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  1. I’m assuming lateral flow tests are included in the daily figures, considering they’re showing a million tests a day now.
  2. The seven-day average is 33% lower than a week ago. It did start to slow, but has quickened up again.
  3. Yep, my son is having his test on Tuesday, then will return on Wednesday if it's negative. Would imagine every school is doing it. Hardly a massive issue if they return over the course of a week.
  4. What data is showing that transmission is being driven up?! We're having huge falls in positive cases every day.
  5. Exactly. I'm not young, but nowhere near old enough that I'd be at serious risk of being severely ill. I don't follow the rules to protect myself, I do it to protect others. And I'd imagine that's how everyone else thinks.
  6. I went out the next day after about 45 minutes sleep, but had to stay off the beer!
  7. I ended up with sunstroke or something in that heat. Went back to the tent early hours of Saturday, proceeded to be sick non-stop for hours and ended up in the medical centre!
  8. Lowest since September 28
  9. Yeah, always worth using a credit card for anything that's a reasonable price or has a chance of being cancelled, even if you've got the money for it. You're so much better protected.
  10. If you're vaccinated, you'll be protected. If others refuse to have a vaccine, that's their problem.
  11. If you pay on a credit card, you'll be able to claim the money back from the credit card company should the worst happen.
  12. Must be a vaccine effect in these. Plummeting!
  13. Does an international travel ban include the UK though? The two countries are in the Common Travel Area.
  14. ‘Has the vaccination programme been designed for the south?’ What a ridiculous question.
  15. It’s not as important to stick around for AstraZeneca. Only made them wait for five minutes where I was volunteering, whereas the Pfizer people had to wait 15 minutes.
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