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  1. How easy will it be to get a ticket for this now? Would it still be doable, or should I give up hope on going?
  2. We were discussing this on the way back. I recon Robbie Williams and Ozzy Osbourne could be shouts
  3. 1) IDLES (Park) 2) IDLES (Truth) 3) The Cure
  4. Lunabella


    For those in the know: is it cheaper to stock up on packs of cigs beforehand or to just bring one and buy more when on site?
  5. Are Suede and Squeeze going to be playing considering Brett Anderson and Chris Difford are there?
  6. I've got a 7:30 to Brighton on Monday, if you want that? I'd want to swap with something later so I'll be able to get some sleep beforehand!
  7. Do we know what day The Damned are on and how hard it would be to get in and see them? Surprised they aren't on The Truth stage if that's bigger than Scum.
  8. Lunabella

    Resale Club 2019

    How does the coach resale work? Are you given a list of all the places where seats are still available, or is it just a lucky dip?
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