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  1. Really happy with this ... whatever cut of the undercard we get it's going to be a damn good festival.
  2. There'll be more weekend campervan tickets in the general sale but I think the week-long settlers may all be gone in the earlybirds. Get in straight away as they do sell out fast.
  3. I've always been happy to cook in a tent, but it's not without risk and many people wouldn't be. I can see the scenario where there is a tent fire at some point in the future and the response will be to ban cooking appliances, which would be the end of Green Man for a lot more people.
  4. Nothing at all like Glastonbury. The campervan/motorhome tickets go quickly but the general tickets are available for a while. They used to have a habit of messing up the links etc. for ticket purchase but the last couple of years have been smooth. Once you're on the case around 10am you'll get one no problem. Just keep an eye on the Green Man Festival Facebook page in case there are any unexpected issues.
  5. Bonnie Prince Billy .. obvs and Ezra. I've already forgotten who I put as the third ?
  6. I think that would work .. if the food and drink outlets were relocated, the area there and the flat paved area would give a good space for the picnic brigade and the covered grass area could be standing only. While I don't personally understand why folk attending a music festival want to sit on their arses all day, I'm all for people enjoying things as they wish provided it doesn't impinge too much on others. The balance in the Garden in no longer working I feel. Coming in to Israel Nash on Sunday there was free space front and right of the stage that was almost impossible to reach because of an impenetrable wall of chairs over much of the Garden.
  7. I agree entirely. It does seem like irony is dead, or certainly no longer capable of being understood by many people. I loved the Hard Skin set and never realised this was going on in the crowd.
  8. Talk about Throw me a Bone! But is WM The Man, or a Little Liar ?
  9. Anticipation level ... off the scale ???
  10. Yes, but it wouldn't be the first time he made a short trip across the pond. Don't dash our hopes just yet ?
  11. I suspect their current production capacity is unable to satisfy their ever increasing popularity. I had complaints from friends in Newport that there was limited stock in the bars there because "they've sent all the beer to your bloody festival" ? Hopefully their expansion plans will address things for next year.
  12. The campervan arrangements are pretty basic, they pack everyone in, nose to tail, in lanes. The earlier you arrive the closer you'll be to the exit down to the arena but it's not going to make very much difference overall. There's normally a queue along the A40 waiting for the 10am opening time, which is an accident waiting to happen as non-festival traffic overtakes it. Probably best to get there really early (9am ish) or wait till the queue has gone (11am onwards).
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