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  1. chems at iow so wont be victorious .will go for ian brown fri foals sat and courteeners sund
  2. thats not context .as 29.50 a day and 185 for four days with more stages/tents/acts
  3. lets go travis thurs fri black keys or flo sat ian brown catfish sund weller 2door, bigtop sund p scream
  4. foals catfish ashcroft courteeners brown
  5. gaps are being sorted,just dotting t's on some
  6. what day are red rum headlining
  7. price makes it a no brainer and plenty to see
  8. saw new order last supporting blur at hyde park when london hosted olympics.they were great but see as a sub rather than headliner
  9. no last year,so wont be boardmasters last head. j kay and alt j have headlined globel
  10. not really.they playing all points east on one of days and a day fest on diff days.they have chosen who supports their day
  11. if your going catfish and sales then how about strokes fest exc
  12. chic wont headline i dont think. thinking roger waters neil young ian brown
  13. i would be happy if bloc party headlined castle sat
  14. with rudimental sat,cant see n order sund as headliner.think it will b male solo act or indie band
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