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  1. Just had to fork out £150 for a hotel room in London because no trains on the Thursday, fucking pain in the arse for a 70 minute Monkeys set.
  2. Changed to 90 mins now and they're playing for a pitiful 70 mins at Pukkelpop, certainly wouldn't expect anything over 75 at R&L. Pathetic for a band of their size tbh, obviously down to them as Tame Impala are playing 90 mins and Slipknot 105 mins. Shit live too wish they weren't my fave indie band lmao.
  3. So are Arctic Monkeys I expect they'll still show up and play their pitiful 70 mins.
  4. This has actually ruined my day. Most of the acts I wanted to see on Saturday.
  5. Because of Limp Bizkit I guess
  6. I'd be well happy with a Pulp sub
  7. I'm just glad Jungle is playing right after Tame Impala instead of just before
  8. How'd you know that?
  9. No you're right Werchter's main stage lineup blows Glastonburys out the water.
  10. The Killers played 11 stadium dates in the UK this year vs Nine Inch Nails playing Eden Project twice and three academies..
  11. See Florence and catch Editors at a £20 academy gig at home I'd say
  12. Finally got round to watching some of the festival back and I must have been the first person on the live stream 2 minutes 50 seconds into Gang of Youths, makes sense I was the only one in the crowd who knew who they were.
  13. That's Rock Werchter for you, there's also seven FNM aren't headlining shit.
  14. Definitely, it was like the crowd were paralysed where they stood in 2019.
  15. Thank God I've never seen a more boring gig, why the fuck does the frontman hide in the back with no lights or cameras? Headliners my ass.
  16. They're gonna be paid the same either way, if Pearl Jam and Metallica aren't outright headlining then Green Day don't have a leg to stand on.
  17. Sorry yeah for sure Radiohead is mostly a lot of hope, not for me but my two friends who love them. No need for Strokes to sub it'll just be another headline slot like The Killers (even though they finished early) or Twenty One Pilots. My dream is: Foo Fighters // The Strokes // Liam Gallagher Guns n Roses // System of a Down // Royal Blood AC/DC // Slipknot // Bring me the Horizon Tyler The Creator // Florence + The Machine // Lizzo
  18. Add QOTSA to this years Friday and it's no different in size or cost to this years headliners slate I imagine.
  19. If Wercher want to keep making hand over fist selling 3.50 euro 250ml beers and 14 euro burgers they'll stay away from the teenage crowd. The day ticket crowd this year on Saturday were noticeably younger (sober) girls and that's just the twenty one pilots affect, Taylor will have that place swamped and Kendrick is only going to bring in drunk teenage lads that BYOB. Arcade Fire and The National certainly won't be enough to impress the rest of us if they're anything like me. Crowds were so much better at Werchter this year (the Metallica and Covid effect) a lineup like this would see me bored to tears in the Rage crowd I expect like the front of Muse in 2019.
  20. Radiohead // Faith No More // Snow Patrol Blur // The Strokes Arctic Monkeys // Queens of the Stone Age Rage Against The Machine // System of a Down // Nine Inch Nails
  21. That is extremely upsetting
  22. Capaldi at the barn in 2019 was the busiest crowd I've ever been in at Werchter, atleast at the front, it was about 50C as well. Overall the crowd will never get even close to busy tho the shite security make sure of that. I don't think Sam will be particularly busy it wasn't at the slope in 2018.
  23. It's always an issue it's a complete piss take they basically never actually need to close it.
  24. Nah has always been 50 mins
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