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  1. i wouldnt believe tabloids and having been involved with event and knowing the man himself i can tell you that there were more than 50k there.even though it was hugely busy a great time was had.hope you did as well.
  2. i well i dont know where you got those figures from as at one point it was 120k which included staff/artists/vendors etc. having been involved with festival for a few years i can 100% tell you that 70k was figure this year for sold tickets
  3. think people just wanted to get out in a field.thursday was busiest i have seen ever and ive been every year since restarted.
  4. 70000 there this year and kasabian have headlined many times or been there. last time was 2018
  5. they do at a later date.sell weekend first and see how sale go
  6. many people say that courteeners are only followed up north or past london ,and not much liked in south. im a big fan of a lot of there stuff and old enough to know better(55 for next year).for me ,bring on the dark fruits brigade for any of days to headline,but maybe prefer the saturday.
  7. lol yep realize what ive done there doh. festival fever.
  8. liam for a warm up for knebworth gig. if thats the case go foals or james friday and phonics sat
  9. no at a later date ,depending on ticket sales.no price yet ,but think were £80 this year
  10. but may get one or two lower order acts
  11. can pay at hotel on arrival or pay b4 and nearly £100 cheaper
  12. best western have rooms up for dates. can get a double with cooked breakfast for £357 or without with 2 single beds for £297.right on sea front and 5 mins walk to fest
  13. have done lower down before but not many
  14. have done lower down before but not many
  15. no kasabian and muse then with iow announcing as headliners
  16. acts and lewis already confirmed and lionel has dates uk around fest,so no doubt will play
  17. ok not last min but were never on original line up and replaced ian brown
  18. madness were last min stand in though.
  19. would be great but have headlined already and many have not.maybe ashcroft back will be one
  20. nothing but thieves dmas and kasabian could well play and headline
  21. he wont headline unless joint headliner with someone bigger than him to finish
  22. going for lionel ritchie fri royal blood sat kol sunday.
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