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  1. This will make you regret your decision even more because they weren't even on at the same time, I saw all of both.
  2. Managed to get both days in pot 3 (even though I live far closer to Coventry than anyone in Birmingham and Leicester but there you go), surely it has to be Adele on the Sunday night? Need a female headliner and would balance out how small George Ezra is compared to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris.
  3. Not gonna lie mate if I was gonna book accommodation and pay all that I'd have picked a nicer festival. Might wanna check out what's across the English channel this summer.
  4. He was also bang on when he said a Monkey's live show is only as exciting as their last album, because they play everything else in the same tempo for some fucking reason. Those tranquillity base shows were fucking boring even when they played the hits, it just sounded wrong. Hoping for better at Reading but I won't be losing sleep over having to stand at the back late after Bring Me to see one of my fave indie band.
  5. Did it last year and stayed in Manchester and got the train. It's honestly a nightmare and we didn't even experience the worst of it. Half the festival goes to that train station to catch the train to either Manchester or Leeds and the majority are going Manchester. On the Saturday we had to queue for hours (no way to go toilet and shit loads of police about) as they sorted replacement buses until eventually a train came, we were first on but it ended up absolutely packed I'm not sure if everyone got on. You do have to leave early on Sunday because it's a fair walk to the station, longer than google maps would have you believe because you have to walk all the way round the park. We missed the last half hour of Catfish to get to the station on time. Because it was such a nightmare the day before we looked for Ubers and managed to find one that would take us back to our hotel for about £30-40 I can't remember wasn't much tho because we're cheap and it was before the headliner had finished. Woke up next morning and saw on twitter that the one Sunday train to Manchester had been cancelled leaving shit loads of mostly teenagers and young adults stranded in Warrington and Ubers were £100+. Getting the train there is very easy well worth it but just pay the money to get taxis back and prebook or leave early and try get a cheaper uber I'd say. On the plus side the festival is probably the most well run I've been to in the UK, clashes weren't too bad and sound was good at both stages. Never waited more than a few minutes to buy a drink, bar staff very friendly, some cool stuff to do like the corner shop dj and the church which is a good way to kill ten minutes. Food was the best I've had at a fest bar none, get the beef nachos and beef wrap from the mexican stand it was unbelievable and actually worth the £20. Drug dogs weren't arsed about the joint in my pocket half inch from their nose either if you're into that, made the food all the more better tho haha.
  6. You could say the same about half the lineup
  7. Showed up a couple weeks before the festival in 2019 IIRC
  8. If you ever seen an artist billed as exclusive and it's a live nation event they are lying.
  9. Jesus Christ please just stop talking I've met rocks with better subject knowledge.
  10. Forgot when the gigs I'd booked years ago were and I'd have to go from London (Hella Mega tour) to Manchester (Foo Fighters) to Werchter then back to Birmingham for Foos on Tuesday I think that's me out haha
  11. Far less chance of a career defining performance this time round
  12. She's almost certainly not even gonna sub or headline the other stage at Glastonbury it's a piss poor booking by R&L.
  13. It's a good job Olivia Rodrigo did get famous because if she'd gone uni she would've been kicked out for plagiarism in five minutes.
  14. Macca gotta be nailed on for TW Classic 2, very tempted to see if I can stick around for that second weekend.
  15. Hellfest Europe exclusive.
  16. £50 plus fees more than likely
  17. Clashing Sam Fender with Lewis Capaldi boggles the mind.
  18. Would go down like a lead balloon.
  19. Max number of acts on main stage that day too (seven).
  20. Again dude can you find me another festival where the headliner dropped out with half a years notice and they just bumped up the sub to replace them, because you said this happens all the time.
  21. Can someone find me another festival where the headliner dropped out with half a years notice and they just bumped up the sub to replace them?
  22. You're spending your day telling people who have spent 125 euro to see a band cry babies because said band has cancelled with no possibility of a refund. Get a grip.
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