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  1. I expect a few more names, none of big size, but not much more. Looking for Cala Mijas, it should be more and less the same number of stages/bands (perhaps a little bit less).
  2. I see. But those that I suggested sing in English, and Club Makumba is just instrumental...
  3. Timings...probably only the week earlier. For the rest, no idea, but wirh just one month and half to go, it should be soon. For the Portuguese bands, why not give them a shot? There are great ones, like Club Makumba, Bruno Pernadas and Legendary Tigerman (all of them with international potential - in fact, they have done tours through Europe, US and Japan). If you like electronic, Xinobi might be of your taste.
  4. That is a mater of taste. I understand your point, but there are a lot of great bands/artists that have not played this year and might be there on 2023. Potential headliners in smaller stages you get every year. I just named a few, but other users mentioned a lot of others. In my opinion, no reason to say that 23 we will get worst undercard/mid level.
  5. Jungle The War on Drugs Japandroids Karate Sunny Day Real Estate Angel Olsen Father John Misty BadBadNotGood Perfume Genius Ty Segall Aldous Harding Spoon Dehd Ethel Cain Sudan Archives Soccer Mommy Durand Jones Just to name a few...
  6. In my opinion, they were not a disaster. They were not good, but not catastrophic, in my opinion. Casablancas voice was ok (drunk, it is true), too much talking however (many times not understandable), but a lot of hits (Reptilia, NYC Cops, were nice). Strokes were never great live. I would consider yesterday's show has acceptable.
  7. Well, Portugal is not the third world ahahaha but, so you can compare, 0,33cl in PS Barcelona costed 4,5 €. Here, tou get 0,5l for 5 €.
  8. More and less. I checked my email, and I have this (e-mail sent by Primavera on 03/01/2020): It's coming! 7 de enero, 23:59: última oportunidad para comprar tu abono por 180 €. 8 de enero, 00:00: detenemos la venta. ?? de ???????ro desde las ??:??: los abonos volverán a estar disponibles al precio de 195 € tras el anuncio del cartel. Lineup was released on the 16/01. So, they never closed sales more than 8 days (at least, that I remember).
  9. Looking for what Rock In Rio did a couple of years ago: Para recorrer los 30 kilómetros que separan la ciudad del rock del centro de Madrid, la organización ha puesto varios autobuses lanzadera gratuitos que salen cada pocos minutos entre las 15.30 y las 24.00, desde algunos puntos clave como el Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, o las paradas del metro de Arganda del Rey, la Poveda y Rivas. La vuelta a casa será igual de sencilla. Hasta las siete de la mañana, estos mismos autobuses realizarán el recorrido de vuelta. La organización (y la DGT) ha recomendado no acercarse al recinto en coche ya que, a pesar de los 300 miembros de la Guardia Civil y la Policía que velarán por el buen funcionamiento del tráfico, se prevén fuertes retenciones.
  10. The question is not increasing the rates. Of course we have to understand that inflation is rising. But for 2020 edition, early birds were 145 €. Now, 195 € (35% of increase). Inflation from 2019 to 2022 has not increased 35%. So, inflation is not the only reason. Do not forget that we don't know if capacity will be reduced or if we will go again with 80k a day.
  11. In an interview to Blitz, José Barreiros confirmed that the contract with NOS is over. But he also said that the first day (7th) can be either a proper full day at Parque da Cidade or a day at the City (as per other years). So, in fact, we don't know if we will have one extra day or just some gigs at a venue or two at the city. In my opinion, this should be clarified. In Barcelona, it is 1 to 3 June (we all know that those dates are Forum). But there are gigs at the city starting on the 29th May. In Porto, we don't know at they are talking about.
  12. Sharon van Etten was not...I don't see why Mitski would be. And I really like both.
  13. Putting the fault on the Portuguese... There were people from more than 100 countries, huge crowds, 99% no wearing a mask (me neither...I had Covid three weeks before the festival). There was no soap or alcohol to wash your hands in the entire place. But, of course, Portuguese bar staff were the cause. And yes. I am Portuguese.
  14. Doesn't make sense. Last two years they did it in a way of shifting sales and make people to keep their tickets (instrad of asking for a refund). Announcing all the lineup now would cause some problems, like dealing with some dropouts along the way, people complaining about this or that band not being replaced, etc. etc. December/January makes more sense. That doesn't mean that they can't announce one or two bands (maybe a comeback or something), usually some older ones (they want to have a younger audience, but it is with older people that they count to have some pocket money). Neutral Milk Hotel, Pavement, Ride, etc. are just a few examples. These names are for 30s/40s people, not for 20s (that doesn't mean that people of that age will not see them).
  15. I would say headliners starting at 00h00/00h30. A dance act around 2am is possible.
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