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  1. KOL have just announced dates b4 fest,so going for them as one.
  2. doing a fest july may add others mabe reading
  3. the strokes are doing uk gigs next year.good fit for victorious
  4. can some one put up times when they can cheers
  5. with all this covid going on,lots of people would prefer an outdoor gig than arena gig .so makes sense really and will sell well
  6. how wrong can one be lol
  7. how wrong can one be lol
  8. would also imagine that they may have a few main acts already booked up as been such a long wait
  9. norm jan/feb, but sometimes get friday in december
  10. dont think so. they have had big headliners in past
  11. Never to early.who do people want as headliners fri/sat/sun. i will go with, fri FOALS sat CATFISH sund LIAM G
  12. just back from another great victorious.yes there were queues ,and bad fri as only common open,but walk around and you find less queues . drinks prices were mad but what choice do you have and you know they are going to be. what you save on ticket price for weekend early bird,you give back on drink. great weather and music for me was hookie and feeder fri.sat lathums blossoms stereo mcs streets sunday best day by far. struts and glassvegas ,miles kane, fontaine dc.supergrass and royal blood who have come a long way and owned the stage/crowd.hoping they headline iow next year. great to get out meet people and enjoy music .roll on 22
  13. hookie the snuts, lathums ,the streets , dc fontaine , supergrass and royal blood
  14. Have fun all and be safe. music beer and sunshine. cant wait
  15. you can get a taxi on site but norm a long wait for.also buses straight to site to diff areas,that go on until about 2 in morning
  16. hi all. says last entry at 20.00 and no re entry after this time. my wife working so over on 19.45 or 20.15 hover.will she be denied entry does anyone know.will come straight to fest from hover . cheers
  17. for me just jade bird and george hennesey clash,but george at iow so not to bad.nice to chill earlier in days
  18. Manics pulled out after being on 2020 line up ,so for whatever reason could not make 2021 line up,so why would they be on now? still think it will be someone headlining/playing this weekend.which would prob mean JAMES.
  19. tickets have arrived in my emails. cant wait. going to punt with announcement fri @10,that sherlocks will headline castle saturday
  20. think they would of announced certain bands by now,so maybe waiting for someone who has a show coming up before fest b4 announcing . JAMES/SHERLOCKS.
  21. marr great but 3-4 at best. Noel played before and mainstage,so cant see him playing second stage,same with Liam ,even though not played. Kasabian be good even without Tom. Think more likely be Snow Patrol or Bastille,having just done Lattitude
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