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  1. One of the finest things about Glastonbury is the inclusive nature, every time I am amazed by the age ranges and the people who are obviously compromised health wise but are still making the best of their lot, I don't want to see people excluded. All or nothing! Maybe 500k mini garden Glasto's would be more appropriate this year. Yes, I have got a ticket.
  2. Stewards, medics, coppers, security, sanitation, etc, possible extra sanitation requirements or extra medical support, who knows.... if the festival can't tick all the boxes what happens?
  3. I'm not so sure, even if the infections 'peak' before the festival we'll still likely be near the crest even if on a downward trajectory, the festival has a raft of requirements to meet to fulfil it's licensing obligations (and potentially additional measures), the government doesn't have to stop it but circumstances may nonetheless.
  4. All the best to everyone and their loved ones, choppy waters ahead... fingers crossed that this year's golden ticket winners will get first refusal for next year!
  5. Aye, seeing the goings on in China had me spooked weeks ago... maybe I should self isolate 'n read a book instead.
  6. I've got tickets for this year but I would not want to introduce or re-introduce this crap in to the area and it's inhabitants, in addition, I want the full festival not a watered down version because areas can't be manned or built. I don't want medics at the festival dealing with sprained ankles and people having bad ones because I have the feeling there may be more serious stuff afoot. I think there's a bigger picture here and choosing to ignore it does not make it vanish.
  7. First proper gig, Floyd, Earl's Court 94, then Glasto 95, then TNTC!
  8. Aye, and my biggest concern is the the point of go/no-go will be months prior to the actual event, before the cost start to build and regardless of the actual situation in June because, other than educated predictions, that situation is currently unknowable - what is calculable is the cost of cancelling soon vs the week before.
  9. If Michael isn't able to drive around in his Landy for fear of "catching it", would it even be Glastonbury?
  10. Leave the ferkin' bongos out at least !
  11. Not to mention the medical resources available to the festival and potential demands of the surrounding areas, are the medics going to be available or are they going to be already allocated elsewhere, are they going to risk exposure of medics 'n plod if things are kicking off? I've got a ticket and will be gutted if the festival is cancelled but unless things start to change significantly with regards to the potential number of cases and associated demands then I reckon this year's a goner. If medics are already in demand could GFL even meets its requirements licence wise?
  12. I'm scared, what if I've got to be isolated... in work!
  13. Google maps says 12 miles by car from FWHC, getting a bit sketchy now! Edit: FWHC open again now.
  14. Whilst watching Macy Gray on t'Pyramid a couple came weaving through the crowd totally bollicky buff, not too unusual for Glastonbury I guess (though they were youngish with no hippyness which is more unusual) they walked right past me almost treading on me hoofs, I thought no more about it until minutes later a ruckus made me turn around... the bird had scaled the speaker tower immediately behind me and was like 10-15ft up hanging on with one arm and one leg, legs akimbo laughing at the stewards below. Weird, made me wanna kebab...
  15. Verb, Pawlet Manor, lazy House, Cheese Pavilion (Sketch), Lakota, Raindance, Fiddington, plenty free parties...late to the scene but made up for it! Good times, still can't dance without gurning!
  16. My ethics are not that easily compromised, I've always taken my stuff with me but clearly some don't, I was merely offering a thought on a why and a suggestion as to how the issue could be reduced further, maybe. Maybe it's a terrible idea and totally impractical; it was just a thought as to an additional way to encourage and assist people in behaving in a more acceptable way.
  17. I don't think cost comes into it for a lot of people, more a case of being totally broken/hungover/coming down... rational and ethics can soon bugger off when you feel like death, you've seen the devil and just want your mum! Maybe a more supportive approach, i.e. helpers to pack down and some electric vehicles to ferry the undead to the perimeter would be a better way to go? Charity pack down assistance teams...
  18. They all look great but they are sketchy as, someone lobbed a flare at the Pilton Party during Liam's set and he wasn't impressed!
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