Manifesto at Camden Underworld, I was walking up to the venue and all the crowd were outside all singing the songs and once I was in it was wall to wall bouncing with pretty much everyone singing every line to every song.
  8. I'm hoping that the 4pm time is just a place holder as I've seen Seetickets use that before otherwise that's shit.
  9. I don't agree with that logic, I wouldn't take them not announcing something as a sign that they will announce something big. Most fests which have been very slow to announce things are normally the ones that will be cancelled, I remember Sonisphere use to have a big build up of they are going to announce big headliners only to end up announcing it's not going ahead again. However I'm not saying this is the case with APE.
  10. They can sell out, sometimes if they feel there is enough demand they will add more but it's rare.
  11. I've never seen that pic before, it was at Boomtown and I've just spotted myself in the crowd.
  12. That seems abit unfair as Prophets of Rage (the band minus the frontman) have been fairly vocal/active over the last few years. At one point they invaded a Republican convention when they were announcing Trump as their presidential candidate.
  13. The general sale is next Friday, anyone reckon will get the first lot of non-Slipknot acts playing before then?
  14. Slipknot and A7X pulled out though, they had a very early days Bring Me The Horizon replace them at the bottom of the card. Rage were fucking magical that night.
  15. We can start it now, here's the first round; Liam Gallagher
  16. jump


    Wrestle Kingdom!!! That Jon Moxley deathmatch seemed a bit tame after his Omega match and the flippy Ospreay match was great.
  17. Getting Machine Head to play any festival nowadays is just as hard to imagine.
  18. jump


    I skimmed the rotten tomatoes bad reviews summaries and it seems the complaints are mostly about how his odd humour is being applied to a serious subject matter. I've got my tixs booked to see it on New Years Day as a way to force myself out of my bed rather than nursing a hangover all day.
  19. jump


    It's a token producer credit as he set up Dreamworks who made the film, he's had his name on all of the Transformers films including the shit ones. The biggest say he's had in those films when he had Megan Fox fired from the franchise when she compared Michael Bay to Hitler which didn't go down well since he's Jewish with multiple family members having died in the Holocaust. Speaking of Hitler, Jo Jo Rabbit looks great. It's from Taika Waititi who did Thor Ragnarok and What We Do in the Shadows. It's a story about a Hitler Youth who's imaginary friend is Hitler and finds out his parents are hiding Jewish people.
  20. It got ruled out as she has loads of her own UK dates to in the summer already but with Liam Gallagher not being on an exclusive they may not be worried about exclusive tags this year.
  21. One of them went to prison for trying to hire a hitman to murder his wife.
  22. I hate it when announcements are made on xmas day, it reminds me of Alt-Fest.
  23. The pre-sale code is KNOTFESTUKOT9 for anyone who is interested.
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