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  1. Absolutely. Buck Meek is playing solo too so guess they’ll be hanging around on there Friday if it’s correct.
  2. Looks like Big Thief on the Thursday?
  3. Delighted with that to start with and plenty to investigate too.
  4. Would love to see Black Pumas at EOTR, caught them at a tiny venue in Glasgow late last year and off to see them in Manchester in a couple of weeks. Would be great on the woods stage in the afternoon
  5. I enjoyed Big Thief’s Garden Stage set, I think they’re great live but part of what makes it so enjoyable is the way it all seems like it could fall apart at any moment. It’s not a slick reproduction of their records. Unsure how well that would translate to a main stage headlining show but they are definitely “big” enough for it and as others have said EOTR definitely like to give acts their first big breakthrough headlining slot. Main stage headliners aren’t the main selling point of EOTR for me though, I’d actually prefer a great garden stage headliner if it came to a choice.
  6. Grace Cummings Lanterns On The Lake Katy J Pearson Pet Shimmers Lazarus Kane
  7. You guys are probably right (although I'd say The Shins and Spiritualized are arguably bigger, definitely so going by venues on previous tours) but Bright Eyes maybe has a bit more prestige as a headliner. Definitely been getting busier year on year on a Thursday now though, although that is partially down to the whole site not being open.
  8. Been hoping to see Withered Hand here for about a decade. He'd be great in the Tipi. Not a fan, although her solo album is better than the Alabama Shakes stuff but I could see Brittany Howard turning up this year. Thursday night seems to have quietly become a slot for the more established acts - Shins, Slowdive, YLT, and Spiritualized. I wonder if that's where Bright Eyes might end up (can dream of Phoebe Bridgers also being on the bill and a Better Oblivion set turning up somewhere) Real Estate would be great as I missed them the last time, ditto Destroyer. Dean Wareham is
  9. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8547692/bright-eyes-teases-2020-comeback 🤔
  10. Cate LeBon did a piano tour in January so I’d expect her as well.
  11. Cass McCombs - Mitski - Parquet Courts run on the garden stage potentially the highlight of the weekend for me.
  12. I remember there was another surprise set in the big top in 2012 I think. It was Alabama Shakes who had already played the main stage the day before. wonder if it could be someone already announced doubling up rather than a completely new act?
  13. My suggestion was going to be Public Service Broadcasting as they have played EOTR before and they are playing Moseley on the Friday but Idles being so close by in the Saturday makes them more likely
  14. Nov3l being on late is a nice wee bonus. fontaines dc and serpentwithfeet clashing is disappointing overall happy with that. Guess we will need to wait to see a programme for the talking heads times?
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