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  1. Great to see the vast majority of punters have held onto their tickets!
  2. Obviously gutted to have it confirmed, but my girlfriend and I are lucky enough to be in the position to roll over our tickets, so we'll be doing that. Can't wait for 2021!
  3. Haha! Hopefully it's at least this number, the articles posted above about independent festivals etc are quite concerning...
  4. What percentage of EOTR punters do you reckon will rollover their tickets to next year?
  5. What slot do you think Swans would play if they were announced?
  6. Car Seat Headrest have announced a new album, and are doing the US leg of their tour in June and July. Could be a possible addition? Maybe a Garden headliner?
  7. King Gizzard over in the UK & Ireland to play Latitude/ATN festivals earlier in the summer (late July). Looks like the faint hope I had of them being announced in the second round of bands is now almost zero!
  8. To be honest I wouldn't be too fussed by a Pixies/Bright Eyes clash, but I can why a lot of people would be up in arms!
  9. What makes you think that?
  10. I highly doubt any of the above would make an appearance...
  11. Swans are coming to the UK for ArcTanGent a few weeks prior...
  12. Anyone think the EOTR line up is missing a Oh Sees/Ty Segall/Parquet Courts type garden headliner? Hopefully there will be one in the next announcement!(probably not any of the above though)
  13. What's the deal with Cass McCoombs being on the website? Not mentioned in the press release or on the poster... might be a mistake?
  14. Mini spoiler: https://www.clashmusic.com/live/pixies-bright-eyes-for-end-of-the-road-2020
  15. If these are the headliners, Bright Eyes would be my only 'definitely going to see them, regardless of what's on the other stages' act of the three. I like Big Thief but not convinced by them live, and even though I love Pixies, I've seen them couple of times in the past 5 years. Best thing about EOTR is that even when the headliners aren't quite your cup of tea, there's so much great stuff on the undercard is doesn't matter!
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