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  1. Cammers

    Lost ticket

    That's some strange foreplay, right there! Edit: failed quote!
  2. Cammers

    TBAs 2019

    Royal Blood?
  3. OK. Fully sold on the occasional thunderstorm/downpour but assuming these are 20-30 mins long and we get banging hot weather in between, we're good as gold! At this rate, expecting a constant fast rate of flux between bog/hard ground in the first few days but generally manageable.
  4. Is this a weather chart or a depiction of a nuclear blast zone?
  5. I hope not. Forecasting extreme weather can put put festivals/companies out of pocket as they make preparations. I.e. importing a load of straw for the mud or supplying thousands of bottles of water. And on that point, IF it did get silly and we have mid 30s, would Glastonbury break their single use plastic policy?
  6. Cammers


    I'd love for a massive moon to be hanging 50ft in the air, especially if it stays lit all night. It'll be like a lovely nightlight for the whole site.
  7. I saw the word 'supercell' on that other forum and immediately shat my pants. Supercell doesn't sound fun.
  8. That is apocalyptic. It's also scaremongering. General consensus is that we are in for a mixed bag (at the moment). Regardless, we are all sensible here so lets just not.
  10. I knew someone would pick up on this, ha! I know some basic German so was fully aware of my blasphemy. I just think that the little symbol makes a word look slightly more tropical. Totally irrelevant update from the West Mids: BONE DRY!
  11. Is my maths correct? Weather forecast measurements (i.e. 2.3mm or 4.1mm) means depth over a 1m x 1m square? Meaning 1mm would translate as follows: 1mm x 1000mm x 1000mm = 1,000,000mm² = 1 litre. THAT'S A LOT OF BEER!
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