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  1. I would like to vote for the first option (the second is much of a muchness) because I think it's the only realistic option, however, despite being really optimistic, I think it's far to early to call so I'll go for the last one.
  2. How did The Killers reference their 2007 Glastonbury headline set during their Tea in The Park headline set a few months later?
  3. We had to wear masks in work for a couple of weeks, 'twas awful! If social distancing is not possible such as on public transport then fair enough but otherwise it's a no from me unless I have to.
  4. The only set I "had to see" in 2007 was Arcade Fire, blagged my mates it would be immense, but, unfortunately I had to concede that it was boring and we left part way through to watch what was left of Kasabian instead, I think they were ok but clearly not very memorable as I can't remember. Arctic Monkeys were pretty underwhelming as well, not big enough for the stage in my opinion, in fact i'm sure I remember Alex saying something like "Glastonbury, are you still there?" add in the inaudible Killers set... 2007 was poor. My highlight of 2007 was Thursday night soundcheck on the Park Stage, 'twas all downhill from there!
  5. All or nothing I reckon, punters may be happy to take the risk but employers/employees/local councils/local populations are a different kettle of fish. Hopefully, a vaccine or a reduction in the likelihood for severe illness coupled with significant immunity within the population will see it go-ahead. If testing is required then I guess that would mean that the danger/risk is still significant where social distancing would be impossible... mask wearing could be compulsory but how could it be policed? Hopefully, the next six to eight months will reveal what we're really up against because at the moment nobody seems particularly certain. I've got a ticket and I'm fairly optimistic.
  6. Barney McGrew


    Cam stopped at 20:20... Fishy? Doh!
  7. Not my normal cup a tea but she looks so happy to be there how can you not love her, great stuff!
  8. First full set I saw was Pulp in 95, was a bit good... saw loads of other bits 'n bobs prior to that but was pretty mashed/confused/excited/scared having gone under the fence earlier that day and entered a mad world that I was totally not prepared for.
  9. 'Twas definitely on TV in 94 because seeing made me want to go and led me to asking people about it and seeing it on the Friday night in 95 had me onsite the next day, so... As I'm sure 95 was C4 I'll say 94 BBC 2 and hope it's wrong because coming up with a question is nails!
  10. Took and impromptu half day from work as had a bit of a chest infection and planned to head over on Tuesday morning but got a bit excited Monday evening and instead got dropped off Monday night at around 10pm I think (it was dark), blagged a guy on a gate that we were stewarding in the Dance Tent, said we had a meeting with someone at 10am to get passes, guy on the gate said "what, phil...?", "aye, that's the fella" one of us replied, "in you go" he says ( I can't remember the exact name so, Phil, or John or summat) - A couple of the lads had stewarded the Dance Tent in 99 so that was our pre-prepared blag. Got in, set up camp, had a mooch, got loads and loads of firewood and got absolutely wasted. Tuesday we just chilled, explored and got loads more wood... fire went 24/7! Wednesday the rest of our posse arrived with tickets and loads of goodies, got on it all day. At about 10pm we discovered a sound system laid on by Kodak to sell disposable cameras, there was a guy urging people to buy cameras as he'd blagged his bosses that this would be a goldmine, I reckon he was a bit worried about his job. The Kodak Sound Stage ran 24/7 (I think) and was nothing short of kicking all of the time. I've never seen that stage since so I reckon maybe they didn't flog many cameras and matey got fired, or maybe digital took over, who knows? A bit later in the evening/early hours two of our lot, who, to be fair, we hadn't noticed were missing, turned up, one had had a massive bad one in a Turdis and was only saved from calling an ambulance by the other guy (imagine the call, Glasto virgin, 999, "I'm in a portaloo at the Glastonbury Festival, I think I’m dying!"), it was a bit of a downer for us all because he did go on a bit (all week), "how can you do this..." blah, blah, blah. Obviously we were sympathetic (to start) but, well, we were on a mission and he'd failed boot camp. Thursday, can't remember, went to the Kodak Stage, left at about 7am I think, it was certainly warmish and well in to daylight. Friday, watched Macy Gray, she was ok, a weird looking naked bird and her bloke walked right past us through the crowd and scaled a speaker tower, which was a highlight. Stayed for the Chemical Brothers who I was fairly underwhelmed by, hit Kodak, left around 8am, again I think, it was definitely not night time and it had warmed up. Back to camp feeling pretty spangled, tried various medications to try and smooth things out, eventually fell asleep after sweating in me tent for hours, woke at 5pm, freaked out, went to payphone and got my missis to pick me up... I was in a bad way! Home, shower, food, turned the tele on to watch footage, turns to missis " I think I may have been a bit hasty..." Back on site by 9.30, met a couple mates outside, we paid some scousers a diver each (each of us not them) to get through their hole in the fence, found the posse (usual spot next to the yellow Wolves flag) got a loada jip for buggering off, got on it, watched Travis (enjoyed 'em come the end), hit Kodak, left in daylight again and can remember no more. Went home Sunday I reckon as I remember watching Bowie on the tele, had to have two weeks off work (chest infection and brain malfunction) and forever regretted missing Bowie in the flesh. Was it good, maybe, not sure really, it was very messy and in the words of Jarvis (sort of)... I seemed to have lost an important part of my brain, somewhere, somewhere in a field in Somerset... not alright!
  11. Aye, was a crackin' night! Franz were due to headline but as the drummer's wife had gone into labour, they stepped down and did a short acoustic set, they also did a couple of electric numbers with Emily's boyfriend on drums.
  12. No, my mistake as my memory thought it was the 2008 only, trying to ask from memory rather than googling. So 2008 was the year I was thinking of.
  13. On a slight tangent, one year the Pilton party was called something else, what was the year, who headlined, who didn't headline and why not?
  14. Oh no... Yoko? P.s. if it's right I've no question to follow.
  15. Original version here.
  16. I think it was my favourite year.. so far!
  17. Manics' pause mentioned HERE.
  18. No, I think 99 was a scorcher... fell asleep pissed Friday teatime, head on a log, lobsterfied!
  19. The Manics did, I think. Edit: But that was 99.
  20. Not oil drums, drums with removable lids used for things like fruit juice concentrate 'n stuff.
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