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  1. The front section of Faith No More is going to go down like a lead balloon if it's sandwiched between Maneskin, Yungblud, TOP and ID.
  2. Whelp that's two headliners here in Britain in one announcement, War on Drugs I've also really got into thanks to this forum. Royal Blood - The Killers - RHCP has to be the best night of a fest I've ever seen for me. I'm convinced that Muse crowd was so dead and lackluster because GVF had already bored everyone to tears after playing all their hits in the first fifteen minutes then wailing for an hour. Seems almost inevitable with the placements and Yungblud Reading headliner rumours that Faith No More will be barn head with Yungblud subbing main stage no? Yungblud - Twenty One Pilots - Imagine Dragons just to make sure we can't have too much of a good thing haha.
  3. I know I've seen her it was mostly 13-17 year olds. People seem to think I exclusively listen to "Dinosaurs", I just want the rock festival I like going to, to be a rock festival. And they've done an incredible job this year.
  4. You've obviously never been to a gig like Billie Eillish's because I have and I was practically the only person there that wasn't a mother or a daughter.
  5. I just don't understand why it's fine to have metal and electronic lineups with all relatable acts but Rage Against The Machine must share an audience with children dying to see Billie Eillish that same weekend.
  6. I disagree, I feel like every festival is just trying to cater to the largest possible group of potential ticket buyers rather than focusing on people who may have some chance of liking even half the major acts on a weekend.
  7. Of course I'd kill for them to replace TOP and ID with Lizzo and P!NK but obviously an average Foos fan is considerably more likely to want to see RATM than Taylor Swift.
  8. But why when the same festival literally has an entire day event for the likes of Taylor Swift would you force it on Foo Fighters/Rage fans
  9. I've just spent the last four years or so in this forum completely perplexed why Lighthouse has any interest in Rock Werchter whatsoever. If all my favourite bands aren't gonna be around in ten years time maybe let some of us young people finally see them without having to shell out hundreds on each ticket, it would cost me more than my festival and camping ticket just to see The Killers and RHCP next summer in the UK and if it wasn't for them playing Werchter I would've paid it.
  10. I never said he wasn't big enough but I assume the promoters will have to subject themselves to the same torture as the crowd is.
  11. In all of Ireland/UK/Netherlands/Belgium/France Rock Werchter is literally the only major festival focused on Rock music (not metal), and even then it's just at the top of the bill on mainstage. Do you know how many festivals those countries have? You literally have every other festival to pick from to see another shite performance from Kendrick (been there done that), get crushed in a Travis Scott crowd, be bored to death by Kings of Leon or get a no show from Cardi B. I bet you both old as fuck trying to be hipsters.
  12. So Leeds not at all and Reading "magically" selling out a few days before again?
  13. Probably just thinks Yungblud couldn't possibly be headlining any festival never mind R&L, ironically the only festival it's believable he's been booked as a headliner.
  14. Shame, though would just end up clashing with a headliner I'd rather see I imagine.
  15. Any chance we could get Stormzy as well?
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