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  1. Main stage #1 in El Prat Airport and Main stage #2 in Barajas Airport in Madrid. Let's talk about distance then.
  2. Let's say there is only one major change in the map. What would be the worst possible move for you?
  3. Looking at the reactions after La Ciutat info I'm afraid I miserably failed predicting only 15 pages when the map comes out.
  4. Hidden Stage was always sponsored by Heineken and we're getting Estrella this year so...
  5. Didn't Vueling actually have some sort of timetable near the Bits area with the schedule?
  6. ATP was ruled out because of security concerns, yeah. Also I think its last year was 2011 or 2012 so now the festival holds x2.5 capacity so it won't come back I'm afraid.
  7. One could expect a few tweaks in order to accommodate +20k people than last year but... oh boy. And we're not talking about some changes on minor stages.
  8. Trust me, the first day after the map is out is not going to be pretty.
  9. Expecting between 10 and 15 new pages when the map is finally released.
  10. LA was being developed under the radar before you bought your ticket for the 2020 edition and the international expansion had been talked way before that. But hey, feel free to keep thinking they got greedy just now or that they are going to use a 2023 headliner as a replacemente for an already sold-out festival.
  11. The money making techniques were already there way before you bought your ticket in 2019, you simply weren't as focused on them as you are now.
  12. I find all these complains about the lack of communication regarding cancellations quite amusing tbh. I really, really hope you never have to go through what some of us lived when Frank Ocean bailed out seven (7) days before his show.
  13. Weekend 1:Day 1: Kareem Ali, Charli XCX, Shygirl,Carista, Pelada, Tame Impala Day 2: Jamie xx, The Strokes, Evian Christ, Weyes Blood, Young Marco Day 3: Dj Harvey, Sangre Nueva, Caroline Polachek, Tyler, Beach House Wednesday 8th: PC Music presents: Acid Angel Weekend 2:Day 1: Bicep, Slowdive, Dua Lipa, Prospa, Mall Grab Day 2: Pinkpantheress, Danny L Harle, Efdemin, The Smile, Day 3: Fred again.., Genesis Owusu, Dj Seinfeld, Daniel Avery, AceMoMa
  14. They're both playing and one-off show for which they will be preparing as of now but I guess they're ok with coming to Primavera a couple of weeks earlier in the final stages of rehearsals to play a totally different one-off show. Anyway, being Thursday I'd say we won't be hearing any news until next Thursday at least after they release the SA line-ups.
  15. Was just thinking that the South American iterations of the festival are releasing their lineups next Wednesday 27th so they may want to create a momentum by not announcing anything else that week even if they're running somewhat separately and although they announced the different dates in the same week.
  16. They uploaded a short video on Twitter/Instagram last Wednesday (right before Easter holidays) so maybe we get the Primavera Bits split but can't see anything else. They don't announce any other stage splits, the schedule will be out in a month and I reckon they'll keep any new bands (if there is any) until the very last minute with the actual schedule to prevent more surprises. Don't see the info regarding La Ciutat until next month either.
  17. Sure, we all can dream, but when a band that haven't toured since 2015* doesn't replace Massive Attack out of nowhere we shouldn't get too sad. *Funnily enough setlist.fm shows that their last show was a Benicassim '15. Have to say it was absolutely mindblowing once again.
  18. Because they are not going to bust one of the 2023 headliners who might even can't tour properly this year on a year already sold out. Bands don't hop on a tour on a 2 months notice if they haven't been prepping and rehearsing for their own tour and those who already are on tour this year probably booked their dates last year so logistics are already sorted out. Coachella literally replaced Kanye with an artist who purposely appeared on the poster as a special guest with no clue about what day they were playing and now they threw The Weeknd in to play some songs since he's preparing his stadium tour and will benefit from the buzz of that performance.
  19. They already clashed with Radiohead back in 2016 so might clash with the headliner again
  20. Yep, Maria del Mar Bonet also was announced for the auditori. Should be interesting to see if Manel play with her the other way around since Manel sampled her in their latest album.
  21. Gabi confirmed at the end of 2019 that Jenny Hval was slated to play at the auditori so the best guess is that she's still playing there. The Caretaker seems a no brainer and Autechre too but they may be too big for it. Besides, I remember reading something about the decibels they were asking to play at and there could be some issues with it so I'm not sure if they'll end up there. Anyway, it seems the law enforcing to wear masks indoors here is going to be lifted gradually after Easter or even next week so if nothing wrong happens mask won't be necessary at all.
  22. I had a look at his tour dates yesterday. First concert in Paris on the Saturday of W1 so maybe he's a late add for the Thursday or Friday (can't make it to W2). At this point I'd say they passed for 2022 and will bring him back next year with a new album since it isn't clear if he'll be touring This Old Dog again this year.
  23. I mean it wasn't the only payment method at Weekender and we were like 1000-2000 punters. I can't fathom the idea of it being the only way with 80k although it was indeed a very efficient one back in November.
  24. I doubt the app will be the one and only payment method especially with the mayhem it can be after 1am or 2am so I guess the we'll be able to order and pay like previous years too.
  25. You'll add your credit card at a later point (I guess a few days before the fest) and you will be able to choose your order beforehand to get a QR ticket so they scan it and serve what you ordered. No need to explain what you want, no shouting, no _perdona, can you repeat?_, etc. Those who have tickets on Dice haven't received any emails yet. Maybe it takes a different approach to transfer the tickets from Dice to AccessTicket so I reckon you may have to wait until the Redtkt/Festicket process is done.
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