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  1. Playing in Portugal in the middle (one gig in Braga and another one in Lisbon).
  2. I also received it this morning (from Redtkt). Check on Spam.
  3. Well, they can. But that would mean playing for 04 nights in a row, doing Germany/Spain/Germany. It is not impossible, but not likely.
  4. Einsturzende Neubauten have postponed their tour to 2022. There are no Spain dates, and they have a gap between the 02nd and the 06th of June, and a gap from the 06th to the 10th (10th-12th are already booked). So, I imagine that they would be playing just weekend 1.
  5. Well, the plan says a little bit more (without specifying everything): April 19 allows also outdoor events with limited capacity; May 3 allows big outdoor events and indoor events with limited capacity. Looking to this, festivals will be allowed. Can't say at this moment about capacities and all the rest.
  6. Not the first one. NOS Primavera Sound was cancelled two days ago.
  7. Maybe some of you don't know, but both José Barreiro and João Carvalho are partners in the same company. Both are organizers of NPS and Paredes de Coura. José Barreiro is in charge of NPS and João Carvalho is in charge of Paredes de Coura. Picnic is the company created between Paredes de Coura and Primaversa Sound Barcelona to manage NPS. So, both know things. In my opinion, José Barreiro is saying that no NPS this year, and João Carvalho is saying that Paredes will go ahead (at least at this point).
  8. The tour was scheduled to start in April and end in beginning of June. Was scheduled for big arenas. Also a remark - not postponed, but cancelled. And the press release said they were working on "alternative plans for 2021 and 2022". I am not saying that PS will happen in June. But I believe that a tour starting in April is different from a festival in June. Many festivals are announcing for June - in France, in England, in Portugal... I imagine that they have alternatives - requiring the participants to be vaccinated/a PCR test/masks, etc. Just can't imagine they still announcing for June, today, knowing everything that we know about the next couple of months, if they don't have alternatives to run the festivals.
  9. Yeah, Weyes Blood will not tour on those dates. Concerning Caribou, maybe is because is planned to play in May in Paris. Don't know. Would not mind to have Parcels added to Primavera lineup.
  10. https://twitter.com/Charrues/status/1332279071984783364/photo/1
  11. Couldn't care less about Bad Bunny...but the merchandise also says Lisbon (Portugal), and he is not announced for Lisbon but for MEO Sudoeste Festival in August (which is not in Lisbon, but in Alentejo). So, maybe just means nothing.
  12. Well, I understand your point. But what can I say? Portugakl is not Spain. Portugal is a very small country. It is very unusual festivals share their headliners among them. Being headliners of North Music Festival, can't see them playing NOS Alive. But I might be wrong.
  13. They are announced for another Portuguese festival, in May (North Music Festival), as headliners. It is in Oporto, but can't see them playing again in July in NOS Alive.
  14. It is a good point. But same thing happens with the destinations now requiring a test to enter the country. If you got positive, well, you do not have another option than lose your money (hotel, activities, etc.). There is not a perfect situation with the actual panorama.
  15. Check Primavera Sound 2020 topic - n=Nowheretohide is the same guy that in beginning of March was saying that coronavirus was a conspiracy 😂
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