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  1. It's for 2021, confirmed on the Open'er website. Well, this kind of info makes me think we might really have the vaccin before June 2021...! so many artists might announce something before end of September. Wait and see.. ^^
  2. Indeed ... Every single festival I'm attending to next summer already gave us the dates, and even many names ! 😕
  3. IHere is the first Reading and Leeds fest' announcement, end of August . I hope Sziget will give us something soon 😄 ( Queens of the stone age would be awesome 🤩 )
  4. At this point, I almost don't care about the line up lol... Just hope that festivals will happen in 2021 🤞 And I believe 80% of the 2020 line up will remain the same, just like others fests ^^
  5. It didn't work out with HellFest because of money. HF boss said they made an offer, Guns wanted more, so no deal. I guess it's the same for Graspop 😕
  6. Actually I would love to see Creed ^^ Scott Stapp is supposed to be in Europe late 2020, but Covid might kill his solo tour. I guess Creed 2021 in Europe isn't that impossible..
  7. This is actually a good information : NO WAY the bands on this fest' will happen at Sziget, the dates are almost the same, and I can't believe any band would fly from San Francisco to Budapest in such a short time. So the Strokes are out for 2021 ! (also glad to see that Tame Impala won't happen 😁 )
  8. so far so good.. Glad I kept my ticket for next year, now gimme Skillet and 3 Doors Down !! ><
  9. thats a good thing ! I also hope that fests like HellFest or Download will add an extra day, it isnot impossible considering the number of acts that will be available next year
  10. @Sziget2020_Leaks, can you give us some news about next year edition ? Can we for example expect an annoucement before January 2021 lol, this years wait was lonnng... ! Also, which names are more likely to be back for the 2021 edition ? I suppose Dua Lipa and The Strokes are in, what about the others ?
  11. I only partially agree with this lol .. I'm more of a HellFest or RockAmRing regular, but I also go to Sziget every year, which is an every genre festival. The reason why I am more of a rock-metal fan is also that this genre bands/artists didn't disappointed me as much as rap/hip-hop artists did. Thats why I (and I suppose some others) react positively with rock act announcement. But no, we don't HATE other genres lol, it's just past experiences talking ^^ And speaking of "every genres" festivals, is there a big difference between RW and Sziget ? I've never been to RW and I begin to wonder... @lighthouse ans @Ken19 you guys seems to be regulars to this fest, so I'm asking
  12. 9 June 2021 dude, re-read the email lol... sadly I suppose we wont get line up info in the next 10 days ! 😕
  13. I thought that in case of "force majeure" situation (which is the case here), they can get their money back from the artists... is that a false info ? Anyway @Yelo, the Parmiggiana, it seems fair to me that different festivals try to get the same line up for next year don't you think ? I mean, it is also important for artists to get the money, times are hard for them too (not the biggest ones, but all the others) P.S : Rise Against is a greeeat headliner don't you insult them !!!
  14. thanks for the tip I guess we'll have another rap name for next year then..
  15. I think Sziget should do something similar, in order to incite people to keep their 2020 ticket for 2021
  16. TRNSMT Festival don't waste time lol, they already announced many names (who were already supposed to be there for the 2020 edition)
  17. I guess you should already ask for a refund, don't lose any time. The company will at least give you a voucher to use in the next 12 months or something like that. It's the law, they must do it. I had a plane to go to Italy this summer for McR show, and the company gave me a voucher to use in the next 12 months. If I can't, they will gave me back the money. I think they're doing that because they can not give a refund to everyone right now, this solution give them some time.
  18. Anyway, @Sziget2020_Leaks thanks for the different tips you gave us, that was kind of you and really fun to make pronostics ^^ Hope to see you back in a few months ! (even if this time I think everyone will communicate earlier than before, some festivals already gave names for 2021, which never happenned so soon before lol)
  19. I understand they need people to keep their tickets for next year... But honestly, it is not a 35€ concert, its way more expensive, so "investing" 400€ (ticket + camoing for example) for so long is kinda hard... ! 😕 I recognise I will have to think about it...
  20. Rock Am Ring moved their 2021 dates because there's already an event a week earlier on the site
  21. They can not come to Europe for only ONE show .. Plus, the crisis in the US might last longer than in Europe, and I honestly don't think that Hungary will allow peope from everywhere around the world to come. This time I think its over
  22. Here in France, the President just said that there will be no festivals in France until mid-July at best. Same date for travellers outside the E.U. So now it depends on Hungarian government, but Sziget might happen with E.U artists only AND also E.U pyblic... which makes me think that would be hell of a mess to reorganise, so yep, I believe there's only a LITTLE chance Sziget will happen this year...
  23. Exactly, they must wait, because if THEY make the decision to cancel, they won't get their refunds with insurance etc... https://www.ouest-france.fr/economie/entreprises/crise-du-coronavirus/info-ouest-france-coronavirus-pourquoi-le-hellfest-2020-se-prepare-un-report-d-un-6799786 On this article, the HellFest Director in France explain why the festival won't happen, and why they can not say it yet.
  24. I completely understand your point of view. And you're right, many people wouldn't risk it I think.. As far as I'm concerned, if it's on, I would go. Let's be honest : in 4 months and a half, the situation will be better. And if we decide to stop everything, then the virus will be the least of our problems... sorry to argue about that but there is an important economical issue 😕 To me, the virus is here, and it'll still be here in a year. The quanrantine at the moment is useful for "slowing down the spread" (excuse my poor english lol 😅 ) , but at some point we WILL HAVE TO go on ! I would test myself before and after the festival , in order to avoid being a danger to my old parents. And that's all. Young people are not risking their lives, we can be a danger for the others. So I choose to be reasonnable BEFORE and AFTER the fest', if it happens.
  25. "in July" ... L.O.L ... what a visonnary this dictator is ..
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