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  1. Yes you're right. I think the big problem here is that we now all have instant access to this information, and can spread it at the touch of a button.
  2. The messaging wasn't wrong, it was very clear that those were the earliest possible dates. It's written very clearly. The data, that some people keep on insisting that we have already, can't be gathered and analysed before those dates.
  3. (Please take this in the fun way that it is intended) This is like a game of efestivals blankety blank. My guess is that you're saying "don't go praising the ignorant Ford driving chap, he's been playing Sting".
  4. Remember though, he said he's not afraid of dying of covid, just afraid of side effects 🙄
  5. You sit back and let someone else take the risk then 👍🏻
  6. Of course there is a higher chance of side effects than there is of under 40s catching covid and dying from it, that's a given. What you're not saying though is that those side effects are things like a headache, a fever or aching limbs for a day or so. I'll take those over covid any day.
  7. They will still get their second doses when they're due. Everyone who needs it more than someone in their 40s can access it if they choose to.
  8. The same actual carers who have been able to book a jab for a while now?
  9. Good for him. Someone has got to have it, and anyone who is ahead of him in the queue should have had the chance by now.
  10. Well there's a 50% chance that I've had two doses of the one dose vaccine, so I'm feeling (potentially) very safe 😁
  11. Taking it home would be better, but that's far too much to ask
  12. Could you post the time when it's on? I'll catch up on BBC sounds a bit later, bit busy with kids breakfasts at the mo. Thanks.
  13. km9

    Live at Worthy Farm

    I think Stu malinas is in charge of security
  14. I really don't want to be locked down for one more minute, but this really isn't a strong argument. Strong data can't be gathered and examined over a short term, you need time. Otherwise would you lock back down again based on one bad day for deaths and cases?
  15. I'm 42 and I received a text last week, but I'm on the J&J trial so can't yet (without being unblinded)
  16. Yes, how out of touch can someone be to think that the rehearsal is actually a marriage?
  17. Misleading headlines? Who'd have thought? 🙄
  18. Guess who's being a prick again...
  19. That's OK mate. I've started to think of your spelling as being like Les Dawson's piano playing.
  20. Well I suppose there are very few right wing comedians these days are there, so that's not a bad effort.
  21. I don't agree with a lot of people in here, but I don't go sniping at them and sending them nasty messages.
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