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  1. but if we believe fender is sat then cant see 2 solo artists headlining
  2. depends what fest puts in place come aug.i for one wouldnt mind as sunday headliner.if he is then cant see any announcement from victorious until he has had time to sell for own gig.
  3. Think Lewis and nile will be joint and someone under ,but would like 2dcc to take over
  4. think they mean all saints lol
  5. ok so much choice and guessing and hoping .im gonna go sat main sam fender castle tom jones sund main foals castle flo
  6. yeah the coral and vaccines are at my home island so pleased about that
  7. and if Tom plays reckon be sunday headliner castle
  8. DMAs would be a top addition b4 Fender. think we could get the subways as well
  9. settle for that foals sunday would be great and interested in what other stuff/material tom brings out
  10. who you going for to headline sat/sund both stages and new additions to line up?
  11. they may go for an older act as they have done in past maybe d mode ,the cure , or duran duran.
  12. charlatans at iow,so wont happen
  13. fri great for me would like fender sat with libertines before and sunday KOL be good with NBT before .that in my eyes is a strong line up.
  14. great to be back.missed big time. very happy with friday .my go to groups. nothing but thieves excited by. so good at truck other year.if we think sam fender for sat then who will be on after NBT on Sunday? if meant to be rockier ,as read somewhere then could it be someone like RHCP.?
  15. presale was thurs .sold out their allocation in an hour and half through ticketmaster and axs. think expensive packages from today and general sale sat at 10. i went in a queue on thurs when got my code at 9.15 of 12000 people,so hate to think what it was at 10 when went on sale
  16. Got my mrs 2 Adele tickets for the Saturday. Was not as painful as though would be ,considering how many applied for pre sale and her website crashing. points for me in the bank.
  17. these prices for real as cant find a price list .these are based on eltons prices
  18. down voted up or down ,thumb up or down , yes or no .all the same . you suggested i dont like. nothing personal😉
  19. having seen DMA's last night,its time to bring them back to victorious as sub to someone
  20. i just have a feeling that the strokes may take a headline slot at victorious. would fit well for victorious and their guitar indie vibe
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