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  1. Some people stay in the city centre and travel in and out to the festival, others stay more local in Matosinhos and travel in and out to the city during the day when they want to. Personally I really like the idea of just strolling home at the end of the night and prefer to stay in Matosinhos. It has plenty of attractions of it's own too, great beach, fab restaurants, etc. The streets off Av. da República have a number of budget hotels and apartments, a site like Booking.com should throw up a few options. However I haven't heard any complaints about the public transport arrangements from those that have stayed in the centre. There are plenty of extra buses and Metro services put on for the festival. Public transport in general is great in Porto.
  2. The final full tickets sold out on 25 May last year. Teen and student tickets do sell out earlier.
  3. I could see them doing it as a piss take just to wind up a certain section of the regulars 😁
  4. Damn! Only two of my seven hoped-for acts. Not to worry, I know I'll still have an amazing time.
  5. There's plenty there to keep me amused whatever the cut is. A lot of names I don't know so looking forward to perhaps discovering some new gems. I'm hoping that Roisin Murphy, Jungle, Loyle Carner, Kate Tempest, Lucy Dacus, and Kurt Vile make the trip up, and that Frank Carter and Solange don't. Primal Scream would be an absolute dream but not getting my hopes up.
  6. Tickets in the bag ... looking forward to my thirteenth Green Man.
  7. For anyone looking to book Easyjet flights for next year, they were released today. Wish there were more options and better times back to UK on Sunday. It always seems to be early morning or evening flights, and obviously early morning no good ... useless you're going to go straight from the festival to the airport 🤢
  8. That single tap was bizarre this year. Previous years there's been a bank of taps and the pressure was certainly sufficient for multiple outlets. Taps and loos at the other end of the field would be very welcome also. The other major improvement would be to exclude chairs and blankets from the Garden stage completely, or relocate the stalls at the back and create an area there for them.
  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that maybe Shellac will play 😆
  10. Caroline Spence in the Tipi on Saturday seemed genuinely gobsmacked at how quiet and respectful the audience was. She was delighted to be able to play one of her quieter numbers that she doesn't normally attempt at festivals. I think the very low dickhead quotient is one of my favorite things about EOTR.
  11. No one should be slated for a perfectly valid opinion, however as a counter point I though Low Anthem were absolutely wonderful - certainly in my top three highlights. It was a brave choice of material to play at a festival, and I suspect EOTR is probably one of the very few places it could work. I'm surprised that so few folk have mentioned them, either positively or negatively.
  12. I've got waterproof shoes, waterproof boots, wellies, waterproof trousers, and two waterproof coats packed .... and suncream. Hoping I'll only need one of those things 😀
  13. Suggestives


    I liked the Ghost Ship in particular and will be bringing that for 'everyday' quaffing purposes. Thanks for the recommendation. Also looking forward to visiting Beavertown during the occasional short gaps between my 'must-see' acts.
  14. A dream would be for the Liminanas to move into the slot as their clash with Richard Dawson is already a stinker ... and they'd be better in the Garden I think. In reality I expect they'll leave the programming as is, and find something new for Damien's slot.
  15. Suggestives


    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll certainly give them a try. I'll definitely be sampling the Beavertown products too. I generally spend more at the EOTR bars compared with other festivals as the offering are so good and in gratitude for their more flexible policy that allows me to bring my own when time is too precious to spend queuing.
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