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  1. Yeah, I don't remember any rain at all in 2017 either! Thought it was completely dry!
  2. duke88

    Best Bars

    This is a price list from one bar in 2019
  3. Royal Mail need to confirm to you that they have lost the envelope. It wasn't delivered to you. Then, hopefully, See can arrange for you to collect new ones. Absolutely unacceptable that they can just deliver to the wrong address and there is no come back.
  4. duke88

    Best Bars

    There's definitely a proper bar in The Woods, been my first stop for the last two festivals.
  5. Knock on all your neighbours' doors and see if anyone has taken it in.
  6. I've just been devising one! We camp in Hitchin Hill, so starting off at the bar in The Woods, followed by Cider Bus, Acoustic Stage Bar, Cockmills, Tap House, Ridge & Furrow, Avalon Inn, Tricketts and Bimble Inn. Get to see plenty of the site, and some decent venues.
  7. How on earth can it be 11C in June? No way this is going to happen!
  8. Yeah, definitely hoping to see them again this year 😊
  9. That was boiling! I was feeling well rough on top of that, think I got sunstroke the day before. They were brilliant though!
  10. I’ve got to teach a class at the gym 9.30am on the Tuesday. Am not looking forward to it!
  11. Glastonbury only bans single-use plastic, they could have reusable plastic pint glasses if they wanted to.
  12. £400?! That's more than I pay for an entire year!
  13. Problem is, they're already using loads of coaches and buses. Can't just conjure up more out of thin air.
  14. duke88


  15. duke88


    Where is the Elephant bar? Don’t recall seeing it before
  16. Let me know if I can do anything to help
  17. Yeah, I've realised that every time I copy it over it creates a new playlist, which is a bit annoying! More than happy for you to create one on tunemymusic if that updates automatically and you don't mind. Thank you!
  18. I had to leave during the first track, was like a furnace in there! I like it hot, but 2019 was too much. I get dehydrated really easily, so I ended up really ill in the early hours of Saturday morning. Stocked up on rehydration sachets and electrolyte drinks for this year!
  19. Excellent, thanks!
  20. Where did they confirm this?
  21. I used to bloody love a bottle of Reef! Must be at least 20 years since I’ve seen one.
  22. duke88


    Those screens look absolutely tiny, especially compared to what other festivals have now. Surely they’ll be upgraded this year!
  23. Was looking at that. Does it make your beer taste funny?
  24. I've transferred the playlist to Deezer if anyone else is on there: https://deezer.page.link/qJSni3BGsQQUmPih7
  25. I’ve taken this one to a few festivals, including the last Glastonbury. Has been great, was excellent for pulling the kids around in when they were small as well.
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