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  1. why would they say there are lots to be added friday and the special act will sell out all tickets? Unless they are going to add castle to friday . very strange but exciting
  2. how about blondie castle headliner
  3. i still think it opens up for wolf alice or foals for castle headliners
  4. nbt are a sub or 3rd not a headline act at mo,even if it is castle.
  5. so if thats the case who would fit in after suede to fin castle off? same sat if bastille are not head
  6. doesnt leave him much choice as they everywhere
  7. exactly .having seen several times the crowd get very unruley ,which great for own gigs but not for a fest serving alsorts of people and kids.so putting on earlier in day less chance of everyone being pissed and pumped up and a shorter greatest hits set.for me a bonus just to see again but would of liked a head set
  8. maybe so they dont have such a drunk and manic crowd
  9. what a line up straight up my street and one of best of fest circuit for 40 a day,which works out at about 8 an act i wanna see. if as people are thinking the castle hasnt been announced then even better.maybe that will be a dace act or female.so glad white lies are playing,such a fan in the day.them and the likes of k shaker editors the ks john dylan thomas the subways and earlier starts for libs and scream,makes it a very long wait for me.well done victorious
  10. would of thought castle but maybe under fender with editors nbt and suede castle. would assume bastille castle headliner
  11. for me that is a huge line up and one of the best its had .very strong undercard.going to be a few clashes coming up
  12. for me that is a huge line up and one of the best its had .very strong undercard
  13. so what we think bbc and fender and franz and paulo or libs and fender and franz and paolo
  14. cant see sat sund main being solo artists. maybe castle for paolo on sund
  15. and are we still saying sund headliner will be rockier or bit different ?
  16. thought that but cant see it as had so much bigger.
  17. so is it a clue a clock and a black grey flag and why scots? clock time? black flag in racing come in .green flag breakdown or just does it mean its time and incoming?
  18. with others showing their hand could get the subways the rifles. would love dmas as well.
  19. blur are updating all their pics. one off fest exclusive sunday maybe
  20. well hope it wont be same time as fender.be hard choice then for me
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