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  1. Radiohead // Faith No More // Snow Patrol Blur // The Strokes Arctic Monkeys // Queens of the Stone Age Rage Against The Machine // System of a Down // Nine Inch Nails
  2. That is extremely upsetting
  3. Capaldi at the barn in 2019 was the busiest crowd I've ever been in at Werchter, atleast at the front, it was about 50C as well. Overall the crowd will never get even close to busy tho the shite security make sure of that. I don't think Sam will be particularly busy it wasn't at the slope in 2018.
  4. It's always an issue it's a complete piss take they basically never actually need to close it.
  5. Nah has always been 50 mins
  6. I know but I managed it in 2019 with tokens from 2018 and never had any problems I don't think the people working really care.
  7. Reminded me of another tip they give out free sunblock and ear plugs in the arena.
  8. They better accept my spare ones from 2019 haha
  9. Probably, especially when they close the gates because people are milling around at the back and security never bother to look round and see that there's shit loads of space. Every. Single. Time. Edit: On the plus side Pixies don't play their big hits at the end so can leave early for Beck
  10. I still sneak in 200ml of gin of a day because even if I wanted to pay the crazy price at the barcadi bar for a cocktail it always has at least a 30 minute queue it's crazy considering every other bar has no queue.
  11. Never had to queue for drinks, allocated when you get there front to the back right to left basically.
  12. I believe you're allocated front to back same as the myspace areas, I found half of mySpace didn't even show up until the Thursday in 2019. You can buy a plastic carrier that fits 8 beers for half a token.
  13. Beers are 30 cl at the Jupiler bar before 4pm fyi
  14. Fucked up they didn't book them considering it was by far the best set of 2018, oh well going Pukkelpop to see them.
  15. Yeah there are kitchen areas in the hive I assume they have kettles, you can take your liquor in plastic bottles into camping same as any other fest. No idea on breakfast but yeah does seem well expensive. Edit: friend said they do have kettles and it's first year doing the breakfast voucher so nobody knows really
  16. When most of the radio friendly shit these days live is someone jumping up and down while the track plays I found her live performance rather refreshing.
  17. Thought Holly Humberstone was great at Big Weekend
  18. So far mate you've got every c**t on twitter, a couple local papers and the telegraph all taking your clashfinder as the word of God haha. Altho no surprise at misinformation coming from the torygraph.
  19. To most people under 30 that Saturday is gonna be the only good day
  20. God I hope he shows up at Rock Werchter instead, I'm already going to Belgium twice a summer now with Pukkelpop I can't add a third.
  21. Was very happy when Ian Brown dropped out of headlining(!?) NBHD Weekender because they wanted vaccines or covid tests (never asked for either lmao). Kings of Leon were dreadful, Fall Out Boy was also terrible but I blame that on the extremely quiet sound. Lil Pump and Bexey (before the Frank Carter secret set) in 2018 were the absolute worst I've ever witnessed though, at least Bexey didn't keep singling people out in the crowd and calling them faggots though, wanted to jump up there and knock the little c**t out so fucking bad. Just realised these are all 2018, truly a shite year for Reading.
  22. My comment was actually about there being zero info on the vip tickets for Andalucia big festival until I noticed there's some very vague bullet points underneath where you buy the tickets haha
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