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  1. And it's got the same name as where I was born. Probably also helps that it's one of the quieter places to camp.
  2. That's because we're a responsible bunch on Hitchin Hill.
  3. duke88

    2019 Headliners

    It was off my phone’s distance tracker, not from something on my wrist though. If you think about it we’re all walking (and if not, dancing!) for 16-plus hours a day, it’s going to be a fair amount of distance.
  4. duke88

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    The Staves please.
  5. duke88

    2019 Headliners

    Just checked mine, averaged 20 miles a day! Did 23 on the Friday. Should aim to get in at least one full marathon this year.
  6. I was at that, cracking weekend, only downside was GNR didn't play Reading. Used to go every year until 2003, would feel ridiculously old if I ever dared go back there now!
  7. duke88

    Spotify playlist

    If anyone else is on Deezer, I've transferred the playlist on to there: https://www.deezer.com/en/playlist/5396516802
  8. Stick it to a bit of cling film, then sellotape to the screen. Did that last time round. The 2016 one does not want to come off!
  9. duke88

    Best Bogs

    My son is like that. Thankfully it's only when he's at home, but I'm hoping he grows out of it soon! He's 11 for god's sake.
  10. I've always done a second car run, much better than weighing yourself down with everything at once. It's quite nice to have a little stroll out to the car on a Thursday morning.
  11. I took the plunge and went for it! Bought the pump as well. I'll just have to work on the arm strength a bit for the walk from the car!
  12. I’m tempted! Would only be me in it though, how big and heavy is it to carry in?
  13. duke88

    The most smashed you’ve ever been?😳 (At the festival.)

    I had the something similar walking back to the car one morning to get supplies. Had to wipe my arse on an envelope. It was not fun. Had to have a proper clean up with the wet wipes back in the tent. Never go anywhere without toilet paper now!
  14. duke88

    How much crazier can it get!

    Yes, seen that. Thanks very much 😊
  15. duke88

    so, Stormzy then...?

    My mum would need to actually get a mobile for me to do that... It's not as if she's old either!