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  1. @OhjesusWhat hotel are you staying at? I booked two apartments on Booking.com a couple days ago but would rather much staying in a hotel if the prices aren't going through the roof yet.
  2. I think Gabi and the rest are less interested in St. Vincent than other Spanish festivals or even less than themselves in 2014. Women playing guitars are exactly what Mad Cool needs to wash their image so I'd say Annie will play there if MC insists a little bit. Anyway, my concern in the previous post was focused on the 2022/2023 date and the feasability of holding a festival with two years in blank more than in the names.
  3. Someone has to tour newly released albums for the first time in 2022/2023
  4. And 1042 may be the number of people who volunteered, but 50% of them got told to go home and the other half attended the event. Didn't expect anything near to the truth coming from NME but c'mon.
  5. Agree, it could be really useful to boost confidence/scientific evidence towards indoor gigs. Plus the number of vaccines roled out by autumn make me think of something close to regular winter tours in Europe (¿?)
  6. That's... the kind of line-up I don't want to see near me
  7. Revollo ha considerado este domingo que es "prematuro" plantear esta estrategia para otros eventos, como el Mobile World Congress y el Primavera Sound. I guess you don't need translation.
  8. Ministy of Health says next summer won't be 'back to normal': massive vaccination to come on third/fourth quarter of 2021, if so.
  9. @xxialacthere's no 'one shape or other', it's just one: the regular festival. No downsize, no X thousand people less. Classic festival (with masks, tests, whatever) or bust.
  10. I still think is June or bust. Can't see another push, economically nor emotionally. I guess all they (and we) can do is wait and see how things develope. Let's say February.
  11. Where are you getting that info? First time I see the vaccine shortages and the 2.5 million. Usually the flu vaccination window in Spain lasts 8 weeks and 14 million people get their dose (even this year with Covid) so 2.5 million people by June seems odd. The shortage could be a reason but it's somewhat hard to think it could happen given how many vaccines the Govt is going after.
  12. Spaniards won't be vaccinated by early June. Government just announced their vaccination plan with thre main stages: January - March: very limited vaccination March - June: wider framework June - ¿?: general vaccination First ones will be nursing homes residents and workers starting on January so we'll know by then whether there's a delay on the planning. I know that the main focus is to vaccinate those risk groups but with this outlook we're facing end of May-beginning of June with the majority of attendees still pending on their dose.
  13. @xxialacWhere did you get the 0,1% figure? Because, if so, I'd agree with you that it's easier to proceed refunds to those people rather than what I said in my previous post. Nevertheless, they still would have to figure out how to test 60.000 people each day at the gate complying with social distancing. They (and again, not PS but every festival) may take the show a test from the last 24 hours road but nowadays I have some concerns about it.
  14. Why on Earth do you think any festival will refund Covid-positive assistants? They can't force you to quarantine but they will very rightfully deny your entrance to a massive gathering of people. Right now they can't do it but as soon as tests start to deploy and if they think they can carry on with 2021 editions they will change their T&C to introduce this new clause regarding positive test = no event. Obviously, as with any change in Terms, we will have some time to decide if we keep the ticket or ask for a refund then, not several months later at the gates. And all of this only if they carry on with festivals next year, which I think it won't happen.
  15. That's funny. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2019/08/joe-biden-rave-act-2002-music-mdma As soon as I read the Pzifer thing I knew I'd see you around here
  16. Do you honestly think Rolling Loud announcing Travis today makes it any more likely to happen? Because if so we are in such different positions that I don't know if it's worth it to continue this discussion.
  17. Yikes Because they are pretending business as usual until they decide to announce the cancellation. Look what any festival did this year. Governments can do that (see what they are imposing to bars in Spain) and one of my fears is that they will go ahead with another blank year for festivals.
  18. Agree, especially because if festival attendees need to be vaccinated we're facing 2022 if not 2023. But, my main question nowadays is: will the Government green light these kind of events once the vulnerable are immune knowing that the virus could circulate between the 18-50 age gap?
  19. "Just a month" with an absolute closure of every non-essential business and an mandatory lockdown on everybody, mind essential workers. But yes, just a month. Re:Glastonbury - it's happening in June until they say it's not. And I'm not talking about Glasto especifically, but we've seen how this works during the whole year. Every promoter will pull the plug when they have to, even if they agree on that a few days before. And regarding the vaccine, the Ministry of Health announced a few weeks ago 30 million doses will arrive to Spain in the first bach, meaning 15 million people will get the vaccine. According to 2018 statistics, there are about 13.6 million Spaniards above 55 years old, so that first batch will go almost entirely to them + health workers, as it should be. Therefore, I feel confident they will be vaccinated before June 2021 (let's pray way before that), but I highly doubt most of the festival attendees will.
  20. Curfew is mandatory since today until further notice. Of course can be lifted before, but given that is being introduced through the state of alarm and they want to extend it until May 9th the curfew can still apply until then.
  21. The President just said in a press conference the idea is to lift the state of alarm -and the curfew- on May 10th.
  22. Government just passed a curfew from 11pm to 6am until April
  23. I agree with the last sentence but I even agree more with the first one.
  24. No Bad Bunny, no Primavera. Don't even dare to disagree with this. Now seriously, the fact they pulled it off once doesn't mean they will do it again. Last May we were all so hopeful this could be over by summer and well, we're still pretty fucked in Spain. Say the situation improves dramatically over the next 5 months and the government announces mid-April full flexibility for large gatherings of people starting 1st of July: I'll be the first one on board to push the festival to August. With no regulation/evidence that the situation may be slightly better then than in June I can't see it.
  25. Because some bands won't make it to August '21. See Bad Bunny: he was on June'20 and June'21 but wasn't available for August'20. A new delay means asking 200 acts whether they can make it, rearranging the line up with those who can and asking new acts to fill in for those who cannot. A massive headache. And given that right now the line up may be the biggest they have ever pulled, I can't help to think that they are gonna try everything they can but August '21 is just out of the picture. Look, I love Tyler but in 2022 Igor would be 3 years old. That's unprecedent for almost any current headliner at Primavera, so I'd say that we see this line up on June '21 or we don't.
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