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  1. still toying with the embrace v editors clash. at the mo embrace are just tipping it ,but may change yet
  2. dont know how its £200 plus for this as tickets now i think are £55 a day and i payed 40 a day when first out
  3. well on that thought i think the coral and the charlatans are bigger than the kooks,but they headlined sunday. also 2 door and catfish have done big outdoor gigs but never headlined iow. having been to every iow since restarted and seeing who they book imo jamie t would b3 or 4th main and sub bigtop.we will see though. im off to pompey gig and last saw southampton. i could see him headlining victorious castle stage
  4. i know that but also know he has not been round for 3 years and so people fans as myself will want to see again at finsbury or tour dates .also new album out.
  5. jamie t is enjoyable but never a headliner.will b a bigtop 2nd third down at best
  6. looking forward to the fest but going to be very hot and dusty.i envisage a lot of people with heat stroke and sun burn
  7. Gerry wont be a headliner though
  8. For myself and being realistic as i can FRI FLO/ Prodigy, SAT Foals support Royal blood headliner SUND 2 door support Killers headliner would love arctics or radiohead but never happens.
  9. my thoughts are that lionel will head friday with maybbe flo. sat will be royal blood with support foals and sunday pet shop boys with 2door support.
  10. no but did check screen everytime i ordered and swiped
  11. why not pay for a wristband from refresh or nature calls,who have posh loos ,reg cleaned ,with loo rolls and running water.check them out and see if you can still get.
  12. can someone please put stage times up cheers
  13. primal scream are opening friday,which find very strange
  14. they were also on the riverstage and this feeling stage. managed by john giddings
  15. the rifles are playing the riverstage ,which is pretty cool
  16. rollo rahs the assist and holy youth movement
  17. for those that have not seen John Dylan Thomas is well worth a watch.
  18. stunned by taylor hawkins news. what a drummer and all round top bloke .RIP.
  19. same clash for me ,but other than that all good
  20. happy with additions esp embrace reytons and remember stephen fretwell from back in day.big in manchester and supported oasis on tour
  21. only main and norm starts at 13.00
  22. think it was about £5.50-6. you can get a normal bus to newport town centre for £3.50 and walk up road which many do.takes 15-20 mins to camp site
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