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  1. I don't disagree but Christmas was already going to be different, that had been made clear, we knew that and now we can all see the most current data and the current rationale and we can see why it's going to be more different than we all hoped. Maybe they should just put us in lockdown till April to cover every eventuality?
  2. How could've it been done better?
  3. Maybe it was the day before, would that change owt?
  4. They didn't set out to look like cocks, they didn't want to be pissing on everyone's chips; things have changed and thankfully they've responded... What else could they do, what would you want them to do, ignore it? Disclaimer: they're all fickin useless!
  5. A mask would contain most of that, hopefully.
  6. Aye, and we've got to remember that the end is in sight.
  7. Re. fundraising, GFL are a business with an incredibly successful product, they'll manage! The charities they support on the other hand...
  8. I'm hoping for an awesome surprise rather than a hideous let down... pint half or pint half empty?
  9. Aye, though I must admit to a chunk of wishful thinking as I'm near enough to be able to easily attend all the one dayers they cared to put on (if they did).
  10. This, also, given that GFL already do a couple of small format shows maybe they could organise a few more just to keep things ticking over.
  11. Festys yes, massive multi dayers... maybe not.
  12. I guess if testing is required maybe staggered arrival slots would help; not sure I'd be too happy if I landed a Friday morning slot mind but if entry is significantly delayed and social distancing prior to testing/entry is advised then it would make sense. Personally, I'd rather the option of rolling over should significant changes be required. All or nothing!
  13. Depends how much it costs (if there is a cost) and the consequences of a fail? (ticket rolls over, ability to sell back to festival for re-sell, etc.) If my family and I rock up to be told we can't came in then that's a grand in the balance! Yes, tests may be more accurate then but can they ever be 100% accurate?
  14. Which arm did you choose, did you have a preference or are you... bambidextrous?
  15. Does that mean we gotta give our tickets back?
  16. Dunno about the Tory bit but I reckon it would be an awesome job, although I'm not sure whether it would enhance or totally kill ya festy fun?
  17. Re. the job thing, if it's an offer of extra shifts in a different role then fair enough (optional, a bit of relatively easy money), if it's as part of the current role then no way, I mean if a heart surgeon offered to help out would he reasonably expect his normal rate?
  18. The first time I've ever looked at me Wrapped... I've listened to Matt Berry's Rainbow theme more than I thought! What the flip is Chamber Psych? I was a pioneer as far as Cornershop's Highly Amplified goes, which is nice as it's a tune! Good stuff, Bowie won (top 0.5% of listeners!).
  19. Loving this, room for a new Christmas classic? 🎄Christmas Ain't Cancelled🎄
  20. I've spent the last six months gettin' me head around 2021 being a write-off and have reached acceptance (just), so I ain't gettin' me hopes up just yet... I'm sure 2021 will be much better than 2020 (not difficult) but I'm also sure that 2022 will be the real deal. 50/50 for Glasto, 100% for small festivals and gigs. I've got a golden ticket to a full fat Worthy event, I'm not interested in a Covid-ised edition - all or nothing!
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