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  1. Hopefully none of the other acts will have to cancel for a similar reason!
  2. Ah that would be a bit of a gutter!
  3. Yeah I thought Two Tribes was pretty good last year, personally I preferred them to Beavertown. I think the combination of crafty beer that and real ale stuff in certain tents works pretty well. Driving for the first time this year, so will be bringing a bit more than usual
  4. Heading down to APE for the first time this year (for The National/King Gizzard day). Do you usually get stage splits/stage times beforehand? Can't really find anything online
  5. Yeah since the day splits were announced I've got really excited - will be starting my journey down five weeks today!
  6. Anyone got any recommendations for Friday during the day? Not loads I've heard before on then. Been listening to Naima Bock today and been enjoying that
  7. Have had a little look through and it doesn't look too clashy for what I'll probably end up going to see. Apollo Ghosts -> Khruangbin looks like a nice way to kick off on the Thursday. Nice run of bands on Friday evening, and Saturday day time at the Garden stage looks great. Happy that Bright Eyes and Kurt Vile aren't clashing too!
  8. Agree with the others, if the line up isn't tickling your fancy for whatever reason I would sell and spend the (fairly significant) amount of money elsewhere! Hopefully come to EOTR another year where the line up is more to your taste
  9. Saw The Bug Club supporting The Lovely Eggs over the weekend. Really enjoyed them!
  10. Looks a good Thursday line up to me! Was sure that Perfume Genius would be Garden headliners, looks like they'll be a woods sub now?
  11. Do we think Ross from Friends will do the late Saturday slot in the Big Top? Surely that's the best slot for them...
  12. Ah I didn't realise that - brilliant. Hope they get a good crowd
  13. Had this on all morning and 100% agree! Love the two different sounds on the two halves of the album. I assume they'll be early in the tipi one day
  14. Could see him playing the Woods before either Pixies or Bright Eyes
  15. Kurt Vile's tour dates say he's playing on the Sunday
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