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  1. with the word PERFECT being used for saturday headliner and fest exclusive........maybe Smashing Pumpkins
  2. so how do viagogo sell tickets at inflated prices £375 for lower seats when name on and id required,or do you meet person you sold to and go in with?
  3. i predict you need to get this year out of way first lol
  4. more tickets have been released for all shows including the cheaper seating and pitch standing
  5. sold ou sold out southampton lucky dip
  6. lucky dip available southampton now .£70.70 for the 2
  7. ive bought for twickers.may have to go twice now
  8. southampton st marys 29th may.announce monday. tickets on sale 15th march
  9. tickets booked after an hour and 45 twickers.one happy wife
  11. 950 gold circle with hotel and 560 pit with hotel
  12. in site now but all premium tickets and hotel packages at 450 quid
  13. i just put in rolling stones tickets and took me to site.says event travel
  14. presales are already selling as i in queue of 2500 lol and no code yet
  15. think the date was 2nd or 5th june for ston
  16. yep probably.they say its 65000-80,000 a day,but seems lot less than that,may be wrong
  17. not that ive seen.finish is early each night at 12 and 11 sund i think
  18. it was only bad last year on friday as was at castle stage and only bars as common not open.this year friday is on common and so plenty of room and bars.great fest and well worth money
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