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  1. We can't blame bands and artists that make themselves available over the years, compared to some who let be honest, dont give a damn about festivals and/or fans over the world, or outside the US.
  2. Then who would you chose to headline ? If these bands/artists are headlining festivals over the years, don't forget one thing : it is also because THEY ARE AVAILABLE. And that's a huge difference between these guys and others like, I don't know, Rihanna, Eminem, etc... Those ones dont give a fuck about their fan base, now that they are financially stable, they don't care about performing anymore. Or maybe once every 10 years...you know, just to fill the bank account...
  3. The Strokes : 40 y.o / Arctic Monkeys : 35 y.o / Ghost : 40 / Nothing But Thieves : 25-30 / Greta Van Fleet : 25 / Biffy Clyro : 40 / BMTH : 35 / Architects : 30 / ... Don't forget the Foo Fighters, RATM ou Greenday (50), Volbeat, AlterBridge or Slipknot (45) still here for 10-15 easy ... Plus, many bands will appear in the next 10 years so don't worry, this genre is still alive 😉
  4. Lol the little war of " I want to be the first to announce this Name!" .. When I think about it, there's only 1 festival who doesnt give a fuck about that and announce whenever they want, without carrying about the others : GlastonBury . I never heard of them 😂
  5. who do you think have enough money to spend at the festival in food beers merch etc... the 20 years old or the 35 y.o one ? There you go. Of course they need to be attractive to the 30's ! P.S : it is not that weak at all, it's just missing some artists you really wanted to see. There's a difference.
  6. Seems even sure, since the HellFest 2022 headliners have leaked.. and the official announcement is the 17th of June at 6pm. But to be fair with Hellfest, it wasn't their intention to reveal Metallicas' presence... I don't think the same with Mad Cool lol...
  7. lol, I completely forgot about the 1 day-ticket holders, my bad 🤣 but what an odd idea, going to sziget for only 1 day.. (except for those who can only afford 1, I understand that)
  8. OK .. I'm thinking... : WHAT IF there's 2 Sziget fest' next year ..? Some festivals like Primavera Sound or HellFest are planning 2 fests' for 2022. And on my Sziget account, here's what they say : "For specific 2020 day tickets, you will have the opportunity to choose exact dates you want to attend in 2022. More details will be available later in the year." "the opportunity to choose exact dates" ..? what does it means ..? Usually, you have to buy a ticket that allows you to enter the Island 2-3 days before the festival begins. But this sentence makes me think that it might be different... it makes me think of TWO weeks of Sziget next year...
  9. @lighthouse , exactly my point lol, this music is really nice to listen, but certainly not to party. But I completely accept the fact that some people enjoy watching Nick Cave during a festival, just sayin' that it is, to me, too soft / slow for a fest' 🙂
  10. or maybe when I'll be 50 years old, going to a hotel instead of enjoying the camping .. (no offense to those who do so ! )
  11. Am I the only one who thinks Nick Cave doesn't fit a festival AT ALL .. ?? Sure, I like it, its beautiful... but come on, I listen to it before going to sleep, not while I'm getting drunk and ready to party all night long..
  12. Metallica, according to Zegut, will headline the SECOND Hellfest (24-26 June 2022), not the first one (17-19 June 2022). Still no idea who will replace SystemOfADown for "Hellfest 1" ...
  13. Thats a good question.. I would say 10-16, since Sziget always happen during the second week end of August, but who knows with this post-covid situation... 😕 ! @Sziget2021_Leaks could tell, but it might be too soon to reveal it
  14. Remember the Download festival in France and Spain..? 😉
  15. Hey man, "couple of months", that soon ? great, happy not to have to wait until 2022 to have some news 😄
  16. By the way @Ken19, since SystemOfADown is no longer coming to Europe in 2022, do you know if Metallica is still in for RW2022, and maybe for some others festivals ?
  17. SOAD is already NOT coming back to Italy for I-Days in Milan... I also heard they wont be back for another fest' but I dont remember which one, soooo they might not be in Europe in 2022 ..
  18. They must have good reasons not to make it official yet. Sziget is supposed to happen in LESS THAN 4 MONTHS. With majority of people coming from outside Hungary. Do you really believe this is enough time to sell tickets and make plans for everyone they would expect to come ? I'm not even sure that it would be enough time to make everything ready on the island and Budapest.. I would LOVE to believe it can happen, trust me. But we are in April, and they didn't start anything so far.. Plus, a reliable source told us that it wont happen until 2022. So ...
  19. Not only Download, last year the HellFest boss said that he'll try to have them as soon as possible. And there are (very) strong rumours about a second HellFest in 2022, which would take place a week after the first one (17-19 June and 24-26 June, with a new line up). I really believe RATM is a strong possibility for Europe in June 2022.
  20. What would make us keep our tickets, honestly ? (except fidelity). I have 4 festivals booked for 2021, and I only need 2 things to be sure I keep them : 1) dates and 2) the LINE UP ! If a festival give you like 80-90% of the 2022 line-up, you can be sure that it will motivate people to keep their tickets. If RW is smart enough to give the famous trio of headliners Ken was talking about ( was it Metallica - RATM and Red hot chilli peppers ?), you can be sure that the majority will keep their tickets for 2022. However, since I guess many artists (maybe all of them actually lol..) will be available for festivals in 2022, I wonder if RW is thinking about adding 1 or 2 days to their fest', or even making TWO festivals ..
  21. I ask myself the same thing, and when I see no news about VOLT Festival (which is supposed to happen in June..), I guess they must wait for their Government to forbid mass events 😕 I can't see any other reason, because as you said, if the decision have been made early February, it's a lonnnng wait for the fans who don't know yet
  22. Hi everyone ! i live in France, and it seems we're not getting any festivals this year, 'cause of this fuc..ing 5.000 peope max 😕 So Reading/Leeds is on top of my list with some Netherlands' festivals. I just wonder : whats the diffeences between Reading and Leeds ? More people at one of them ? how about the camping ? etc... Thank you very much for any infos you can give me, I hope you're all doing well in England and that the quarantine really helped 🙂
  23. So there's a possibility that the artists change their agenda too ? it would needs others festivals like Download UK or Rock am Ring to be also allowed .. lol I want to have hope for September, but afraid to be hurt again 😂
  24. Maybe 50% of the Szigets' audience isn't from Hungary, I suppose thats why they dont want to take any risk.. 😕
  25. Well, now we know... 😞 Do you know more, for example are they strong enough to really be back in 2022, or is it gonna tough, etc..? I also hope they'll communicate more than they did those last months..
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