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  1. Any reason why you'd be happy going to reading at full capacity but not latitude?
  2. Which numbers are soaring?
  3. Oh I missed that! Sounds great though!
  4. It's not £40 from a few people on here though is it? It's £40 from everybody who wants to buy a ticket, so if they sell 20,000 tickets that's £800,000 that they know they can fall back on. Nobody is being forced to pay anything, and you'd think that them having a bit of confidence (ie knowing that they have a bit of cash flow) will help them to get the wheels in motion.
  5. Yes I would. Why does every reply need to be so aggressive? It was just my opinion.
  6. Seems fair to me. They risk putting on a festival and all the work, time and effort that goes with it, while you risk 40 quid. Without that deposit there would be no chance of a festival. I'd be happy with that.
  7. Hope you don't get a headache mate
  8. Please don't patronise us by having one last shot at explaining. Some people have been explaining for over 3000 pages now.
  9. I keep reading this thread expecting someone to have the same opinion as me, but it looks like I might be wrong, Bob Dylan might actually be half decent! I'm yet to hear anything by him that I like though! (No need to down vote me, this isn't the shit thread and it's only my opinion 😘)
  10. What a crock of shite
  11. Be careful saying that in here
  12. I'm going to say Russia
  13. km9

    Live at Worthy Farm

    I definitely wasn't having a go at @crazyfool1
  14. Someone has been watching too much MASH
  15. This is a decision I made recently. My father in law was refusing to have a jab and I told the wife that he wouldn't be welcome around our family (3 kids, one of whom is 19 so an adult but not likely to be vaccinated soon). He's since changed his mind though.
  16. I've just downloaded the NHS app. Seems like it doesn't show that you've had your jabs if you had them as part of a trial.
  17. It's not as black and white as that though. The reason AZ was withdrawn from certain age group was because there was less risk of them actually becoming ill at the time. This could potentially change if infection rates go up.
  18. Just when you got to zero Barry 😂
  19. Bethnal green library?
  20. I agree with this. Saying that anybody offered it should contemplate standing to one side and allowing someone else is missing the point. By doing that you're causing logistical problems which would be avoided if you just took up the offer when invited. As has also been pointed out, having your jab is for the greater good, not just for your own personal benefit.
  21. Thanks for not having a go at me guys 👍🏻
  22. I don't want to be picky, but this didn't take a study to work out did it? Also in a study I would expect correct language to be used, so there shouldn't be less tickets, there should be fewer tickets. Please don't attack me for saying this, I just expect a bit more from a study.
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