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  1. Good point! Thinking about it a bit more they may want another female headliner as well... Back to the drawing board with my predictions
  2. Looking at King Gizzard's tour dates I think there's a fair chance of them headlining - with some 'warm up' shows the week between All Points East and EOTR too My headliner predictions: Thursday - Perfume Genius Friday - Big Thief Saturday - Pixies Sunday - King Gizzard If so, it would be the first time in 5 years I would go and see more than two of the Woods headliners!
  3. Been watching Pixies live performances on YouTube over the past few days - now much more positive about the booking... forgot how many tunes they had! Also they were great when I saw them at Field Day (2014?)
  4. Parquet Courts coming over earlier in the summer, so unlikely to be over again in September. I suppose they played in 2019, so would've been a bit of a boring booking (even though they're great!)
  5. Can you reveal your sources? Just worried about some friends waiting for payday to buy tickets
  6. Just put deposits down for tickets to be safe. Surely they won't sell out this early?
  7. 4th time for me, had a brilliant time again. Although I thought the line up was a little bit 'light' going in (for obvious reasons), I managed to see loads of brilliant stuff. Did a top 10 on the train on the way home (no particular order): CMAT, Hot Chip, Melin Melyn, Kikagaku Moyo, Dry Cleaning, Arlo Parks, Pan Amsterdam, Romare, Little Simz, Richard Dawson. Little Simz -> Dry Cleaning -> Richard Dawson on Sunday night was my favourite three act combo I've ever seen at a festival - all three were amazing and a great way to round off the weekend. Food and drink were great as usual, actually much preferred the Two Tribes beers to Beavertown and had some lovely pints from the real ale bar. The nice weather really topped it off! Will almost certainly be back next year, although am also thinking of trying Green Man for the first time and not sure I can afford both!
  8. Just got an email from National Express. Looks like COVID-19 checks will be before we get on the coach with an 'End of the Road representative'. I assume this is to make it a quicker process once we get there...
  9. What about Martha for a secret set? Two of the members are in Fortitude Valley
  10. Did anyone catch Hen Ogledd at Green Man? If so, how was it?
  11. Do we think Richard Dawson will be doing his show solo or with his band? Either way it will be amazing
  12. Kikagaku Moyo into Stereolab will be a great Thursday night double! Managed to miss KM a couple of years ago, looking forward to them especially
  13. Arab Strap into Stereolab is a pretty strong Thursday line up
  14. Slift are playing Manchester Psych Fest on Saturday 4th September. Would love it if they joined Stereolab et al and made it down to EOTR at some point over the weekend! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJG0AJJQuU0
  15. Yeah I expect that a lot (or all?) US based acts won't make it over... However, UK based bands/artists will surely be pretty desperate to play shows, so hopefully the organisers will be able to book some great replacements from over here!
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