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  1. But then why not announce them back in December when the netherlands show was announced? Seems they've waited far too long for it to be Kings of Leon.
  2. Not really in the arena, a bit in the hive, you'll also likely have no luck buying any drugs in the campsite/arena as well.
  3. Not relevant in Belgium but could headline the barn and sub/cohead the fest?
  4. Because of an insider and a bunch of other festivals also announcing a headliner, read through before you criticise. Edit: Also it's basically been confirmed its not the strokes so I don't know why you keep insisting so.
  5. Don't be stupid STEPS aren't playing it's obviously gonna be JLS on the back of that huge reunion.
  6. Well Kens just confirmed we're getting a sub/cohead for Friday and Mad Cool are teasing their Friday headliners which is a week later, one ending with S (The Strokes) and another beginning with R. I imagine whoever that R is will be announced tomorrow alongside Mad Cool, RHCP to close the night or Royal Blood to sub. As a Brit I find Royal Blood playing above Liam Gallagher hilarious but I'm not complaining.
  7. They didn't 'demote' themselves they went on a more intimate tour at locations bigger bands wouldn't normally play. Foo Fighters didn't demote themselves to theatres when they went on an acoustic tour did they.
  8. Only played in 2018, would be too quick a return for them I imagine.
  9. I just don't think Biffy are going to accept the slots Werchter would be willing to offer them, I wish they would though.
  10. Royal Blood and the Chats didn't clash.
  11. Best Kept Secret said the Strokes were an expensive booking, I highly doubt they'll accept a sub slot.
  12. The Killers headlined lattitude two years ago (fair enough it was in that much larger font above everyone else but they've got nine sold out stadiums in the UK this summer) and Mumford & Sons the year before that. Latitude slot doesn't mean his any less huge, just done a big arena tour and sold out Heaton park on his own which Parklife is yet to manage with the whole lineup. I'm not his biggest fan either but its true, also if the Strokes aren't even co headlining a day at Rock Werchter then there isn't a chance they are at Reading.
  13. Editors and Tame Impala were obvious but no foals and IDLES especially is a big shock.
  14. Best announcement so far I think, very happy with Rex, Fontaines, Miles Kane and Jake Bugg.
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