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  1. Back to Sziget. There's another artist which sounds to me very "sziget compatible", it's Ava Max. I don't think she's on tour, but she's the kind of young female artist that will DEFINITELY ends up at Sziget, 2021 if not this year.
  2. About Rock en Seine in France, biggest rumors for this "Tuesday 1st September" coming from nowhere are Eminem, Rage Against The Machine and My Chemical Romance (because they have many european dates but nothing in France so far). My bet is on Eminem, even if I hope for 1 of the other 2
  3. I agree, I think Keane is "sziget compatible" ^^
  4. I get it. I also spend my time in rock-metal fests', next summer Im doing RockAmRing in Germany and HellFest in France. BUT ! , I have to say I really enjoyed my time in Sziget, even if there's only 6-7 rock acts every year. It is more "holidays feeling" to me than all the others fests i've been to, there's many things to do other than the concerts, don't consider it as a "only bands/artists matter"
  5. and to every rock fans : don't lose hope ! last year Coheed and Cambria were only announced late, in March I think..
  6. Nope, sorry. damn... I'll have to drink way more then... R.I.P my body 😕 when I think about it, we weren't that much at Of mice & men (because of Sheeran at the same moment I suppose 😅 thanks anyway !
  7. @Sziget2020_Leaks so I must ask you lol : any metal bands planned lol ? not even asking a name. But something as 'strong' as Of Mice & Men last year ^^
  8. Kensington. I know almost nobody know them (too bad, they are quite good actually !) , but a friend of mine working in Netherlands in a "evenemential company" (sorry I don't know the word in english lol) also told me they should be in Budapest in August. I guess it's Sziget.. so @Sziget2020_Leaks might also have right about other names.. if that the case : sorry dude, you were right.
  9. well you know, "new" doesnt always mean better than "older" stuff... RATM doesnt have anything new since what, 10 years ? but 90% of people would be thrilled to see them ^^ But I get it, you're totally free not to like Katy at least we agree on shawn mendes ... 🤮
  10. I can see we all share different point of view ^^ Im 33, and I definitely prefer to see Katy Perry than Billie Eilish. I really like her, but except 3-4 songs, all the rest is quiet. Beautiful, but quiet... I already have my ticket for next Sziget and Im sure many of the old 30s' like me would be glad to see Katy lol 😅
  11. or " Adam Lambert sings Liam Gallagher "
  12. I strongly agree about Shawn Mendes and Kings Of Leon, 2 acts I definitely wont be at if they are here. On the other hand, I find Katy Perry very "Szigettable" as I said before. "TGIF, I kissed a girl, Roar, hot & cold, etc...", many of her hits are danceable and full of "hapiness" in it ^^ And yes, she is still popular don't worry lol.. OLD ?! come on dude lol, 35 years old ISNT old 🤣 I have to say, Im a bit worried about ROCK ..last year we had the Foo Fighters (one of the best rock act possible), so it would be very difficult to do as good in 2020... RHCP indeed would have been great, same for RATM ... but I don't believe it for one second. And if your "leak guys" are right, we're totally fucked about The Strokes, The Killers, Blink-182 or Placebo. Yep, Im afraid lol ...
  13. As much as I would love RATM, I don't believe it for one second. Eminem yes. Katy Perry yes. RATM and Daft Punk NO.
  14. well that is a SHAME ! always thought she would already have done it. She's "szigettable" to me lol
  15. Katy Perry never Szigeted ...? u sure ....?
  16. If this guy really is coming, that would mean they can not get anyone else.. #disappointment wasn't her last time at sziget a serious failure ?
  17. fair point, my bad. And since Rock en Seine ( end of August) is revealing a part of their line up the 10th of February, I guess Sziget will do the same .. so next week " we'll see" ( Eminem is very likely, not the others, so...) ^^
  18. @Sziget2020_Leaks Simon, are you the guy who said there's gonna be a lot of colors on the first "annoucement poster" ? damn........................... when I look at the previous Sziget acts since 2014, indeed, absolutely no colours ! what a revelation 😲😲 !! So lets recap' lol : Eminem, Calvin Harris, Kings Of Leon, Armin Van Buuren, Lana del Rey and Shawn Mendes ? we'll see about that, 'hope you're ready to vanish
  19. I disagree. Kings of Leon have 2 songs ( use somebody, sex on fire) while Nickelback and Imagine Dragons have maybe 4-5 each.
  20. Something like RATM level, or AC/DC if you are a dreamer like me 🥰
  21. It's like you looking for people to beg you P.S : I don't hate you, I told what I had to say pretty nicely 'thought you would understand.. and i won't look for you past "clues", but YOU should take a look at real "leakers" they don't brag, they just share.
  22. Again dude @chunkychips127 , I'm not being mean, really ! But I saw maaaany guys like you on metal forums who just 'confirmed' bands/artists who are very likely. The REAL leaks I saw years after years were given like " Heyy guys ! Avenged Sevenfold confirmed for HellFest I just heard it from someone who works for their advertising company !!! " ---> and this kind of info were given MONTHS beforen not DAYS ... so understand my mistrust ^^
  23. I get your point ^^ Nevertheless, this is kinda very childish to say " I know I know ! but I won't tell ! 😁 " , don't you think... ? Either you REALLY know something about leaks and you say it (which happens every year on rock-metal festivals forums by the way) , either you just...well, you know lol, STFU ^^
  24. That's a perfect example of what I said : YES, Eminem is more likely days after days. "Clues" just given ( M&ms, the zorro emoji which is Eminem's "without me" clothes, ..) are just 'confirmation' that he is talking about him. Wouah, big surprise... I don't call this a "leak". Sorry dude I don't say that to be mean, just realistic and very "careful" with people who say " I know leaks ! I know leaks ! but I won't tell ! " ... 🥱
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