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  1. Can't see a second delay to August with a third round of emails asking the same bands to relocate again. But just my bet, no idea about what they think.
  2. If I had to bet, I'd say the plan is June or bust
  3. Assuming that 100% of ticketholders would go ahead with their planning and would travel to Barcelona. Assuming that 2021 budget is even closer to previous years (tip: look at the line up) Assuming that their only downsize on income is the ppl rejected at the entrance and (some of the) sponsors will not back out if the situation is somewhat similar to now. I insist: I'm the first one with his mind already at the Forum for next year but stating that, with the current numbers, Primavera would lose just 15k € is plain and simple delusional.
  4. We will have to wait, and I really hope I'm wrong, but I'm also very confident we will see several T&C changing over the course of the year and during 2021 'to adapt the existint contracts to the impending reality we are facing'.
  5. Belgium and Portuguese festivals are refunding 2020 tickets once the 2021 festival is ended and that's a good example of how cautious they are being because of their finantial situation. Festivals won't refund money because Terms and Conditions will change before next year's season and you (and I and everyone) will accept this revision in which we'll agree that a positive means no refund, plain and simple. I mean, they're not even paying for the 65k x 3 days=195k tests that would be needed for a test at the door strategy, much less giving a full refund if they can change something in the ticket contract to prevent so.
  6. C'mon, forget the refunds. If you get to any festival and your test is positive, yo go back home. T&C will eventually change so a positive result breaks the contract as in punching someone/breaking in/ and the entrance won't be allowed. Here, at Reading, at Werchter and every other festival you can think of. Solution? Extreme precautions the week before, wear mask almost 24h a day before and during the fest and pray. Basically what we all should be doing right now.
  7. Tangana won't play that early, Pavement probably will end up playing outside Mordor, absolutely no way Bad Gyal plays *that* early or in Mordor, Carolina Durante ain't playing adidas, Chromatics are not playing at Ray-Ban, no way Bauhaus play after Iggy (neither playing Mordor)... sorry but it's just waaaaay out. I'm making my own clashfinder as every year but I'd rather keep it private until we got the timetable or at least put a 'fake' in the tag as they do with the Coachella ones.
  8. IIRC no headliner has ever played last on Mordor. If only, second to last followed by a closing act. We all know how Tricky Massive Attack are so I doubt they agree to start their show at 01:00. They will play at 00:00 (aprox.) and Young Thug will close Mordor mirroring what happened last year with Erykah Badu and Future. My two cents for the 3am Ray-Ban spot (and closers) -C. Tangana/Dj Shadow* (Honey Dijon) -Caribou (Jeff Mills? Literally no idea) -Bicep (Dj Coco) *I see DJ Shadow playing the 12am Primavera slot (Jon Hopkins, RTJ, Moderat) but Ray-Ban would make sense. Thing is: Tangana is billed way higher than him and he already played the 10pm Ray-Ban slot so I'm not sure if giving him this 10pm Primavera slot would be a downgrade if we agree that Ray-Ban > Primavera. So, maybe he plays Ray-Ban again but later.
  9. Tomorrow? Against Sonar? If they share something big they'll match for audience and if they don't share it's just rude
  10. I'm gonna say Massive Attack and Beck won't be here. I have zero info but it just doesn't feel right. Way too many men on the 9 big names and way too little room for surprises as Erykah Badu. Also, Gabi debunking that Frank was touring with a final spot at Coachella doesn't seem to be the best way to stay in good terms with an artists that is playing your fest a couple of months later. I'm absolutely sure he tried to catch him -hence the info of the tour- but somehow Frank didn't want to/they backed out, therefore Gabi being somewhat free to talk about it.
  11. I would say there hasn't been a Peggy Gou case this year but since 2018 Gerd Janson has gained a lot of traction. He has ¿3? Boiler Room videos since then and each one have crazy numbers. Besides, his label -Running Back- has consistenly put out great releases for 1.5-2 years. He played two years ago and I could see him closing the Ray-Ban perfectly but I'll be happy just with him returning. Looking at Dekmantel, Barker would be great after his record. Jacques Greene also released a great one and is playing Apolo next week so he's in good terms with Gabi and co so let's see. Dj Boring is premiering a live set so count him in. Idk, there are way too many names in the pool.
  12. Expecting also an upgraded slot for Octo Octa (see Peggy Gou 2018 -> 2019), maybe an independent one for Eris Drew, park hye jin playing the Yaeji/SOPHIE slot and Amelie Lens as the techno closer a la Nina Kraviz
  13. My two cents: Bicep come back at Primavera -again closing Ray-Ban or maybe even Mordor- and Disclosure don't play neither of them
  14. Yes and no. They got this special Björk show on 2017 and she ended up playing a regular show at Primavera the next year. They nailed Four Tet this year but Gabi said he wouldn't perform at the Barcelona edition on 2020 and so on. On the other side, Peggy Gou closed both fests this past year so you never know. I think Disclosure and Bicep are the biggest live acts around and it'd be weird if they didn't end up playing at Barcelona. Tomorrow we should know how they did split the prize.
  15. Sonar line-up tomorrow. I'd say they will release the full line-up given how late they are. Anyway, we'll see if we have to cross Bicep, Disclosure, Koze and so on.
  16. Totally agree with the 2014 line up but the #bestfestivalever hashtag was used the previous year. 2014/2018 > 2013 > 2019/2016 > 2017 > 2015. You all guys need to chill regarding 2016 and Radiohead + LCD on the same bill
  17. Literally any headliner that wants to announce the full tour/a bunch of dates all at once so the list goes on. IIRC Tyler announced shows at Paris and Amsterdam the very same day.
  18. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but clearly some people know about the date and the not this week messages have been quite clear -can't remember the user who posted it rn-. I always expected some kind of tease this week and the announcement around the 20th but I don't know what to think anymore. Last week a guy posted on the Primavera forum that an acquainted started to work on their social media this very week and suddenly we are getting these memes today. I want to believe they're gearing up towards my previous expectation but if you tell me we are getting absolutely nothing this week, the tease on the 20th and the line up on the 28th I guess I'd believe it too.
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