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  1. duke88


    Really surprised she sold two nights at Brixton in a matter of seconds. Going to be arenas next time she tours!
  2. duke88


    Absolutely nothing on any sites, bang on 10. Thankfully managed to just get some on O2 priority for the Brixton Thursday date.
  3. duke88

    Lessons learned

    Things I got right: Bringing a trolley made the trek to the gate so much more comfortable. Cutting down on the crap I bring. Getting a PAYG EE sim for my phone meant my messages didn't take about three hours to get through as they normally do on my 3 phone. Doing stuff on my own. Had some great times watching who I wanted to see all on my lonesome. Wednesday bar crawl was great fun. Lizzo. Things I got wrong: Not respecting the heat enough. Ended up in the medical centre after waking up at 4am on Saturday morning and constantly vomiting into a bag for life for several hours because my body was so dehydrated. Had to have a beer-free day on Saturday for the first time in my Glastonbury career.
  4. duke88

    Absolute idiot...

    I actually found it better this year. Saw a few people going against the blue sheeting in the urinals on the Wednesday, but absolutely nothing after that.
  5. duke88


    That was up there with Flaming Lips headlining the Park in 2017 as one of the great Glastonbury performances for me. What a show, what an atmosphere. You could tell how affected she and everyone else was by it, and it was the same for everyone around me as well. An astonishingly good set.
  6. Excellent. Probably be arriving about half 9. Expecting a ridiculously long queue!
  7. Woman on the left looks shocked about something
  8. duke88

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I made a snap purchase of some walking sandals on the way to the station to start my journey.
  9. duke88


    We had this visit at the cathedral in Peterborough, it was fantastic!
  10. duke88

    The Weather Thread 2019

    My birthday too 🎂
  11. duke88

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Did you just choose to support Oldham because Boundary Park is the coldest ground in the Football League? Remember driving there on a Tuesday night to watch Luton and finding out the game had been called off when I got there. Like an idiot I’d been listening to a CD instead of the radio, so didn’t hear it had been postponed.
  12. duke88

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Yeah, all downhill after that one. We'll be able to recreate this classic scene in the 42C heat next week
  13. duke88

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Police Academy 4 was Citizens on Patrol, they made it all the way to 7 for Mission to Moscow! Truly tarnished the legacy of the series that one.
  14. duke88

    The Weather Thread 2019

    He's got to be taller than 44m!
  15. duke88

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Yes, they'd come especially to admire the 44m-high tower
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