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  1. So no journalist is ever allowed to approach someone to ask for an interview?
  2. No, because victims of sexual assault cannot be named. There's no way a media outlet could report this without her consent, even if they knew about it.
  3. I used to work with a lady, who when she needed to forward a PDF on to someone would print the said PDF, then scan it in and send that in an email!
  4. £60+ for a half marathon?!
  5. I'd love to do something like this as it's my 40th on the Sunday, but there's no way I'd prefer to be sat eating a meal when I could be out watching a band and drinking beer! It's a shame they don't do a nice breakfast or something.
  6. What's the point coming Wednesday and then going home? Why not just go later? I don't think she's being that unreasonable to be honest, how young is the baby? I didn't return to festivals until my eldest was eight years old!
  7. Says the steward shifts are from 8pm to 8am, so you'd be working overnight every night if I've read it correctly.
  8. Caravan Palace were fun in 2016, hope they're back.
  9. Thought that said Aerosmith on the left of the fifth block!
  10. Taking my daughter to the Peterborough show the day after getting back from the farm. That’s how rock n roll I am.
  11. Train home from Kings Cross after Taylor is going to be rammed that night now!
  12. Amazing how he can be big enough to sell out Hampden Park and that's the only song I've heard of his. He'd be a real difficult one to place, absolutely huge among his own fan base (and all of Scotland by the looks of it!), but would many people at Glastonbury be bothered about him?
  13. duke88

    2020 headliners

    I heard it too. Don't worry, you weren't imagining it!
  14. I remember the West Ham Is A Poof graffiti in a long drop! I also took a picture of it. You must have seen it after me as it lacked the retort.
  15. duke88

    Queue Times

    Last couple of years I’ve turned up at exactly the wrong time, queuing for 2.5-3 hours, but barely anyone joining the queue behind me. Reckon I could have turned up two hours later last year and would only have got in 10 minutes after I actually did.
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