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  1. You won't be seeing him.. he's in Oz unfortunately. Hoping O2 Arena goes ahead next month
  2. I'm aware.. it's only in place in Ireland until March 29th. I'm just saying that I'd say they're unlikely to announce the lineup on a day where that news has surfaced. In my opinion, they're potentially more likely to reschedule that cancel if it comes to it, but how that'll affect performers is another thing.
  3. With the announcement that all schools, third-level education and public facilities are due to close in Ireland - along with recommending cancellation of events of over 100 - as of 6pm today and Boris presumably making a similar announcement later today.. .. I don't see as announcement on the cards today unortunately.. and if there is, it's gonna be baaaaaad news! Shite!
  4. Best take some imodium next time..
  5. basquille


    Yes, was dicey enough. Saw one girl fall after getting over and not get up for a while. Was excellent - though Avalon was something else.
  6. basquille

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    I see it mentioned on Twitter too.
  7. * puts hand up * Howdy! We are if our pissing ticket ever arrives!
  8. Just be aware - if you do it during Snow Patrol's performance of 'Just Say Yes', you'll only be the 181st person in existence to do it! ? Joking aside, best of luck with it!
  9. Went to buy wellies.. .. realised I had gaiters.. .. so thought hiking boots would do.. .. downgraded to walking boots which I thought would be comfy.. .. then downgraded again to slightly ruggadised waterproof runners, which I bought! To paraphrase Ron Burgundy, "that de-escalated quickly".. Basically, I'm an idiot!
  10. Yeah, said the same thing today.
  11. Yep, travelling from Ireland and my tickets include CV ticket for my group. Zero movement!
  12. basquille

    TBAs 2019

    Strummerville, 8pm Friday.
  13. It's random.. .. 4 in my group (2 down the road from me, and 2 a few streets over) have had their tickets about 4 days now. Still not even despatched for myself and my OH.
  14. 4 of my group got tickets today.. .. remaining 2 (including mine) not yet despatched! ? In the words of the late great Tom Petty - "the waiting is the hardest part!"
  15. About to do an "small-ish" order on Amazon and am convinced I'm missing some obvious festival go-to's or must-buy's.. Am CV'ing it so no tent related purchases needed. - Gaiters - check! (though we won't need them! *crosses-fingers*) - Stainless Steel Pint Glasses - check! (are they selling them on site this year? See no mention of it anywhere and no longer in Glasto online store) - Stainless Steel Wine Glasses - check! - Science In Sport Hydration Tables - check! (well reviewed alternative to Diarolyte) Anyone any small but essential purchases they've done recently? Also got this bad boy printed last week for under a tenner..
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