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  1. They all get given the "I'm playing Glastonbury" GIF to stick on Twitter, but I'm guessing they don't get those more than a few days/a week before. I doubt there is a an actual date in the diary until quite late. Some of the big acts probably ask the festival to hold off until they've announced their own tours/shows and sold a certain percentage of tickets to these. I think it'll be next week at the earliest. Still feels a bit early to me.
  2. The dedication in this thread is remarkable. Not even a suggestion of an announcement for a few weeks and there's about 10 new pages of posts a day. Impressive. I just wish I could stop looking at this thread.
  3. big__phil

    the libertines..

    I hope you're right, but sadly I doubt it. There was talk of them writing together back in the summer time I think, but there's been nothing since. I know they're easy to mock, but it's kind of the sad that the most exciting band of their generation are seemingly just fizzling out. Oh well, fingers crossed these summer dates are in support of some sort of new material.
  4. big__phil

    the libertines..

    I saw them just before Christmas in Bristol, and it's safe to say there is no sign of any new material. I've basically seen the same setlist for last several times I've seen them. Doubt they'll have any new material by the summer, so I don't think we'll be seeing them this year. Probably for the best really, as there is danger that they are starting to turn into a heritage band.
  5. The lack of Man Of War on this list makes me sad. Fucking love that tune. TBF, it can't be easy putting that list together with so much to chose from!
  6. Sorry for the delay, I've been caught up in work stuff all day. Emily said that there won't be any major site changes for a while, as they are now within the '5 year cycle' which starts after the fallow year. Perhaps just slight improvements to the likes of the pier. She did however say that it's about time that the site had a new hidden/secret venue, as the underground piano bar isn't much of a secret these days. Specifically she was saying how cool it would be if you entered a long-drop toilet, then went downstairs to a club under the long-drops. I didn't get the sense this was actually a plan though, rather just something she liked the idea of. Away from site changes, she said that they are doing less and less secret sets, as they are impossible to keep secret which makes crowd management a bit of a nightmare. They basically have to shut off whole areas, much like they did with The Killers a few years ago. Sorry @SecretGlasto. There will be no Fleetwood Mac this year, nor will there be any Led Zep (although this wasn't as firm). 2 of the 3 headliners have been booked. I can't remember quite what else was said, other than lots about ticketing, which has already been covered. If anything else comes back to me I'll share.
  7. I'm seeing Emily do a talk promoting her book on Sunday, so if she reveals anything new for this year I'll report back!
  8. I don't think it will ever fail to sell out in October. As others say, lots of this is due to coverage in the media (and social media), but also because other big festivals are...a bit shit. There truly is nothing else quite like it, and everyone wants to have a piece. It's a big cliche, but it really does have something for everyone, at all ages. If you add to that pre-erected tents, off-site glamping and improved/improving on-site facilities people no longer have a reason to be put off by the reasons they used to be. Personally I don't have a problem with new people getting a ticket (it was everyone's first time once), but it is a shame when long-timers miss out. I missed out last year and it was pretty bleak.
  9. Not particularly original, but Radiohead and Rolling Stones are the best gigs I've ever seen. Away from Pyramid headliners, LCD Soundsystem, Moondlandingz, MGMT (their first Glastonbury), Super Furry Animals, RTJ, Flying Lotus and Jon Hopkins headlining the Glade all stick out.
  10. App has now been updated for this year, including times which is nice. Anyone know how strict they are with the amount of booze you can take in? Their website says something like 8 cans and half a litre of spirits per person. Is this strictly enforced?
  11. Cool, thanks! Oh really? This wasn't a thing last time I went (or perhaps I just didn't notice).
  12. Hey everyone. First Shambala for quite a few years (it'll be my third in total), and I can't remember if set times are released in advance, or if we need to buy a programme? Anyone know? Thanks!!
  13. So Mac DeMarco is playing Ally Pally on a Thursday in Nov with the next night free both at the venue and on the tour. Does anyone know if there is a way of finding out if the Fri is 'reserved' for another date should the Thursday sell out? I know they often add a second date there for certain acts, although I'm not sure he'd sell well enough to justify it. Don't live in London, so would much prefer a Friday gig given the choice.
  14. I know they probably want to split people between the stages, but some of those clashes are savage. Primal Scream/Jon Hopkins/Gold Panda on the Friday is a helluva choice. Oh well, nice problem to have I guess! Hardly any times when there is nothing to see.
  15. If only there was some way of asking the festival for clarity on a question they answered on social media. Oh well, I guess we'll find out next Friday.
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