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  1. Yep. My dad used to call me that when I was a nipper. Liverpool(ish) area. Still scarred😕.
  2. My sister went school with "Sporty" they're still mates. It's a done deal, trust me...
  3. I'm afraid I have to disagree here. If I'm not in work then inactivity & inertia are 2 of my favourite pastimes😎. (But yes, in your original context, quite right.)
  4. Hi @amfy, your post there has really struck a chord with me. Not because I do what you do but my ex, of 6 months ago is a senior support worker. (We still get on, keep in touch and are friends.) The work that you both do makes you both “Earth Angels” in my eyes. Anyhow, the reason that I mention this is because of the stress that it’s obviously caused you in the past, and to an extent, it caused my ex partner. She would work, literally, 90+ hours a week, sleep overs etc for not a lot of money really (In that line of work though, for her at least, it wasn’t about the money) It was about providing a service for and helping the poor little buggers she was looking after and trying to show them a positive way forward after, most usually, a very difficult start in life. The stress and the hours she worked was a reason for our break up. (Certainly not the only one I might add. I’m am/was equally to blame, probably more so. “Behavioural issues” on my part🙁) I’m glad that my ex still does the job she does as she’s phenomenal at it, and she’s enriching many more lives now than if she’d have chosen a change of career or stayed with me and changed her job as a consequence, so for that, I’m grateful. Sorry, I’m just rambling a bit now. Anyhow, you do a great job and I’m glad you’ve overcame your hurdles, rationalised it and are now happy. The world needs more people like you, and my ex, who care. Who genuinely care about the welfare of others. X
  5. Bloody hell Yog🙁, that's such a moving song anyway, without anyone having anymore need to have additional sad meaning to it. Stay strong. Everybody in this thread stay strong. X
  6. By “little wobble” I didn’t mean to undermine what you was going through, it seemed from your post that it was a little more serious than that, it’s just that a “little wobble” was the best phrase that my mind could cunjour up. “A funny turn” didn’t quite cut the mustard so, a “little wobble” it was😬. Either way, I hope that you’re in a better place now mate👌.
  7. Jesus @MrZigster hope you’re ok chief after your little wobble at Glastonbury, and @Sundance, I didn’t mean to be churlish in my earlier reply. Yes, my job “can” be stressful but there are obviously a lot of safety measures in place to make sure that what I detailed “might” happen doesn’t actually happen. I’m quite happy in my job as it uses the old grey matter which I find quite rewarding. If I can just echo the sage advice of others in this thread, then if you’re not happy, or too stressed, then if possible do try and find something that’s a bit better for you. Good luck👍
  8. I just like the fact that you’ve used the word “courting” it’s a great turn of phrase that harks back to a bygone age. Romantic.
  9. In my line of work I process both chlorine and phosgene gas on an industrial scale. Both of these gasses were used during the 1st World War to, well, gas the enemy. We are currently the only site in the UK licensed to process phosgene (No more licences will be issued to to it’s toxicity.) If anything was to go catastrophically wrong during processing I’m sure you can see what might happen. This in turn brings an element of stress throughout the shift....!! But yeh, love Glastonbury ‘n’ all that😀....
  10. I once attended a sugar babes concert (on purpose) and I cried when they sang "To lost in you" *Quite fancied Keisha at the time*
  11. Mr Stick, had we both not been convicted of electoral fraud (Relates to the title thread eh, votes and all that) and met in HMP Belmarsh before crashing on the A361 we would never have bonded over Klimt. Though I still think the £750k you was asking was a tad high...!!
  12. Correct Stu. I'm not or never have been married and currently don't have a partner, so. HMP Belmarsh, The A361 and our love of Gustav Klimt.
  13. I have actually met him. Not at the efests meet on a Wednesday either so either at: a) Swingers Party. b) In Jail. c) We actually had a car crash/unfortunately had to exchange details then got chatting about Glastonbury as I still had the car park sticker in my window. Or d) To exchange on a piece of fine art. Now, all, some or none of the above may be true but I can attest that Mr Stick is a thoroughly splendid individual👍.
  14. Ok. My apologies, I simply can’t abide the phrase or word “influencer/s” it counjours up in my mind people who are extremely self important. Nobody is self important, or certainly shouldn’t be. Donald Trump is self important but he’s a fucking idiot. Vladimir Putin is self important, and he’s a Nationalist. Etc etc. Worthy View....!! You will also draw criticism if you ensconce yourself there from a few on this board. I’ve stayed there twice though and it’s great😀. Be selfless like HHDL who I seen in 2017. Selflessness is the key👌. HHDL is (His Holyness (The) Dalai Lama.) x
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