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  1. Would this be expected to be taking place next year then? Who would be likely to play it?
  2. Excellent day. Ended up seeing (at least some of) 15 bands. SLIFT was the highlight for me. I feel like that was the set i've been waiting all of lockdown to see. My only criticisms have already been said, in that it was impossible to hear anything on the Bad Vibrations tent and Squid performed one of the most battling main stage festival performances i've ever seen. Just play Paddling. It's not that hard... Also, I did not appreciate the Snapped Ankles and Black Country, New Road clash. It was physically painful moving myself away from Snapped Ankles.
  3. Who would be the most likely replacement if Black Midi pull out? Are Fat White Family too big to have waiting as a replacement? I'm sort of surprised they aren't already playing this.
  4. Porridge Radio are also in a much lower slot that they should have. Maybe they could be moved up, or is there a reason they are playing that early?
  5. Wouldn't they be filling SCALPING and Dream Wife's slots though? Black Midi aren't officially out yet.
  6. They better not put Snapped Ankles on at the same time as BC, NR
  7. Good point. Snapped Ankles maybe as well?
  8. Are Working Mens Club likely for the backup list?
  9. Are they any indications of wether any of the stages will be tents or not?
  10. Are they/will they be any cheap tickets going for this?
  11. Does anyone know about stage times for the Sleaford Mods day of this? We need to know when The Orielles are likely to come on to determine wether this is worth getting tickets for, but can’t find any info.
  12. Never looked at Green Man before but that is an amazing lineup. How much will tickets for this cost once they go back on resale? Also, how likely is it that Thundercat will actually be at this when presumably he isn't based in the UK? I haven't really been following what is happening with overseas acts.
  13. Are they any reputable ways of securing tickets for Weekend 1 now, besides the resale queue?
  14. Is the 1st weekend likely to sell out quickly or can I hold off from buying it for the moment?
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