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  1. Last year I got pulled over by security for a random search just before getting wristbands... Had nothing, so it wasn't a problem, but it still felt very weird being searched at EOTR, felt like a bit of a violation and out of character for the festival... So yeah, there is increased security. I imagine it was more of an amnesty thing - as in, they'd take drugs off you and let you go on, rather than report you to police. But who knows. Also, don't remember if there was a dog.
  2. I'm not sure if most people were aware Beirut were still going
  3. for the whole three days that's why it's so tough
  4. Every year at EOTR for the last three or four years there's been this consensus on MUST-SEE artists - they always seem to be four or five scruffy dudes playing derivative post-punk.. In the past it's been Shame and IDLES and Fat White Family... this year it's Fontaines DC and Black Midi... the latter are a very good band - Fontaines DC aren't up to much though
  5. I know, it's hilarious. Suggesting The Strokes!? On Facebook someone suggested Royal Blood (LOL), another person said The Rolling Stones (what?) and someone else said Bill Ryder-Jones (not even big enough to headline the Big Top)
  6. I've done this thread the last few years. You're only able to see ten bands all weekend - list them in order of how much you wanna see em. *SUBJECT TO REVISION* 1. Parquet Courts (will be my 6th? time seeing them but that doesn't matter - love this band!!) 2. Jockstrap (will be my 5th time seeing them in a year but as above, love em) 3. Ata Kak (so much fun!!!) 4. Kero Kero Bonito (haven't seen them since their radical live transformation) 5. Serpentwithfeet (missed him a couple of times elsewhere so very keen to finally see) 6. Mary Lattimore (what's not to love) 7. Let's Eat Grandma (big fan, seen em many times) 8. Black Country New Road (great group, excited to see how they are received) 9. Kelly Moran (curious to see what she does live) 10. BCUC (should be a blast)
  7. It's a good chance to get a better headliner in - this year's headliners might be the weakest ever. Get Stereolab to replace, easy peasy.
  8. Thank fuck I made the last second decision to buy one at about 830 last night!
  9. Highly highly doubt it... Their record company is Rough Trade and they've had a good fanbase since they started.. did loads of gigs in South London and built up a solid following
  10. Giving it closer inspection, those Loud & Quiet listings are horribly wrong. They've got Porridge Radio down to sub-headline the Garden Stage (and finish the minute Low start) for fuck's sake.
  11. HIGHLY doubt Jockstrap will play for an hour as the clashfinder says! When I've seen them headline they've played for 40 mins. Du Blonde is "bigger" with a much larger back catalogue
  12. I love this line up. A lot more 'out there' than any previous line up. Hopefully we'll get less of the Mac Demarco crowd this year
  13. Clashfinder isn't correct, everyone... it's an estimation based on previous years.
  14. Viewing the line-up in the form of day splits makes it look SO FUCKIN GOOD - probably the best EOTR line up ever...??? Friday Virginia Wing Marry Lattimore Derya Yildrim Kelly Moran Yves Tumor Let's Eat Grandma Cass McCombs Mitski Parquet Courts Westerman Bodega Saturday Oliver Coates Black Country New Road Bilge Pump Gazelle Twin Kero Kero Bonito William Tyler Lonnie Holley Black Midi Low Kokoko! Sunday Sandro Perri Group Listening Ata Kak Jessica Pratt Tunng Serpentwithfeet BCUC Cate Le Bon Metronomy
  15. Jockstrap are the best "new" act in the country and amazing live
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