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  1. Besides Viagra Boys, Caribou are playing at Bilbao 3 or 4 days later before crossing the Pond and with their last European date at the end of October. So yeah.
  2. They have played around 7pm on the main stage (2017), same time on the tinyest stage (2019), 2am on a secret stage (2017 again) and I'd say 7pm again on 2014. The thing is, with Tame Impala overlaping several members and given that Parker will play at 11pm at the earliest the most likely scenario will be Pond playing again early on the afternoon, so expect another 7pm set.
  3. Got bored so made an attempt to guess how the Mordor schedule should look each day. 7 acts ( couldn't bother with the first two) split in (1) and (2) stages plus the closing act on Ray-Ban (RB). X (1) - Y (2) - Kacey Musgraves (1) - Pavement (2) - Tame Impala (1) - Massive Attack (2) - Charli XCX (1) // Honey Dijon (RB) X (1) - Y (2) - Beck (1) - The National (2) - Brockhampton (1) - The Strokes (2) - Caribou (1) // Jamie xx (RB) X (1) - Y (2) - Mavis Staples (1) - Nick Cave (2) - Jorja Smith (1) - Gorillaz (2) - Tyler (1) // Disclosure (RB) X (1) - Y (2) - Bad Gyal (1) - Interpol (2) - Dua Lipa (1) - Gorillaz (2) - Tyler (1) // Bicep (RB) X (1) - Y (2) - Courtney Barnett (1) - Britanny Howard (2) - Lorde (1) - The Strokes (2) - Massive Attack (1) // Danny L Harle (RB) X (2) - Y (2) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (1) - Jorja Smith (2) - Megan the Stallion (1) - Phoenix (2) - Tame Impala (1) // Dj Seinfeld - Coco (RB) Didn't forget about Shadow, M.I.A., Tangana, Run the Jewels and Charli (W2) but someone has to play on the Primavera/Ray-Ban area too.
  4. It should work the way you mention but I'm not really versed on DICE so someone else will clarify. Regarding Weekender, September was the date planned to release the line-up. Nevertheless, the issues with UK acts and Brexit -don't expect any US acts unless they live in Benidorm- seem to play a bigger role than planned. And given that we're one the European countries with most % of ppl vaccinated but somehow we're still under several restrictions re: social events I reckon they will try to postpone any announcement as far as possible until some restrictions are lifted and they get some clarity with UK bands.
  5. Don't hold your breath till summer ends
  6. I mean, it's pretty obvious. Just look at the Porto line-up, the gap on both Barcelona Fridays, the answer they were giving to anyone asking about him and the fact that he's the number one artist in the world right now and he says when to announce anything. But it's okay for those who don't like it cause nobody is waiting for them to complete the line-up to pick a weekend or something.
  7. Hmm I'd say it's a real sold out today because the refunds haven't been proceded so 80k (at least) people own a ticket and given that no choice means Weekend 1, it is technically sold out. Pretty sure several people who already are on the waiting list will get a ticket for that one.
  8. They have sold in about 7 hours around 20k new tickets with prices higher than ever, there are 365 left to the festival with several names to be announced (from bottom lines to headliner). They're obviously going to sell out every single ticket.
  9. Two weekends team, obviously. Wanted to skip the first Thursday in order to reduce the days off I need but too soon to decide. Same with the in-between days. I guess once they clarify how the club shows will run it'll be easier to decide. Btw Caroline Polachek has been spending several days ¿recording? with Danny L Harle in Barcelona. Last night he made an appearence at a small venue to dj and she went along with him so she's very likely to do the same on the PC Music showcase. And the idea of him closing the fucking Ray-Ban stage in front of ¿10k? people still seems bonkers to me.
  10. I appreciate the efforts with the clashfinders -I've been one of the makers for years- but please, for the love of God, swap that Charli XCX slot at 8pm and Kehlani at 2am before I jump out of the window
  11. kind of a strecht to call two days without info "a weird period of uncertainity", but ok. if you already know they're planning two weekends you also know that you will be able to choose which one you want to go. as long as they spill all the info (the lineups and how to roll out tickets) by the time the window open I think we're good
  12. They can announce the line up next week and the details of the two weekend idea a couple of days after tomorrow
  13. Last year they released the first wave of artists on May 27th, a second wave like a week later and the final poster a week later. Are we getting something more than the double weekend dates tomorrow?
  14. Ha, would be funny to choose Arcade Fire the year they need to sell 65k more tickets https://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/music/arcade-fire-looks-for-signs-of-life-on-north-american-tour-as-venues-go-unfilled/article36827314/ Meanwhile, Avalanches looking likely?
  15. I'd say around 10am. @xxialac Cupra is just a Seat car, so I guess they'll stick to it in Mordor and Dice will take up the Rayban.
  16. Man, I really hope you're right about Rosalía because otherwise you're gonna run out of forums to post. Tomorrow Gabi will try to show some support for the festivals going ahead on July -mainly Cruilla and Vida- and obviously hype up their own announcement. Agree that he'l spill a few names that are wide known. Most interested in seeing if he aknowledges the two weekends conversation.
  17. Last year they held Nits del Forum -kinda weird bands for a regular Primavera- and Nits del Forum -classic Primavera artists-. Today's announcement was labeled as Nits del Forum so one could assume they're saving the indie lineup -sort to speak- for future announcements (I just wanna see Talabot again).
  18. Sorry but not buying the two different lineups theory at all. Primavera is venturing for the first time in a double-weekend event like Coachella or Austin City Limits but they're ignoring the model those festivals have proven valid? I can see one or maybe two headliners missing one date plus several small names but the overall feeling when looking at both lineups should be that they are almost identical, not the opposite. And once again: hoping for a false rumor and sticking with the regular weekend idea.
  19. Weekend 2 of Coachella always is the slower one in terms of tickets and IIRC there has been plenty of years that didn't sell out -Weekend 1 is guaranteed since 10 years ago- so I can't see one of the lineups being deliberately weaker, especially the second one. I agree with @xxialacregarding the FOMO towards the second weekend but given that this operation comes from (1) having several bands booked since nobody wants to turn their contracts down and (2) the need of cash flow towards the 2022 edition, the idea of not having two great lineups and just one great and another so-so doesn't make any sense.
  20. You were wrong and still are. The 2021 lineup is insanely big and will be a landmark bigger than 2014 or 2018, so they'd be crazy if they put another lineup to compete with it in the very same week. The only logical solution is to pull something closer to Austin City Limits or even Coachella and make 90% of the acts available at both dates.
  21. There's absolutely no way they divide the weekends on New Normal/Old Primavera. Each lineup -if there's really two lineups- can be slightly focused on one but seeing Bon Iver - Slayer - Aphex Twin or Miley Cirus - Yves Tumor - Robyn is one of the greatest strengths of the festival and they'd be crazy if decided to erase it.
  22. Wrote about this possibility the very same day they announced the 2022 edition with no dates and some allusions to "double" and "choosing" between options. I, for one, don't like the idea. It's gonna be harder to meet with all the people I see, some friends will choose the other weekend, and everybody who don't go to both of them will feel they're losing something. Regarding the lineup, I'd say they pull an Austin City Limits and most of the lineup will be the same both weekends, but who knows.
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