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  1. As far as I know he is not related in any way to the organization. I would not take his info too seriously although he might be right in some things. In their Media Day, they said they would do something on the 17th as they will participate in an event organized by Madrid's City Council. Did not disclosed whether it will be new bands or just new info, but probably the latter as BBK will release a big band announcement tomorrow. Anyway, if not tomorrow, I expect big announcement throughout the week as they projected to have the whole line up by the end of the month.
  2. Guess so but still kinda weird/stupid the way they did it. No need for hints if they are taking a break, but definitely no need for leaving the number 10 out there if today they were going to be silent. Last year every hint led either to a band or bands announcement or to fest/tickets info. Wasting people's time for nothing is just great.
  3. Where did that 2009 rumour come from? How is it possible now rumours are about hints and not bands? lol
  4. Mumford announced their show in Barcelona as "only show in Spain 2019". Possibly a ruse to sell as many tickets as they can before announcing festivals. But who knows. I see them headlining FIB tho.
  5. The fact that the Muse tour pre-announcement had a "More cities will be announced..." at the footer makes me think that they will hit RW next year. I mean, why would they release a list of cities for early access tickets and leave a whole bunch without that advantage? It seems like the ones out of that list will be festivals... Wouldn't be surprising if they end up doing RW but no Mad Cool, NOS, BBK... They did just a couple of festivals this 2018 and maybe they are in for the Doctor Music Fest or even Glasto.
  6. They mentioned something about Radiohead in Fuenlabrada but I think it's a fake rumour.
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