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  1. Cate LeBon did a piano tour in January so I’d expect her as well.
  2. Cass McCombs - Mitski - Parquet Courts run on the garden stage potentially the highlight of the weekend for me.
  3. I remember there was another surprise set in the big top in 2012 I think. It was Alabama Shakes who had already played the main stage the day before. wonder if it could be someone already announced doubling up rather than a completely new act?
  4. My suggestion was going to be Public Service Broadcasting as they have played EOTR before and they are playing Moseley on the Friday but Idles being so close by in the Saturday makes them more likely
  5. Nov3l being on late is a nice wee bonus. fontaines dc and serpentwithfeet clashing is disappointing overall happy with that. Guess we will need to wait to see a programme for the talking heads times?
  6. Must admit i felt last year wasn't as bad for the chatterers as the two previous years. may have been down to luck, the acts i was seeing or the heat just putting everyone in a daze. Either way i didn't think it was as bad last time. Back on topic is anyone expecting anything more to be announced other than the space on Thursday? It does say more "acts" tbc. Not sure where else someone new could fit in unless anyone has dropped out, maybe the Talking Heads Stage, 3 on their on the Friday but only 2 on the other days, i know there is comedy and stuff on there too though. Crack Cloud have cancelled their Glasgow gig on the Wednesday after it. The statement is a bit vague as technically they are playing EOTR on the 1st of September! We started working on PAIN OLYMPICS two years ago. We are at the final push. We’ve travelled to the UK and Europe five times in the past year to perform our 2016-2017 material: our experiences have manifested in profound personal growth and an affinity for the communities we’ve shared moments with. we have one more circuit in August with September dates booked as an extension. We’ve decided to cancel said dates in September to finish our album, focus on local infrastructure and community, recalibrate mentally, and craft our 2020 live presentation- with love, passion, and gratitude.
  7. I think the Tipi times can vary a bit more but the other ones should be pretty much accurate I think
  8. Courtney Barnett will draw a big crowd. I felt when the first announcement was made it odd that she was subbing below acts she was by any definition 'bigger' than, obviously if you're not a fan you're not a fan but she's a perfectly acceptable headliner for EOTR.
  9. Friday change also potentially solves The Beths/Wand clash for me too so another positive.
  10. Solves the Kikagaku/Courtney clash for me so delighted from that point of view. Odd that there is still one to be announced for the Thursday. Hopefully that and the stage times soon.
  11. Public Service Broadcasting are headlining Moseley on the Friday. They’ve played EOTR before. Could see them being slotted in as subs if CB is bumped up.
  12. The Strokes are in Ireland the night before. Can't see it though. CB is arguably a bigger draw than Beirut anyway so she will likely just move up a spot. It'll be Ezra though won't it?
  13. I was planning on seeing them as I’ve seen Low a few times before and never seen Beirut wonder if they will move Courtney Barnett up to headliner and just find someone to fill a gap lower down? Likely just depends on who is available
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