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  1. I've never understood why people pay the extra £20 to get in early there.
  2. duke88

    2022 Headliners

    What a step down that is.
  3. duke88

    Ticket Price

    What difference does it make? Just put the £50 away a month yourself.
  4. Yeah, I guess so, but they've had two years of knowing they'd be having to pay it! It's not cheap for me, so I put a bit away each month for it every year. 2022 was all saved up for by early 2020! Appreciate not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to leave a couple of hundred quid in a savings account for a festival for two years though.
  5. Why don't they get us to pay now then? Would save even more money!
  6. Everyone I know who has been at Wembley over the last couple of weeks is now having to isolate.
  7. I was at the Ecuador game. The day before was absolutely brilliant, watched the Germany game on the big screen with all the locals, had an amazing time. The next day was so different, place was taken over by complete idiots. Constant backdrop of noise of sirens and breaking glass. Got out of town as soon as possible after. Would love to go to a tournament again, but would stay clear of England games.
  8. It's easy to get a jab now. If anyone wanted one, they could have had one. There's no issues booking online, and there's regular walk-up clinics.
  9. This is never going to end is it? How on earth is every other country in Europe under a thousand cases a day and we're producing figures like that?! Plague island. Man that's depressed me.
  10. Everyone at Edgbaston had to have a negative test to enter, so there's no need for social distancing.
  11. They can legally - they were meant to start earlier. The government had agreed a framework for them to operate, regardless of whether or not we went to the next stage.
  12. Have we had any dates when no one has actually died?
  13. Yeah, doesn't take a lot to get a rise when you're in single figures of deaths each day
  14. Deaths up 38%, admissions up 25% over the last seven days
  15. What a shock that the age groups that have had access to the jab for the least time have the lowest uptake!
  16. I don't think I really know of anyone close that's knowingly had it during the whole thing.
  17. No wonder they're getting loads of no shows
  18. So people don't make their own appointments in Scotland - they just get sent a letter telling them where and when to go?
  19. To be fair to the government, they have been very supportive of parkrun trying to restart. I'm run director of a junior parkrun, and it's the local (Tory!) council which has prevented us from restarting (junior events could are already able to take place). The government and parkrun have devised a framework for holding events safely, yet the city council were not satisfied with that. So we can't restart. It's all been very frustrating. Seems the council is happy for every other sport and business to operate using guidelines from the government, but not parkrun, which has huge benefits for so many people.
  20. I’m not planning a holiday, so think I’ll be ok. Keep getting texts and letters telling me to book my vaccine as well, worried my GP will think I’m an anti-vaxxer!
  21. Yeah, hopefully! We’re enrolled until November, think it’s just so they can test us to see how antibody levels are maintained going forward.
  22. The headlines are talking about a ‘surge’ caused by the variant. Seven-day average of cases is up by 1%. Not much of a surge!
  23. Might come to that! But I’d rather stay on the trial until it’s finished. I know I’ve definitely been vaccinated as we got another two jabs recently.
  24. I don’t get why it’s so important what the dominant strain is if cases are steady, and deaths and hospitalisations are falling.
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