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  1. Hoping for Utd to do the Pool a favour is a horrible place to be... come on Burnley!! 😬
  2. Jaysus Utd!! 🙄 Usually you would think that a pending derby would be competitive but WTF? Nare a feckin chance Utd put it up to City. City are going to hockey this sad state of affairs...
  3. To my ears it’s sounded like members of the Sanders fan club were in the crowd for sure. Still, fair play to him doing that on Fox. You would never see Trump take his bait and release his returns, or do something similar on a “fake news” broadcaster
  4. 100% agree. the law as it stands means it’s a goal IMO. next season however it would not have stood...
  5. Was not even thinking about how that Spuds result could affect LFC myself (if it could) was just enjoying the spectacle I witnessed. It was only the concern of Utd fans that had me consider it and when I did I don’t see it as a bad thing... City looking for revenge on Sat could even go about a confident Spuds the wrong way.. who knows? City getting dumped out like that could go into some future games with heads down? Who knows? Quadruple not on, so do some City players allow that to affect them psychologically? Who knows? When the dust settles this could be a great result for the Pool... who knows?
  6. But LFC are still in it and City are not. And I’d prefer to potentially meet Spuds in a final than City. So it ain’t a bad result from a Pool perspective at all...
  7. Who cares? That was fucking entertainment of the highest order and VAR played its part! They still need to sort it out properly but that was amazing stuff at the end!
  8. The DUP frame of mind rubbing off on the Commons! NO, NO, NO! Basket case comes to mind...
  9. The response from some Ozzy senator is a disgrace https://twitter.com/fel_caldwell/status/1106432989011959808
  10. What happened in NZ is just horrific. The total detachment from humanity one must possess to do such a thing. The utter disregard for the sanctity of human life and the cheapening of it. In many ways it’s totally incomprehensible. How another human can be able to think like that and do such things is beyond me . It is terrifying. The human condition really is a wide and fucked up spectrum. Those poor, innocent people. A community utterly destroyed. Families totally devastated. My heart aches for them. I assume NZ does not have capital punishment? I don’t agree with it at all, but fully understand anyone wanting/desiring it for a person who could do such a thing. What is to happen to this guy? Surely at the very least it’s life imprisonment without the remotest of chances of parole? There is no way you could trust any system, rehabilitation wise or other, to result in someone who carried out such an atrocity in such a manner getting an opportunity to live free amongst people in society ever again.....
  11. City fans have to be the happiest I would have thought. Avoiding the derby, LFC and Barca on route is a great chance for them to get to a final.
  12. I would not be happy if I was a Spurs fan, but you never know
  13. Could be a Pool V Utd Semi if they both manage to get through
  14. Porto for the Pool. Not a bad draw
  15. Getting the impression After Life is proving to be very Marmite in nature.
  16. That was a hell of a lot easier for Liverpool than I thought it would have been. And they did not even have to be at their best. Says a lot about the state of German footie at the mo...
  17. It’s ok to run the same vote in the Commons again and again but still don’t talk about another Brexit Ref as it’s an affront to democracy? Utter madness! The whole thing is one hell of a fucked up joke.
  18. Yeah 6 X 30 min episodes did seem very short. Especially in this day and age of binging......
  19. Getting an extension doesnt mean A50 cant be revoked, does it? Or am I reading you wrong?
  20. Enjoyed Gervais’ After Life on Netflix. Very funny in parts, very emotional and sad in others, and some pretty dark moments too that really unsettled me also.
  21. Some folk on here need to get refunds from their tackle shop
  22. A good Brexit in a nutshell vid
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