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  1. Easty it’s pretty sad how you are reacting after your team just won one of the most competitive, hard fought, impressive title races in memory. Your anger and vitriol is very disappointing. At times on here you have given me the impression that you could be better than such a response, but to see it it the wake of your team retaining the league in such an impressive manner points to some true colours being unveiled. The sort that are quite unappetising in honesty. Enjoy the win; look forward to the FA cup; and “calm down”.....it’s a fucking game....
  2. Twaddle.... You know there is such a thing as winning poorly...
  3. Got to love Poch’s emotion!
  4. There are a lot of football teams and very few trophies. Fans of football get a lot of meaning out of a multitude of things about the sport other than trophies. They have to. Otherwise it would not be nearly as popular as it is Yes, sport is about winning. But you must be quite naive to think its nothing but........
  5. Wish the final was over 2 legs.. Klopp has not lost a two leg European game yet with Liverpool
  6. That was fucking special!!!
  7. Ah no!!! Hope!! There’s hope! Ahhhh!!!
  8. It’s all going to hit the fan and no one is safe!!....Reckon it’s going to be absolute main character carnage and plenty of backstabbing (possibly literally)....Everyone is in danger. Except for Sam....Sam is as safe as houses, and maybe Arya....
  9. Now that was a smashing episode!
  10. Liverpool will have to score 5/6 to win it. Not going to happen... Istanbul this ain’t
  11. Flog em... Nothing to lose...
  12. It’s exactly this. thats why not getting the away goal is so critical its game over IMO. shame really. Felt the pool deserved something. 2-2 would have been a fair return for their shift but sometimes you don’t get what you deserve. Historical roles reversed. I recall Liverpool doing one over on Barca with Messi and Ronaldinho in the team. Cutting Liverpool apart but could not get the goal and Liverpool robbed it....
  13. Why? Gomez starting? I found it hard to criticise. Klopp didn’t miss the chances
  14. Disaster for the Pool! Not taking your chances is criminal
  15. True but at least this way they get to play each other twice
  16. I enjoyed it, but....... As pointed out last week, what the hell was the point in the NK waiting to build an army if he could simply raise all the dead regardless how and when they died? He could have destroyed Westeros and no one would have known he was coming or a threat...just mosy on down, raise all the dead, job done... I would have liked to have seen some White Walker combat action. What was the point in them? They did nothing and did a really shit job as acting as a bodyguard if that’s what they were doing... I would have liked to see the NK get into some hand to hand. Had thought he would have had some bad ass moves.... Felt we did not see him at his full potential. I also felt he did not look as menacing as he did in earlier episodes. Shite lighting/makeup?? Felt the dragons were under used battle field wise... Loved the lighting of the swords, but the whole Dorthraki army destroyed in seconds??? Come on!! What was the point in having Ghost in the episode? And is Ghost assumed dead? They really could have and should have killed off some bigger characters. Way too many impossible escapes from death for many. It was really feckin dark and hard to see what was happening at times Why did the Red Woman feel the need to die? What the hell was Bran up to wargging into the ravens? Am I missing the point in that? Why didnt Bran tell Theon not to bother? He knew it was suicide and he knew Arya was going to kick some ass in a minute anyway. What was the point in it all if Bran knew what was going to happen? (Or so it seems) But as I said... I enjoyed it. Arya rocks!
  17. Over 90 points and probably not going to win the league..... nuts!
  18. England has a max of 5 positions in the CL. With CL winners, EL winners and 1st-3rd taking priority. The only way 4th misses out is if the CL and EL are both won by a team in England outside the top 4 at the end of the season
  19. Valiant effort in ways by Utd but City’s class very much shone through.
  20. You do realise LFC won league titles before the 70s? And Anfields record capacity was way before that...(which has nothing to do with much really) You seem to look for stats/angles to suit your narrative.... ? like it or not City are not viewed by anyone, other than City fans maybe, as one of the historical big clubs. You know this. Anyway, what does it matter? It doesn’t Why do you care what others think of your club? If what they are doing currently is making you happy then fuck everyone else and fuck people’s interpretation of history. Stop getting ur knickers in a twist over nothing and enjoy it...
  21. Everyone "loves" an underdog
  22. Come on Utd!!! Don’t “slip” up!!! ?
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