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  1. Tame Impala were announced yesterday for Nos Primavera Sound, in Porto. Portugal is a small country, so, I doubt that they would allow to repeat a big name in Lisbon. Has happened in the past, but only with smaller bands/artists. Can't see Tame Impala playing both.
  2. No Tame Impala and no Gorillaz. Primavera Sound it is. My guesses: The Strokes, Faith No More and Billie Eilish will remain in the lineup. Let's see who will replace Taylor and, probably, Kendrick.
  3. Good work! It is always nice to look how difficult will be to see everyone we would like. Just some suggestions: Can't see Napalm Death playing Primavera (more likely Adidas). Also, Carolina Durante, more likely opening Primavera or even Rayban. Big Freedia will go to the beach (something like Lizzo last year). Would also put Black Lips on Adidas. Khruangbin at Mordor...not going to happen. Rayban or Primaveraat an early hour. C. Tangana probably at prime time in Primavera. Marina Herlop would be first at Auditori. Paloma Mami probably at the beach. Stellar Om Source at Warehouse. Za will not go to the beach (probably Adidas). Ferran Palau will not go to the beach. Rapsody will not go to Primavera. Maybe Bauhaus will go to Primavera (instead of Ray Ban). Jamilla Woods at the beach. Mavis Staples at Rayban. I think that Warehouse names are already in the lineup. At least, they were for 2020 (Hivern Discs have announced that they would curate one of the nights, as per your chasfinder).
  4. Thursday Einsturzende Neubauten probably will not play Auditori. In Foro Primavera Sound, I remember DJ Coco saying that they would not play there in 2020. Imagine that it still applies for 2021. Joan Shelley is more likely to play Auditori (instead of Lingua Ignota). Since Kurt Vile is playing solo, can see him also playing there. Saturday Vagina Dentata Organ (instead of Mavis Staples). Those are my guesses.
  5. "In the absence of the complementary programme and surprises that may be added over the next few months, the festival signs the renewed commitment to its 20th anniversary with around fifty names that will go down in the history of the festival as part of the #bestfestivalforever, the expanded version of the lineup that could not be in 2020. The festival that we owe ourselves." Taken from their press release. Yes, clearly they will announce later some more names.
  6. It is not the punk band. At least, in the 2020 lineup, it was somebody else (like a reggaeton artist or something).
  7. "Alguna confirmación más" doesn't mean one more confirmation. Means that some other names (not many) will join the lineup. But also doesn't mean that is today. In the press release, they leave open space for rhe complementary program and some other surprises.
  8. Usually, the bands playing at that stage are already in the lineup. The only thing that misses is who will play there. But the names are already in the lineup. Perhaps Pitchfork will inform us soon who is playing (like they did this year).
  9. The complementary days (Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday/Sunday) will be announced later, as well some suprises. The press release talks about it. So, Wednesday still have the free programme at Forum.
  10. There are some stages usually more related with DJ, like the ones by the beach (running all day). However, there are also some DJ closing other important stages. And there is a parking lot, which is used like indoor stage, with some more alternative electronic acts. Some, electronic music is well spread by the 10 or so stages around the place. On Wednesday/Sunday, there are also some electronic at a local venue (Apolo).
  11. It seems that Angel Olsen will be on 2021 lineup. You can find the show mentioned on her website and also on this Poruguese website: https://echoboomer.pt/angel-olsen-reconfirmada-para-o-nos-alive-2021/amp/ Those are great news!
  12. In my opinion, their strategy was to "force" people to keep their ticket. The ones like me, that buy the ticket one year in advance (with no clues about who is playing) were not the main concern right now. They tried to appeal to the ones that bought the ticket based on this year's (2020) lineup. Based on that, they launched the new names. But everybody knows that some other good names (perhaps some like NIN) will be released later. They cannot make a festival with only the tickets sold this year and the new ones at 165 €. Probably an important part will require a refund. They will not show all the cards at this moment. But even that happens, I am already happy. In my opinion, the new aditions improve the lineup (even I want to see Arthur Verocai, Sudan Archives, Mavis Staples and Bill Callahan added to the bill).
  13. Indeed. And how amazing was that show. Sound quality was perfect.
  14. Only next Thursday Portuguese government will discuss the proposal. Only after that the festival will give more details.
  15. There are 95% chances of having: The National (already confirmed at Rock in Rio Lisboa in middle June); Tyler, the Creator (already confirmed for Orange at the same dates of Primavera) King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (confirmed at Piknik i Parken, middle June) Fontaines D.C. (confirmed at Hurricane/Southside, middle June) Georgia (confirmed at Hurricane/Southside, middle June) Brockhampton (gap in their May/June 2021 tour dates) Einstürzende Neubauten (gap in their May/June 2021 tour dates)
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