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  1. Can't see Architects accepting fourth down either, even if it is technically third.
  2. I reckon they'll do both, Graspop don't exactly have a huge pool of headliners to choose from.
  3. Shit I completely forgot, not like I had a month to grab them, kicking myself.
  4. I'll never understand the thought process behind booking KISS twice and not BMTH or Architects, two hugely popular British metal bands (well BMTH not so much metal nowadays) that have risen massively within that time. I think it's time Andy Copping let's someone younger than 50 book acts for the main stage.
  5. Surely it's about time they got Architects back, don't understand how a festival that repeats acts like download does isn't booking the best British metal band out there atm. Surely they're not gonna sit on them until they headline.
  6. Yeah I'm nearly 21 and it's still great for the crowds, the atmosphere and the ridiculous fuck up but now I can go Glasto and other major European festivals and get 3x the number of big acts (or even have a proper shower every morning like with the last one I went too, absolute bliss) Reading just gets less and less appealing.
  7. The last four years of lineups?
  8. Kendrick isn't going to play to 40k in Finsbury Park when he can play to 90k in Hyde Park
  9. Add Tame Impala and this is perfect. Edit: Perfect with Foos heading the extra day I should say.
  10. Kings of Leon, Cardi B, Calvin Harris
  11. If they do play is he gonna stand at the back of the stage in the dark again with no cameras and instead just showing weird shit on the screens or is he gonna try and be entertaining?
  12. Frank was in the pit not Festival Republic
  13. They were heavily, heavily rumoured to play above Liam Gallagher and below The Strokes this year at Rock Werchter, I could see them co-heading at the very least.
  14. Biffy three times in the same year sign me the fuck up
  15. That'd be a strong year at Reading&Leeds haha
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