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  1. So far mate you've got every c**t on twitter, a couple local papers and the telegraph all taking your clashfinder as the word of God haha. Altho no surprise at misinformation coming from the torygraph.
  2. To most people under 30 that Saturday is gonna be the only good day
  3. God I hope he shows up at Rock Werchter instead, I'm already going to Belgium twice a summer now with Pukkelpop I can't add a third.
  4. Was very happy when Ian Brown dropped out of headlining(!?) NBHD Weekender because they wanted vaccines or covid tests (never asked for either lmao). Kings of Leon were dreadful, Fall Out Boy was also terrible but I blame that on the extremely quiet sound. Lil Pump and Bexey (before the Frank Carter secret set) in 2018 were the absolute worst I've ever witnessed though, at least Bexey didn't keep singling people out in the crowd and calling them faggots though, wanted to jump up there and knock the little c**t out so fucking bad. Just realised these are all 2018, truly a shite year for Reading.
  5. My comment was actually about there being zero info on the vip tickets for Andalucia big festival until I noticed there's some very vague bullet points underneath where you buy the tickets haha
  6. You pay in the hive but not myspace, it's also half a token not a whole one. With the amount it really depends, I'll use 80 over the four days but 3/4 of that goes on beer.
  7. If you like drinking and eating I would highly recommend getting some tickets as they're more expensive at the festival. Can get breakfast stuff from both the hive (tickets) and the food vans along the road leading to the arena, which take Euros.
  8. "BBC One will also broadcast a highlights show as well as a special Harry Styles show - full details will be announced soon." "This is going to be SO special. A full solo festival set " Are we looking at a 90 min headline show for Harry here?
  9. Thinking it might be a bit of a madness so guessing Dave, Florence and Harry Styles. Gonna have to be a big act like Dave to attract any audience at all playing against Ed Sheeran.
  10. Well his name is at the top of the lineup out of alphabetical order like the headliners on the other day so it's definitely him.
  11. It's already Ed Sheeran and George Ezra isn't it?
  12. They're likely teasing Harry on twitter
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