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  1. Trump using the Clinton's "treatment" as an excuse is laughable but (even if in some ways defendable). Why not fire him on day one so? The timing and optics of the whole thing are not great for Trump and his administration. And sure he was calling him a brave man at the time when Comey was fucking about with Clinton........ I personally will be amazed if a smoking gun on something is not unfurled at some stage and his 4 year tenure is cut short. That, however, will simply leave the world with a wack job fundamentalist christian who thinks the earth is only a few thousand years old as the head of state in the US
  2. Yeah watching it it now too. Im 4 episodes in to season 2. Im enjoying it for sure. I really am loving hating some of the characters in it.
  3. Apparently the president is free, at a whim, to declassify any intelligence he feels fit. This came up also around the time Trump was tweeting about supposed Obama administration wire tapping of Trump himself. Historically it has not really happened (definitely not in the manner Trump has gone about such) and I think what happened here is that Trump was being an idiot and blabbing when he shouldn't really have (hence the original denial), but when they got their ducks in a row and realized he technically did nothing wrong they admitted to it and painted it with some sharing of anti terrorism waffle
  4. Didnt Trump admit that the Trump/Russia story played a part in the firing of Comey, however? Im nearly sure he said such in a recent interview. Seemingly his logic was "this story isnt real so the investigation should not be happening, thus I must fire the guy at the head of this investigation, as he is obviously incompetent for heading up such an investigation............" Neither have I directly, but on the radio this morning in the car it was mentioned that the impeachment word has begun to rear its head in democratic circles. Republican politicians will increasingly come under more and more pressure if this administration continues with the rate of "issues" that are continuously arising. It really is popcorn politics over there right now.
  5. England V Ireland last day of the championship next year on Paddys Day............ The potential there is mouthwatering............ Will probably end up being meaningless
  6. More intriguing murkiness in the world of Brexit advertising/propaganda http://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/what-connects-brexit-the-dup-dark-money-and-a-saudi-prince-1.3083586
  7. Semantics - Thats peppered in my mind, but anyhow..........especially when we have never had a left Government at all. At least you guys have done so..........
  8. I of course did not mean an extreme socialist way of thinking (revolution/communism etc etc), but a more social frame of mind that has existed in the past to allow a lot of folk think the likes of Labour/Lib Dems are a good/valid option. The UKs history is peppered with left leaning Government, far more than Irish history. In fact none of our left leaning parties have ever done well enough in our short independent history to do anything other than prop up a right wing/conservative party in a coalition government............
  9. Yeah but the last time Labour did that ye got "New Labour" and a war monger and criminal in Blair, who sold out to Murdoch and co to get power............and it really does seem the British public are in no mood to listen to anyone who is left leaning at the moment. Maybe time enough with the Tories and Brexit will reawaken the socialist in the masses, but only that time spent will tell and who knows what sort of pain the lower class social groupings of the UK will have to contend with in the meantime.
  10. Long enough watch but pretty interesting
  11. Its part of the luck teams sometimes require to push for trophies.
  12. The conspiracy theory plot thickens....https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/14/robert-mercer-cambridge-analytica-leave-eu-referendum-brexit-campaigns?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  13. Very interesting eye opening investigative piece by Carole Cadealladr https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/07/the-great-british-brexit-robbery-hijacked-democracy
  14. ThomThomDrum


    It would be cool if someone could make a mega gif of the site maps through the years if possible and obviously if not done yet (im not aware if anyone has done so). To see the evolution of the site over time in a constant loop would be mezmerising. Anyone have the ability and access to old sit maps to do so? @Gnomicide?
  15. I dont think it would have been easy, but he would potentially have been able to tap into those disenfranchised with the status quo with a lot of the caucus results showing that (although of course thats simply a Democrat litmus test). It would have been interesting to see how the lower class republicans would have reacted to his message had he been on the ticket. When push comes to shove the US underclasses are a lot more socialist then they may like to admit and the recent farce with Trumpcare showed such. Once they all realised that the repeal and replace of dirty old Obamacare meant they were going to get fucked over all of a sudden Obamacare is a good thing and Republican politicians feared for their seats as their voters let them know such.
  16. Ah right. I had no idea where you where coming from on that
  17. They should have went for Sanders. The Democrats had the perfect opportunity to do so but they were blinded by their arrogance in effectively thinking Hilary would walk it. If people were truly sick of the established politics he would have been the perfect candidate to go up against Turnip, even if he is the type of tree hugging, sandle wearing, smelly socialist that Americans traditionally fear It still perplexes me how anyone from a minority group or any woman in that country voted for Trump. C'est la vie
  18. Looking very likely that it will be a Juve V Real CL final. Should be an interesting contest. The might of Skippy et al's fire power versus the impenetrable wall that is the Juve defense. Intriguing. Im sure most neutrals would like to see the aul lady bag it. Although history aint on their side. They have been the brides maid at this point in the competition way too often in the past and they will be up against a team whose CL final abilities speak for themselves having won it the last 5 finals they have made.
  19. They really do. Ill never forget the awe I used to watch Zidane with. Even at close quarters with multiple players breathing down on him he had all the time and space in the world. Lovely to watch. Mesmerising really. They think so quickly that they are multiple steps ahead of their opposing players and it makes them all look like monkeys trying to play football chasing them
  20. He makes defenders look pathetic! Look at Gabi for the 3rd. Doesnt even bother tracking Ronaldo. And so Ronaldo has all the time in the world to take a touch in the box and slam it home. You have a professional responsibility to try and mark one of the best players of all time? Make at least an effort. Or Savic for the first! His determination to get to the ball and win it, or prevent Ronaldo from winning it was utterly feeble.
  21. What surprises me watching Ronaldo do his thing is how easy he makes it look. How easy he finds space or get in front of a defender. I would hate to have to mark him. Sometimes I look at the defenders, and due to Ronaldos constant movement they look as if simply give up trying to stick with him or track him..........
  22. Yeah but the most successful teams (aka those who play the most football) are usually those that spend the most money and so their squad depth should be able to see them through a season (in theory).......... However, even teams who have less success/play less ball over the course of a season can be unlucky and be ravaged by injury in a given season.
  23. Injuries are an area where luck/unluckiness plays a very significant role.......Analysis into training style/playing style may prevent a few, but by and large its just down to shit luck as to who gets injured in any given season........
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