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  1. Seen Friendly Fires at Metropolis Festival last year in Dublin.. and immediately became a fan. Huge energy, catchy songs and top-notch dad dancing from their frontman! Definite must see again this year!
  2. What we're assuming will happen: big name act announcement on one of the main stages. What will probably happen : DJ Oven Chips is playing Truth Stage at 3.45am on Saturday.
  3. Don't think a whole lot of the new stuff myself! 🙁 Shame as MVOTC was an absolutely incredible album.. maybe the rest of the album will prove me wrong.
  4. basquille

    Other Stage

    Vampire Weekend announced this morning to be playing 1st July in Dublin, so further proof they're nailed on for Glasto.
  5. basquille

    Weezer Sunday?

    Would love it but it'd better be Blue / Green / Pinkerton heavy.. actually, it'd better consist of nothing but tracks from the them.
  6. 'Dance Music' by Mastersystem was an incredible debut.. just a shame it'll be the final album too given Scott Hutchison's untimely death.
  7. One of my favourites also.. it's pretty much a regular in live-shows from what I've seen.
  8. Was really hoping I'd see Bon Iver at Glasto next year.. unlikely now I'd say!
  9. basquille

    2019 Headliners

    Stormy essentially confirmed for Friday too..
  10. Got on at 9.05am and got tickets for our group (2 of which are coming from Melbourne). Worked out well this year with CV booked in advance, and flights to Bristol booked immediately after. Just needs CV tickets and the weather now... happy days! God bless Autofill.. having those 6 reg numbers there when the registration page loaded was just incredibly satisfying. Didn't get a sniff of the booking page after that though.
  11. Yep, just reg number and postcode. Pretty sure you'll verify successful names of registrants on following page.
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