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  1. You missed The Vaccines 😏
  2. Bad Suns, Sea Girls, The Rosadocs, The SLP. Started digging in to the back catalogues of artists I know but never really explored properly too - RATM / Bon Iver / Tame Impala. Began to dig in to some classical music, especially instrumental cover songs. Also made a collaborative playlist with a mate where we chip in the hardest DnB we can find, been a fairly varied 2019.
  3. Cammers

    efests Exit Poll

    The optimist in me would be feeling a lot better if it wasn't banging it down with rain. Unfortunately it feels like the inevitable grey doom is here to stay. That said, I'll be off to vote for the reds after I finish work. Give me that Brexit vote, take 5 quid more off me a month and allow me to live my life without wanting to throw insults at Tory MPs on twitter.
  4. Cammers


    Compost toilets every single day! So impressed with the cleanliness. There was always a steady queue which made everyone respect them, knowing that someone was guaranteed to follow.
  5. Cammers

    2020 headliners

    The 50th anniversary should provide enough incentive for 'bigger' acts to headline, hopefully at a reduced cost so that Emily can go after a really strong undercard. That would be the perfect outcome. That said, I already find it really tough managing the line up and getting around the stages in time to see who I want. Suppose it would all make for a lovely debrief/i-player catch up though.
  6. Cammers

    Post festival flu

    Luckily spent the first half of this year with a constant stream of colds which built my immune system up but a combination of awesome bands and Saturday silent disco left me with zero voice for Sunday. I remember trying to sing/scream to BMTH and it was basically a whisper.
  7. I visited during Sunday sunset whilst I did one last last lap of the site. Soaked it all in and loved it. Bumped into Barbster360 too, lovely people! My one little issue is that I treated it like a viewing platform rather than its own entertainment entity - would love to see a few things added especially some of the things already mentioned. Fish and Chips, more small acts, telescopes etc...
  8. An absolute stunning weekend! Not great for young/elderly/disabled and I feel real bad for those who suffered but I will say one thing - We got very lucky with the wind! That breeze was an absolute God send all weekend.
  9. Cammers

    Flops 2019

    You want a 93 year old national treasure to stand on stage for 30 minutes in that heat?! I thought it was a great moment to see him in person and reiterate the movement that Glastonbury and the World needs to be taking. I even enjoyed the promo stuff, can't wait to watch it!
  10. Cammers

    Flops 2019

    I really wasn't expecting that stage set up. I liked the visuals but the dancers and the two guys with C02/flame guns was a bit OTT for an afternoon slot. True on the crowd though - Thinned out around the sound desk but the first third of the crowd were going strong.
  11. Cammers

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Anybody know where sells crates of cider? Heard Co-op don’t sell it and I’m running horribly short!
  12. Cammers

    Lost ticket

    That's some strange foreplay, right there! Edit: failed quote!
  13. Cammers

    TBAs 2019

    Royal Blood?
  14. OK. Fully sold on the occasional thunderstorm/downpour but assuming these are 20-30 mins long and we get banging hot weather in between, we're good as gold! At this rate, expecting a constant fast rate of flux between bog/hard ground in the first few days but generally manageable.
  15. Is this a weather chart or a depiction of a nuclear blast zone?
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