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  1. did Mac Demarco sing End Of The Road too?
  2. All things considered it's looking extremely unlikely that it'll go ahead
  3. Promoters don't know anything we don't, though - I think it's very likely EOTR will be cancelled
  4. can't hear Parquet Courts specifically at all, although I guess I can hear every guitar band ever so maybe that's where the comparison comes from
  5. Bait is a very very good film
  6. You have to recognise that from the third line down, Aldous Harding is playing Barbican in May, while in December Whitney sold out Shepherds Bush and Comet Is Coming sold out Roundhouse... Those are "big names" that sell out big venues... I mean, even lower down Richard Dawson sold out Barbican and Anna Meredith sold out Earth, to name a few... I think we're nearly done with "big names" I'm with Guy Incognito - bring on the leftfield choices!!!
  7. So a few sort-of leftfield choices - that's cool, a step away from the guitar-heavy initial line up. Anna Meredith is great, live score for Bait will be amazing cos that was one of the best films from last year. Ahmed Fakroun is a wild card choice too!
  8. Nonsense, King Krule will get a big crowd - you're underestimating his popularity, especially among an increasingly young crowd. I'd imagine Bright Eyes will sub the mainstage, but perhaps they'll do the Garden... At this moment in time, Bright Eyes are no bigger than Parquet Courts were last year, and over-filled the Garden...
  9. They can't be clashing Pixies and Bright Eyes - of the big name artists they're the two oldest / "heritage" acts
  10. Well she's headlining the main stage, so I'd imagine... on the main stage... at headliner time... in the dark...
  11. I would say that the EOTR line-up is solid but unimaginative, whereas the Green Man is neither solid nor imaginative
  12. That Green Man line-up just looks like the last 3 EOTR line-ups mashed together. My comments about EOTR line-ups no longer being original or surprising can be repeated for Green Man... but our EOTR line-up is much better than that Green Man line-up!
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