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  1. Guess no new names today. Reckon it’s a possibility for Sunday evening like last week?
  2. I’m just constantly biting my nails until the strokes are re-announced
  3. Thom yorke is already confirmed
  4. Fingers crossed that The Strokes will return 🥺
  5. As this may be my first time going to PS, how quickly do tickets usually sell out? Do I need to start pushing my friends into booking their tickets?
  6. Do you know if Werchter is going to start making announcements before September? Wanna know whether to hold on to my ticket for next year or to get it refunded in Sept as I’m not a local and would need to start looking into travel etc
  7. I'd love to see Royal Blood on the line up! Not sure about (co)headliner though...
  8. Mad Cool are announcing their Friday headliner(s) this week, could our Friday co-headliner be there?
  9. I wasn’t planning on going this year, guess I’ll have to now
  10. Don’t give me hope for Gorillaz, I doubt they’ll ever play R&L
  11. Hi my name is seb and my favourite band is Gorillaz, who definitely won’t be playing Reading any time soon
  12. I don't see it happening in a million years but I would love this to happen
  13. I don’t think they’d headline two years in a row
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