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  1. Glastonbury timetables are out… there’s a couple of TBC slots there 👀
  2. I’m still having coughing fits every morning/evening after getting it back in July last year, and I’m 24 😞
  3. I’m going W2 but The Strokes were the main reason I got my ticket back in 2020, I’ll cry if they drop out from both weekends but not enough to attack primavera’s socials
  4. They don’t seem to be on the timetables yet… another potential horrible clash?
  5. Tyler only gets 60 minutes 😞
  6. The Strokes notoriously turn up like half an hour late to every show they ever play, so you might not catch any songs if you leave 20 minutes in 😬
  7. Who put Slowdive and Interpol on at the same time? I just wanna talk
  8. The Strokes and Bad Boy Chiller Crew completely clashing 😞
  9. I’m so hoping Charli doesn’t clash with any of the thursday headliners, I’m already devastated that she isn’t doing PC Music during the week
  10. 22 days until having a boogie to Levitating at the Dua set
  11. But Massive Attack cancelled for weekend 2 as well 😞
  12. Just wondering from anyone who’s used the on-site lockers before, how big are they? I’m wondering if we can use one locker between four of us to just slip in sweaters/coats
  13. This newfound knowledge that I can have a nap at the auditori is one of the main reasons I’m so glad I read this forum
  14. I’d be up for this - I’m already with a group for the festival, but I wanna be up to date on any random announcements or info to do with it!
  15. Yeah this is such a scummy new feature, saw it happen with the LCD Soundsystem july tickets as well
  16. I listened to the new Kendrick and MCR earlier too, what a day for music
  17. First impressions of The Smile’s album?
  18. Ode to the Mets is the main thing I want to hear from their set
  19. Absolute legend, used to see him around Bristol all the time
  20. I got a ticket for Beck from dice earlier so should hopefully be fine depending on travel time
  21. Actually really happy about this, means I can go see Beach Bunny before going to Razz without worrying about having to travel both ways
  22. That’ll be the surprise Arcade Fire, Portishead and Nine Inch Nails appearances
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