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  1. i just put in rolling stones tickets and took me to site.says event travel
  2. presales are already selling as i in queue of 2500 lol and no code yet
  3. think the date was 2nd or 5th june for ston
  4. yep probably.they say its 65000-80,000 a day,but seems lot less than that,may be wrong
  5. not that ive seen.finish is early each night at 12 and 11 sund i think
  6. it was only bad last year on friday as was at castle stage and only bars as common not open.this year friday is on common and so plenty of room and bars.great fest and well worth money
  7. i could say,but wouldnt prove anything would it. just standing up for fest team and doubters.makes for good fun and banter as all have an opinion
  8. but knowing many of fest team,i know what was sold and was a considerable amount of full amount for sale
  9. tickets are over 200 ,so how are they the cheap tickets.cheap ones sold out.seems you need to get your facts right before wading in.and if your friends sell then will still be sold and so no numbers lost
  10. mad cool great and tempted to go.there are still to add at iow so may get some of groups you mention ,but vampire are a fest exclusive to another as are tame impala
  11. think there a big clue to sund headliner,with jake bugg playing.he may play b4 f fires but doubt it.wont be before ezra ,as wouldnt have 2 sol singers together,so sunday b4 a group. at victorious last year they played support b4 a group,that group was STEREOPHONICS
  12. know john and some of team and media.could of sold the fest right out just with early cheap tickets,but had to keep amount back for gen sale.it will sell out
  13. so looking at all other fests,would you say they have stronger headliners.catfish headliners(great albums,but nothing special live) george ezra friendly fires franz libs(be good) .ll seem to be sharing headliners except victorious and iow.think there a shortage of massive headliners in this country.no g days arctics qotsa etc.was hoping jack white as well or brian wilson.happy with kasabian liam d mode and killers chic chase and status dj van the man feeder hacienda blossoms judas manics chezza crow and sure be others
  14. would say hacienda classics below kasabian or before liam.think manics may be thurs bigtop as would be lower down on another day
  15. going for flo the streets bryan ferry or brian wilson pet sounds
  16. 19 and 23 right in iow fest,which not helpful
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