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  1. "in July" ... L.O.L ... what a visonnary this dictator is ..
  2. English fests' are indeed in danger, because the government fucked up, lets be honest. When the virus will decrease in some other countries, it will increase in GB. On the other hand, in Hungary, as soon as they had a few people sick, they decide to close everything. They didn't lose a minute. If Sziget doens't take place, it will be because of the other countries, certainly not because of Hungary.
  3. Rock Werchter, taking place early July, continue to communicate. "D-100" today (and on their website they also say that it's still on) So we can still hope for Sziget , I guess we'll know a bit more end of April !
  4. you're right, it will not be gone, my mistake. I was thinking "in my country", and I said 'almost' lol.. I still believe August festivals can happen... !
  5. I have 3 fest plan : HellFest, Sziget and Rock Am Ring in Germany. I believe the germans' one will be cancel, because its hapenning at the beginning of June ..and I'm very worried about the HellFest in France, middle June .. But the Sziget is in 5 months, 5 MONTHS ! I believe by May the virus will be almost gone, so honestly , Im confident for the Sziget, and thats the only fest' i'm confident about
  6. Hey guys, I hope everyone's doing ok, these days are kinda weird and very stressful... take care !!! About Sziget (which takes place in about 5 months so we should be good), can we expect the full line up before the end of the crisis ? Or will they wait ..? I have to say, good news from our favorite fests' would be great for our mental health ! 😅
  7. go back in time on the forum, it used to be a possibility. And my hope is still alive (same goes for Placebo lol 🤩 )
  8. does the negociations with Nothing But Thieves failed or ..?
  9. Mendes being announce would (will) be a panic for me
  10. They too not when they just released a new album, just like gaga is going to do. + : Lady gaga is way more popular after the "A Star is Born" movie .. she's more than "just" a singer.
  11. no chance. she sells stadiums, + new album... too big for festival
  12. Soooo its been awhile since we didnt get any news ! no more leaks, no more announcement, ... I guess we have to wait a week or two before getting some action 😕 !
  13. I like Billie Eilish a lot, even if I think 3/4 of her songs don't fit a festival mood... but hey, i'd rather have her instead of shawn mendes lol. But I remain very sceptical about this "info" ..
  14. Rock am Ring Saturday looks pretty weak to me, except Billy Talent and SOAD.. but the 2 other days are GOLD ! it'll be my first RaR, I hope camping area is great as well !
  15. It is one of the shittiest line up of 2020. When you see Lolla Berlin and Lolla Stockholm, nd then Lolla Paris ... damn ...
  16. We all agree : Mad Cools line up is great. No doubt about it. BUT ! ... there's no camping. And in my opinion, it is hard to call a music event a "festival" when there's no camping. Even if I know many of you guys wouldn't agree with me lol..
  17. Lollapalooza Paris is also announcing something tomorrow 6pm. I'm afraid you might be right about Shawn Mendes lol... Anyway, if we're lucky we might get something too tomorrow ! after all, only Sziget matters muahahaha .. give us some Placebo, Nothing But Thieves or Royal Blood lol
  18. 0 chance. He's touring in the US in August.
  19. I got mine too, for 9 days ^^ but I would NEVER book a Hotel lol, no no no camping is a Must in festivals
  20. obviously 1 rap and 1 mainstream ... So I still believe @Sziget2020_Leaks about Eminem and (sadly..) Shawn Mendes. erk Let's just hope Eminem won't be replace by another rapper like Travis Scott, that would be hell of a disappointment !
  21. Don't worry guys (or don't hope, depends on whether you're happy with Eminem or not ^^ ) : if there was any change, they would have told us so, because otherwise their 'credibility' would be fucked
  22. Sum 41 would be great, but they are already doing something else in Hungary a bit l ater... So I would definitely pick "I PREVAIL", a really great and young band. Also, "Nothing but Thieves" appeared several times on this forum, so why not... and "Hollow Coves" sounds really Szigettable to me. Even if it's not my jam ^^
  23. supposed to be in the next announcement.. sadly lol 😕
  24. Tom is very talented, but he was a serious problem for the band, taking nothing seriously ... with him out, no doubt their live performances are now better. But I get what you say
  25. WHen I see this line up, happening in June in the US, with artists being present for Sziget ( Khalid, Diplo, NGHTMRE, ) , it makes me think " damn... I would rather exchange them with Blink-182, Neon Trees or Grouplove ... 😢 "
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