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  1. tezshields

    Who would you like to headline in 2018

    I’d be well pleased with some 90’s dance headliner like The Prodigy or The Chemical Brothers but I just can’t see it happening. I’d take Ocean Colour Scene or White Lies but only as a Thursday nighter. For me they fit the Franz Ferdinand and Happy Mondays gap left last year. Overall I’m quietly hopeful for a few nice surprises.
  2. tezshields

    Cineramageddon- refund not received?

    My £20 went back in today. Brilliant experience. Watched the Mad Max Black & Chrome edition. Was greeted by the man himself, Mr. Eavis. My mate was literally star struck.
  3. tezshields

    This time in one week I'll be...

    ... being bummed by Purple Aki in a port-a-loo
  4. tezshields


    Sunday Croissant Neuf will probably be ginger bollocks. Didn't he play his first gig at Glastonbury there a good few years ago?
  5. tezshields

    Pink Floyd?

    Av a butchers at this...
  6. tezshields

    "Really big secret"

    Please correct me if I'm wrong because I often am. We have lost some food stalls in or around the Other Stage. Is this because of extension to the crowd or stage area? We have been given a run down of established acts playing which we can only speculate to which ones may be headlining the Other Stage. Are we awaiting a big Other Stage headline act to be announced?
  7. tezshields

    Worthy Warriors

    Go on! Be a hero! Take pollution down to zero!
  8. tezshields

    Really cheap cider at Asda

    "That's going straight in my basket!"
  9. tezshields

    Worst act you have seen at the festival

    Definitely Radiohead's secret gig at The Park. The masses needed a hit filled set to lift the soggy spirits during the endless drizzle. We got the new album and one familiar. Such a bellend move. Thank God for Jarvis Cocker. He showed us how it should be done the following day.
  10. tezshields

    Which day do you prefer Wednesday or Sunday ?

    Definitely Wednesday... The sheer elation that you're there hasn't quite sunk in yet No pressure to go see any band or act so you can happily stroll around and do whatever you like You can enjoy the first embrace with those 'meet at every Glastonbury' mates Sup your first cold alcoholic beverage heartburn free Your tent doesnt wreak of tramp flaps Soooo much to look forward to. Pure optimism.
  11. tezshields

    Beach Boys

    Pu$$y Grabbers Inc.
  12. tezshields

    Legends Slot

    Strangely enough my mate said the same thing today. His dad is a big fan. I wouldn't be surprised if she takes the Midnight Train To Glastonbury.
  13. tezshields

    Legends Slot

    That Aretha Franklin video clip touched my sentimental gland I'd love Tina Turner to give it a whirl before she pops her cloggs. She'd have the field going crazy. Elton is a good shout for Legend slot nowadays. So so many hits to choose from. I think Van Morrison is long overdue another spot too.
  14. tezshields

    Line up prediction game 2017

    Here goes... (1.) Frank Turner (because everyone else thinks he'll do it) (2.) Jamiroquai (3.) Bootleg Beatles (4.) Blossoms (5.) Texas (6.) Seasick Steve (7.) Richard Ashcroft (8.) Tears For Fears (9.) Fleet Foxes (10.) Future Islands (11.) Rick Astley (12.) Human League (13.) Michael Kiwanuka (14.) Cast (15.) Deacon Blue (16.) Toots & The Maytals (17.) Roger Hodgson (18.) Craig Charles Funk & Soul (19.) Groove Armada (20.) Jess Glynne