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  1. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    I'll second that. Currently on the last leg of my journey home feeling very tired but with so many lovely memories. I thought the changes made to the site this year were great and made the whole experience even better than previous years. It was my first time seeing Nick Cave, and now I understand what people who've seen him mean. It was transcendental. Other main highlights were Ezra Furman, Idles, Thundercat, and Public Service Broadcasting. I never did make it into 'Bits'. Will save that for next year, because I'm certainly going back again.
  2. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    Just one really important thing... Don't miss Ezra Furman 😁
  3. Suggestives

    Primavera Porto - going solo

    I've gone solo the last two years and loved it. Really friendly, chilled vibe - practically zero idiot quotient. Have fallen in love with Porto too and it's great that there's time during the day to explore the city and surrounding areas. Do it 😀
  4. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    Thanks for that bananaa52. So second stage on flat tarmac rather than the nice grassy amphitheater, hmm 🤔 I can understand the desire to split the crowd up a bit more but this will lead to a lot more movement between 'front' and 'back' areas, where it was already a bit congested at times. Oh well, we'll just have to see how it works out in practice. I'll be up at my favorite Pitchfork stage as much as possible anyway. Feeling really close now, can't wait to get back to my favourite city 💙
  5. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    Just catching up on the news this week. Many thanks for the Clashfinder Tuna 👍 I'm confused by the stages. The timings indicate that the NOS / Super Bock are the side by side main stages as in previous years. Yet is seems odd that acts like War on Drugs / Fr John Misty would be on the third stage 🤔 Looking forward to seeing a site plan.
  6. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    It starting to feel close now. Might be time to start packing soon. Although, with it not being a camping festival, it's difficult to stretch the packing effort out much
  7. Suggestives

    Indietracks 2018

    Fancied the look of this the past couple of years so decided to take the plunge this year and have booked ticket and campsite. Line up looks great.
  8. Suggestives

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Yes, sold out. They always go early. You'll find a few popping up on Twickets and the like nearer the time but you have to act very quickly.
  9. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    The set will be mainly the latest album and the previous Perpetual Motion People, with a couple of tracks from the Big Fugitive Life EP and the 2013 Day of the Dog album, so I'd start with those.
  10. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    I did like having a day when there could be no clashes between acts though. Still, better overall to have more choice I think.
  11. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    Thursday night is insanely great ... can't wait
  12. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    On the subject of day splits, do we know if the three headliners are in day order on the poster, or do we still need the full announcement to confirm that?
  13. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    Love both of those. I'd also recommend Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and Starcrawler's live performance is not to be missed. I'm assuming everyone already knows that Ezra Furman is the greatest thing on the line-up, right? I'll have already seen him seven times this year before I get to Porto, but he'll still be No. 1 on my must-see list.
  14. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    And I'll be the old git doing the same
  15. Suggestives

    NOS Primavera Porto

    I'd also recommend Matosinhos. There are great facilities there and it's only 20 mins into the city centre by Metro during the day. It's great to be able to walk back from the festival site in the small hours rather than battling for transport back into the city.