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  1. Just booked this .. should be a good day.
  2. That's a shame .. I was surprised at how expensive accommodation is in Utrecht. I managed to get something very basic and thought I'd find better over the summer but nothing doing. I hope you find a buyer for your ticket.
  3. My must-see list is expanding rapidly based on that ... particularly excited to see The LimiΓ±anas on there. Would we normally expect to have programme details in advance or is it a case of picking one up with wristbands? I have noted that there's still uncertainty about venues being allowed to open after midnight, which may delay finalisation of timings.
  4. GM has had a run of great years with ticket sell outs based on relatively inexpensive headliners. They also play the Welsh card very successfully. I have no doubt that it's been incredibly difficult recently but I very much doubt that it's financially unstable .. there's money in the bank that I hope will be paying for something special in the 20th anniversary year 🀞
  5. Thanks for the replies .. sounds like tempered excitement should be the most I aim for until there's further news. Really hoping it can go ahead .. even with a changed and reduced line-up if necessary .. but everything remains so uncertain ☹️
  6. Just wondering if anyone else here is doing LGW in November? In anticipation of my favourite summer festivals (NPS, Green Man, EOTR) not happening I took a punt on booking ticket and accommodation, but apart from vague memories of an enjoyable day trip to the city about 20 yrs ago, I have no idea what to expect. Given the wide international line-up I'm actually quite surprised that it seems to be going ahead .. I wonder how many last-minute changes there may be. Anyway if anyone has been before and has any tips to share I'd be grateful for them, or if anyone else going for the first time wants to share the benefit of our research let me know πŸ‘
  7. I was never overly fussed about Slow Club, or much of the Self Esteem stuff I'd heard, but took a chance and was completely overwhelmed .. definitely my highlight of the weekend. Two tracks in I sent a 'Get Here Now' message to a couple of friends, which is not a risk I'd normally take but both were thankful. Would definitely recommend for Wide Awake (unless there's a clash with The Murder capital πŸ˜€)
  8. It should also open at 10am .. has been slightly delayed some years. There will be a queue, which is a little hairy .. as once the short lane up to the gate fills the queue is along the busy A40 with normal traffic trying to get around it.
  9. The additional time is to allow for queuing and traffic congestion en route .. neither of which are likely to apply at 6am on Monday so you'll be fine so long as the bus driver hasn't been partying into the small hours 😁 I feel your pain .. also have to work on Monday afternoon .. although I don't have far to travel and can set off a little later.
  10. They're not very common. There have been a couple on the Settlement stage while the main festival is underway, Ezra Furman did one in Round The Twist, the Wave Pictures did one in the Cinema Tent when they were there with Stanley Brinks.
  11. No .. it's parking and off-bounds areas. The layer over a Google Earth image below shows it clearer
  12. All of the above πŸ˜„ That is a fantastic selection .. I'll aim to get through them all.
  13. Yep, campervan access is usually same time as car park opening. The campervan field is fairly compact .. no matter what time you arrive you won't be far from the main entrance. Love the (t)rusty description .. I'll be using that for my Bongo van 😁
  14. I can cope with no Tiny Rebel (living two miles from the brewery helps), but no Andy's Loos is a shock to the system! Andy has been the hero of so many GMs πŸ˜„
  15. I've certainly done it in less than 10mins. Bit longer going back maybe as it's uphill 😩
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