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  1. Northern Soul

    Claim To Fame

    Mine was the 1st message to be read out on Radio 6 music in 2015 when the (And I can't remember which) DJ asked people to message in regarding "Who is going to Glastonbury" it was read out at approximately 0330hrs on the given Wednesday morning and detailed that we were currently on the M6 Southbound..!!
  2. Good morning all. I'm pissed and I'm in bed and I'm emailing the person above me in this thread. True story btw.
  3. Good morning dance thread, I've knocked up another tune after a beer or 2 (Six or seven really) anyway, here it is Listen to STMF by NaOH on #SoundCloud I realise techno is quite subjective and isn't to everybody's taste but your feedback would be appreciated. I've used a new technique I've learned where you convert an audio file into a MIDI file so you can use different effects on it while retaining the original sound, anyway, I'll stop chatting technical shit now. Any feedback would be appreciated. Stay safe dance crew👍🏻.
  4. And another one. Well it is 4 o clock in the morning, what else is there to do apart from make Techno if you’re not in work🙂. https://soundcloud.com/evo88888888/did-you-see-it
  5. Good evening dance people. Here’s a techno track I’ve just finished, for those people who are into this kind of thing. I hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/evo88888888/the-gripe
  6. Thanks for the feedback man, I appreciate it. I’m still very green with all this stuff so hope to improve things moving forwards👍🏻.
  7. Good morning dance thread. During the lockdown I've decided to purchase Ableton 10 with the intention of trying to produce some techno, my favourite genre of dance music. It's all incredibly complex so I've taken a crash online course of how to use the software. With that in mind and having had no prior experience of making any kind of music before, below is my first effort, it's an acid enthused little number. I know @bennyhanah22 and a few other of you are into this kind of stuff so please give it a listen. Your thoughts, comments, abuse would be greatly appreciated. Thanks🙂. https://soundcloud.com/evo88888888/naoh
  8. Northern Soul

    Good Luck ALL !

    Indeed Sir. I'll pen you one anew, now.
  9. Northern Soul

    Good Luck ALL !

    Good luck everyone. I'm not even trying for tickets this year, heresy, I know. I've just finished a night shift and am feeling "The Buzz" that everyone else must be feeling right now. I'd finished a night shift in '18 when getting tickets for this year, stayed up, had a few beers, logged on and by 0902hrs I had my tickets. I sincerely hope all you efesters have similar joy so early on in the mad scramble. Peace and love. X
  10. I'm absolutely dreadful at taking pictures but i really like this one of Bill and Jimmy that I got in Liverpool 2017 for their 3 day event that I attended. RIP Leigh, I also have signed up to have 23g of myself interred into a "Brick of Mu" when the day should arise. I can also echo what @Mardy says regarding Bill, a very charismatic and intimidating man.
  11. Yep. My dad used to call me that when I was a nipper. Liverpool(ish) area. Still scarred?.
  12. My sister went school with "Sporty" they're still mates. It's a done deal, trust me...
  13. I'm afraid I have to disagree here. If I'm not in work then inactivity & inertia are 2 of my favourite pastimes?. (But yes, in your original context, quite right.)
  14. Hi @amfy, your post there has really struck a chord with me. Not because I do what you do but my ex, of 6 months ago is a senior support worker. (We still get on, keep in touch and are friends.) The work that you both do makes you both “Earth Angels” in my eyes. Anyhow, the reason that I mention this is because of the stress that it’s obviously caused you in the past, and to an extent, it caused my ex partner. She would work, literally, 90+ hours a week, sleep overs etc for not a lot of money really (In that line of work though, for her at least, it wasn’t about the money) It was about providing a service for and helping the poor little buggers she was looking after and trying to show them a positive way forward after, most usually, a very difficult start in life. The stress and the hours she worked was a reason for our break up. (Certainly not the only one I might add. I’m am/was equally to blame, probably more so. “Behavioural issues” on my part?) I’m glad that my ex still does the job she does as she’s phenomenal at it, and she’s enriching many more lives now than if she’d have chosen a change of career or stayed with me and changed her job as a consequence, so for that, I’m grateful. Sorry, I’m just rambling a bit now. Anyhow, you do a great job and I’m glad you’ve overcame your hurdles, rationalised it and are now happy. The world needs more people like you, and my ex, who care. Who genuinely care about the welfare of others. X
  15. Bloody hell Yog?, that's such a moving song anyway, without anyone having anymore need to have additional sad meaning to it. Stay strong. Everybody in this thread stay strong. X
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