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  1. Yeah, The Beths are my highlight of this release too. Some other good stuff like Sasami, Tunng and Pom Poko, will have to check out a lot of the rest though. Not quite the announcement I was hoping for, but not bad at all.
  2. Pigs x7 have now confirmed that they will be playing on 1st September.
  3. Yeah, while I must admit I am not the most patient of festival goers, it does seem to have been quite a while since the first announcement. And while I like the line up so far, I do think it is lacking a little something at the moment. I am not expecting another Vampire Weekend, which was a headliner way above what I thought possible for EOTR, but I guess I would like a little more of an established heavier rock act than what we currently have. There is a lot of singer songwriter stuff and some up and coming bands at the moment, but I keep hoping for something like The Coathangers, Priests, Mike Krol, Ex Hex, even a return for Idles (which seems unlikely at this point). And I am still holding out a vain hope for SvE, though I suspect she is probably at headliner status now. Maybe some Big Thief, Du Blonde, Hand Habits, Feels, Julia Jacklin, boygenius or Self Esteem. Still, some really good stuff is on the bill, and I trust there is much more still to come. Just got to build up a little patience as we wait!
  4. Bodega have self confirmed they will be playing on the Friday, 30th August, so at least we have a day schedule for one act while we await the 2nd announcement.
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