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  1. So Billie Eilish most likely for the first missing headliner. Any ideas of who the second could be?
  2. New Arcade Fire music seems to be dropping real soon 👀
  3. These would all be fantastic, I’m hoping Gorillaz are also in the pipeline and if by some complete miracle LCD Soundsystem are around in 2021 that would be the cherry on the cake Also hoping for The Strokes to return to APE at some point, as long as the sound is better this time round 😉
  4. Apologies if this has been covered before but what’s the likelihood of pearl jam?
  5. Nice touch with the double post, guess you knew there would be two dates for PJ then? 😉
  6. Is it too much to ask for both? 🙏🏻
  7. Second this, I’d love Kevin & co to be there
  8. Yeah pretty sure they’re both very likely for 2022
  9. Think the odds of Kendrick and SOAD returning next year are close to zero unfortunately. Really hoping The Strokes are announced sooner rather than later though as they’re the decider for whether I keep my ticket for next year or not
  10. Woohoo pretty happy with this, just the Friday heads to go now. Fingers crossed for The Strokes, who’s the most likely second name for that day?
  11. Really hoping that The Strokes are back, I know it’s very likely but I won’t rest until it’s official
  12. My god if QOTSA are playing I might actually go
  13. It’s been too long since Tame Impala last played, it’s about time Kevin returned to R+L
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