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  1. App has now been updated for this year, including times which is nice. Anyone know how strict they are with the amount of booze you can take in? Their website says something like 8 cans and half a litre of spirits per person. Is this strictly enforced?
  2. Cool, thanks! Oh really? This wasn't a thing last time I went (or perhaps I just didn't notice).
  3. Hey everyone. First Shambala for quite a few years (it'll be my third in total), and I can't remember if set times are released in advance, or if we need to buy a programme? Anyone know? Thanks!!
  4. So Mac DeMarco is playing Ally Pally on a Thursday in Nov with the next night free both at the venue and on the tour. Does anyone know if there is a way of finding out if the Fri is 'reserved' for another date should the Thursday sell out? I know they often add a second date there for certain acts, although I'm not sure he'd sell well enough to justify it. Don't live in London, so would much prefer a Friday gig given the choice.
  5. I know they probably want to split people between the stages, but some of those clashes are savage. Primal Scream/Jon Hopkins/Gold Panda on the Friday is a helluva choice. Oh well, nice problem to have I guess! Hardly any times when there is nothing to see.
  6. If only there was some way of asking the festival for clarity on a question they answered on social media. Oh well, I guess we'll find out next Friday.
  7. Ta! Hopefully we'll have a least a week or so to plan running between the stages/ice cream vans.
  8. Does anybody know when we can expect them to confirm the lineups, incluiding stage splits? I remember we had all the timings confirmed before last year, but I'm not sure how long in advance.
  9. I'm guessing there isn't a pre-sale for these Massive Attack shows, other than o2 priority?
  10. You'd hope so. What is the sound like in there?
  11. Me too - I'll go for London I think. Not sure about traffic, weather, sound etc for a brand new venue like this.
  12. I agree completely, and it's very annoying to see such massive empty spaces and bands complaining about it. As someone has previously said, ideally they'd move it away from directly under the stages, but if that's one of the main selling points (and they sold out pretty late IIRC) that aint gonna happen. Comparing to Werchter might not be fair - we don't know what MC pay for the lease of the site, policing costs, busses etc. If they pay a lot for these things they need ways to make it back, especially if the site only has a finite number of people that can fit inside. It's not great, and nobody other that VIP ticket holders really likes it, but it's just business.
  13. My 2 cents: The music, lights and sound were all fantastic. Noticeably so. Everything ran on time as well, although if you wanted to move between the two main stages you needed to pick one you really wanted a good spot for, but that's to be expected with big crowds like that. The queue on Thurs was just one of those things. I've been in worse though, including the last Glastonbury. The other days I just walked straight in, so I wonder if the site wasn't quite ready on that first day. Busses home were also easy enough, leaving pretty late. The real frustration was getting a train to the festival - absolutely rammed and boiling hot. The bars seemed to be hit and miss - the bigger the bar the smaller the queues seemed to be. Switching to spirits was a great decision - all free-poured pretty much to wherever you wanted it. Really good value compared to beer. VIP is here to stay, sorry folks. Not a chance in hell they could book a line up that good without that extra revenue. Ideally the size of the VIP areas would be reduced or moved slightly, but that looks unlikely. Overall, pretty decent. I'd need another really good lineup to rush back next year I think, but very glad I went. Highlights - Big Moon, Arctics, massive vodkas, Justice, Washed Out, Mick Jenkins, vegetarian curry, NIN, the French taking over Sol celebrating their World Cup victory
  14. Speaking of the football on the 11th - does anyone know any good bars in Valencia to watch it, or is anyone else going to be there?
  15. I don't quite understand the ticket offer for NOS and Mad Cool - cheaper tickets to see the same band two days in a row, hundreds of miles away? https://www.festicket.com/festivals/mad-cool-festival-nos-alive/2018/shop/#ticket
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