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  1. renrutbor

    The Vinyl Thread

    I love having a nosy through other people's collections, nice to see the weird eclectic things sitting alongside each other! Also quite enjoyed the process of putting it all onto discogs, frustrating at times, but mostly quite a satisfying process. Mine's a bit more modern as I only started collecting records in about 2011, have had a bit of a crazy first few years though, I'm on 461 apparently! Mostly LP's but a few singles and box sets too. Here's mine if any of you fancy a nosy, there's definitely a few in there I would never discovered without this forum too! - https://www.discogs.com/user/renrutbor/collection?sort=artist&sort_order=asc @Wooderson - very envious of your Lemon Jelly .ky and Lost Horizons, two of my biggest wants at the minute, only have the 64-95 box so far.
  2. renrutbor

    Got any gigs coming up?

    Yeah, there's about 30 spots in the pub car park (possibly less at the minute as they're expanding around the back). Also loads of street parking in the area as it's in a residential area, not in the city centre. Would definitely say it'd be easier for parking than BOTW or Leadmill. It's also the best venue of the 3!
  3. renrutbor

    The Vinyl Thread

    Yeah, agree that you're much better off buying separates rather than an all in one Crosley or similar. Keep an eye out for 2nd hand stuff online and in charity shops (check condition first obviously), you can always buy cheapish bits now and upgrade as and when you want to/can afford to. You get more enjoyment out of each upgrade doing it that way too, it's nice to add a new component and really hear the difference compared to what you had before, even with cheap stuff.
  4. renrutbor

    quechua Fresh and black tents

    You won't be disappointed, I've converted most of my friends. Keep an eye out for a group with 3 fresh and blacks (3 man inflatable, 2 man inflatable and 3 man arpenaz) in oldtown camping, that'll be us!
  5. renrutbor

    Shangri-La 2017

    Haven't seen any mention of the Greenhouse yet, but I loved it in there. Spent a good few hours there on Fri and Sat night, wasn't ever that packed but a bass heavy late night dub/reggae venue is perfect for me, sound system was great too, think it said it was Solution Sound. Would be good to see them have a different Sound system each year, Iration Steppas or Mungo's Hifi (who I guess weren't providing the sound for the Blues this year?) sound systems would be very cool in there.
  6. renrutbor

    Rate Your Festivals

    07 (despite the mud and rain, nothing ever beats the magic of your first!) 10 17 11 13 14 15
  7. renrutbor

    2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    Boomtown and Sziget would be my picks, unfortunately they're both the same weekend or it would be amazing to do both! Boomtown is definitely a younger party crowd, but I'd disagree with those earlier in the thread saying drugs are necessary. This year will be my 3rd (going for my 30th birthday), all drug free, have had an amazing time each time. It's essentially two different festivals at the top and the bottom of the hill. The bottom is much like Shangri La or the SE corner, lots of dnb, alright for a wander through but not really my sort of thing for long periods of time (better with drugs I'd imagine!). The top of the hill is much more chilled out, with reggae, folk, electro swing, etc, and still just as much madness, amazing scenery and weird things to discover behind every door. Have spent nights there in a weird casino playing poker til 6am, watching burlesque and cabaret and sat around chatting in a tiny living room. Much older, more mature crowd at the top of the hill too. Sziget is incredible, much more expensive as it's a full week and obviously you've got travel etc to factor in too, but the atmosphere is the closest I've found to Glastonbury anywhere outside of Glastonbury, very diverse and everyone very friendly. So many other non-music things to do that it doesn't matter that the lineups are a bit crap recently. Plus Budapest is an amazing city, great to explore during the days or nights when there's not many bands you want to see. Probably a good chance we'll end up at Sziget again next year since we're doing Boomtown this year I think but I'd be delighted with either again.
  8. renrutbor

    Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    She was unbelievably good. Have seen her a couple of times before with Sound Of Rum and a spoken word set but it came across perfectly on the big stage with the band behind her. So passionate and raw. It was a bizarre feeling in the crowd after the show, not a dry eye in the field and everyone lost deep in thought. Think I've watched the set back twice and listened to the record 3 times since getting back.
  9. renrutbor

    The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Phoenix - 3 The Flaming Lips - 1 Hothouse Flowers - 1 (-5) Someone win it for the lips!
  10. renrutbor

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    The 3 man inflatable has a small porch big enough for boots, beer and wet clothes etc. I seem to remember that being of of the deciding factors in going for inflatable rather than popup so I don't think the popup 3 man one does. I could be wrong about that bit though!
  11. renrutbor

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    We used the 3 man inflatable for 7 nights in 25-30 degrees at Sziget last year. My girlfriend and I (I'm 6'4") and had no issues. The dark and cool aspects work amazingly, we had a seperate small tent that we chucked our bags in and the difference in temperature between the two in the morning was staggering, we could comfortably sleep as long as we wanted despite the sun outside. It's easy to put up but probably marginally heavier and bulkier than a normal one with poles, plus you need the pump which again is bulky (but lightweight). Definitely worth it though, lookimg forward to using it at Glastonbury.
  12. renrutbor

    alcohol infusions

    I have a mango spiced rum on the go at the minute. It looks disgusting! Went for flesh and stone of 2 mangos to half a bottle of rum initially but then transferred it to a smaller jar so have just had one stone and a few chunks of flesh brewing for about 6 weeks I think. It's definitely going to need a good filter before I even dare try it! Will hopefully filter it over the weekend, give it a try and if it's decent start a new batch for Glastonbury. I'll update in here!
  13. renrutbor

    Self Confirmed 2017

    I thought it said Leeds on his tracksuit but was the opposite side of the stage so couldn't make out the rest. That's pretty cool. Have enjoyed him every time I've seen him, even on his mad days he's always entertaining! Really enjoyed the support band too, will be keeping an eye out for them at festivals, Kioko they were called.
  14. renrutbor

    Self Confirmed 2017

    Heh, I was there too last night too, he was bizarre as always, rambling as always and brilliant! Seemed more drunk than usual, he was definitely enjoying his ginger wine. Couldn't see his shoes but he was talking about them at one point and made a point of asking if people liked them so I'm guessing they were exciting ones! He's got a new fluffy red hat too. Did you catch him a couple of years ago when Mad Professor was touring in support and doing the live mixing/dubs for Scratch? That was amazing, definitely the best I've seen him.
  15. renrutbor

    alcohol infusions

    Completed the survey for you but I'm really just interested in your rums! Thry both sound amazing! How long have you had them infusing? And what rum did you use? I prefer spiced or dark rum to white generally but not sure if they'd work as well?