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  1. Does anyone know about stage times for the Sleaford Mods day of this? We need to know when The Orielles are likely to come on to determine wether this is worth getting tickets for, but can’t find any info.
  2. Never looked at Green Man before but that is an amazing lineup. How much will tickets for this cost once they go back on resale? Also, how likely is it that Thundercat will actually be at this when presumably he isn't based in the UK? I haven't really been following what is happening with overseas acts.
  3. Are they any reputable ways of securing tickets for Weekend 1 now, besides the resale queue?
  4. Is the 1st weekend likely to sell out quickly or can I hold off from buying it for the moment?
  5. Having never been before, what are the crowd sizes like? With the classless main stages, do you have to leave the headliners early to get a good position for the next or can you still get a good spot if you watch entire sets?
  6. Did you move Cave to be clashing with Bauhaus? Wouldn't they have the exact same audience?
  7. How easy will it be to get a ticket for this now? Would it still be doable, or should I give up hope on going?
  8. We were discussing this on the way back. I recon Robbie Williams and Ozzy Osbourne could be shouts
  9. 1) IDLES (Park) 2) IDLES (Truth) 3) The Cure
  10. Lunabella


    For those in the know: is it cheaper to stock up on packs of cigs beforehand or to just bring one and buy more when on site?
  11. Are Suede and Squeeze going to be playing considering Brett Anderson and Chris Difford are there?
  12. I've got a 7:30 to Brighton on Monday, if you want that? I'd want to swap with something later so I'll be able to get some sleep beforehand!
  13. Do we know what day The Damned are on and how hard it would be to get in and see them? Surprised they aren't on The Truth stage if that's bigger than Scum.
  14. Lunabella

    Resale Club 2019

    How does the coach resale work? Are you given a list of all the places where seats are still available, or is it just a lucky dip?
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