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  1. Since Gorillaz are at Boutique and now Kendrick is supposedly at Garorock, that makes me really hope for Kendrick as the other Saturday name
  2. Gorillaz isn’t confirmed is it? I’d love The Strokes most on the line up but I don’t see them playing on the Metallica day, possibly Sunday
  3. I really didn’t think there was a chance of a Tyler appearance but after the Roskilde announcement I have hope again now, great choice and I could totally see him on the current Saturday line up
  4. Really hope some of the support acts from the Peppers tour are also able to be on this line up. The Strokes, Beck, Anderson .Paak, St Vincent etc would all be fantastic additions
  5. This is probably asking for too much already because the line up is stacked enough as it is but it looks like LCD Soundsystem are cooking up something now and returning for a run of US shows end of this year
  6. Just got my weekend 2 e-ticket from Festicket after having transferred over my 2021 ticket earlier in the year, and it says that it is valid from the 9th-12th June. Does this mean that I don’t have access to the A La Ciutat gigs during the week?
  7. Think we’ll most likely be waiting until November/December again
  8. Odds on The Strokes playing BST next year? They’re now doing two UK festivals up north at the start of July
  9. The Strokes now playing two UK festivals at the start of July, come on werchter fingers crossed
  10. Fingers crossed for phoebe
  11. Metallica absolutely confirmed for mad cool now so almost guaranteed here too
  12. Interesting what’s happened with those thursday headliners?
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