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  1. They're just supporting different days, rather than being below them on the bill. But, yes, as much as I love them, the days of them headlining a major stage are well behind them. Mid-Other or the Friday opening act would be their level now I'd guess.
  2. Bath AND Taunton on a five-date tour! Are they absolutely massive in the West Country?!
  3. duke88


    Wow! That Bitch! Incredible. What a show. What an atmosphere. In 25 years of going to gigs at Brixton, I have never heard a crowd as loud as that.
  4. duke88


    Going tonight. Cannot wait!!!
  5. duke88

    2020 headliners

    Born in 1980. So many labels to choose from - Xennials, Millenials, Generation Y, Gen Next.
  6. duke88

    PJ Harvey

    No way she could headline Other. Was absolutely dead there when I watched her subbing it last time.
  7. duke88

    2020 headliners

    No, it’s being developed.
  8. There's probably a limit to just how many more people could travel by coach as well. Can't be easy sourcing so many coaches.
  9. But the coach always sells out ridiculously quickly as well. It's not as if people are leaving unsold coach tickets so they can drive. If they want to get people to leave cars at home, they should incentivise people who didn't buy the coach ticket packages to travel by train or NE coaches.
  10. You don’t know tough times until you’ve been beaten at home on a Tuesday night by Hyde 😂
  11. Mate, I’ve seen Luton play Grays Athletic and Histon in league matches. Excuse me if I don’t count mid table in the Premier League as ‘tough times’!
  12. duke88

    Taylor Swift

    That was rather good! Will be gutted if she’s not on the farm now.
  13. Yes. Don’t end up in the medical centre on Saturday morning like I did this year after spending the night spewing because your body is so dehydrated!
  14. Oh yeah, you’re right 🤦🏼‍♂️ Flaming Lips top for that year then!
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