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  1. Angel Olsen guaranteed headliner
  2. Not even close... doubt 95% of punters could name one Midlake song
  3. Only just recovering from the flu-y cold I got from EOTR... the nights were fuckin baltic!
  4. damn, Death Grips on the Woods would be mental. wouldn't get a very big crowd though, I don't think... imagine how many people don't like Death Grips
  5. Just looking through the thread - I called it, albeit quite late on!
  6. My sixth End Of The Road. Not my favourite (last year takes that prize, I reckon), but not my worst either. Highs: Diversity of the bill. From Parquet Courts to Ata Kak, Let's Eat Grandma to Kokoko, Mary Lattimore to Kero Kero Bonito, Serpentwithfeet to Kelly Moran. I could trust that every band I'd see would sound different - of course, there was plenty of middle-of-the-road soundalike stuff, but I avoided that. The stuff I made an effort to see was nearly always completely different from one band to the next. Exception maybe being Bodega and Parquet Courts but, ykno, they're like father and son. Nice people. The abundance of friendly people who put up with my effing irritating tendency to just chat to anyone and everyone. Surprises/new finds. Didn't know much about Nov3l, Jessica Pratt, Kokoko or Pom Poko before the festival. Enjoyed them all a lot! Forest. Nothing beats some mega jenga, a drunken chat in the games area, followed by a disco boogie! Lows: Chatter. Fucking chatter. Can't be bothered to say any more... Shower queues. Sort it out, just add 10 more showers!! Final comment is that I seem to be the only person here who doesn't mind the Garden Stage chair gang. They stop at a certain point, and don't actually get in anyone's way. By the time the busier bands are on, they've moved. Who doesn't enjoy a lie down at the back of the Garden Stage now n again?
  7. One of my highlights was meeting two very drunk and jolly nurses (hello if you're reading this) who guided my group over to the silhouette theatre and gave us an amazing/terrible performance about a bear with hair in a wheelchair
  8. Wasn't supposed to be insulting of those bands, just they would require very little imagination to book. Also I don't like them
  9. I hope you all realise that the headliners will be bog standard like they have been the last few years - IDLES, Father John Misty and Ezra Furman or something unimaginative like that
  10. I like the way you think, Rachel! Bring on Beach House, Hval, Maus and Herndon!!
  11. In as uncreepy a way as possible, the kids are always one of the best parts of EOTR - for the most part kids under 11 are impeccably behaved and respectful. I loved seeing small children rocking out to Let's Eat Grandma and Kokoko. Saw a child do some fantastic dancing to Jade Bird (who I couldn't stand, but hey, at least the kid could!!). The biggest nobs at the festival tend to be drunken 30 somethings
  12. if we're going heavy, I'd love to see Deafheaven, Liturgy or Fucked Up next year
  13. Only the first two are headliners IMO but I'd take em all (besides sve)
  14. Artists I'd love but who probably wouldn't headline (definite Garden headliners / Woods sub-headliners, though): Dirty Projectors, Lambchop, Bonnie Prince Billy, Broken Social Scene, Haruomi Hosono, Oneohtrix Point Never
  15. second Stereolab and Bonnie Prince Billy, would love em both... Jonathan Richman not big enough to headline Garden stage let alone Woods... None of the venues he played ten years ago when he was last here are big at all (Bush Hall, Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, Dingwalls, Borderline)... Would be good but maybe more as a Big Top act (in Beak/Sleaford Mods slot) or third top of Woods
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