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  1. It looks like you'll get the wristband after showing your ticket on the app.
  2. The app is going to be the main payment method, yeah. They tested it back in November at Weekender and it went well but you could also pay with card.
  3. They tested the app on the Weekender back in November and there were no wristbands as in 2019. I could see them bringing them back just as a prop since we're gonna pay everything via app.
  4. I bought mine as soon as they released it (June '19?) on the regular ticketing service before Dice and just got the email. Clicking on the link at the very end of the mail redirects to the app and already has the code inserted so my W1+W2 pass appeared in seconds. Can't complain at all tbh but I reckon if you bought your ticket to a friend / someone else you might have a hard time because you need the mail. Also I helped a friend retrieve his ticket on Friday and when we tried to type the code in the app we failed misserably. You need to click on the link that appears at the end of the mail they're sending in order to claim your ticket, otherwise I think it won't work.
  5. Exactly. I would add that it seems that, for the moment, only those who purchased the tickets before they moved to Dice are receiving those mails to the new app. This means those who bought tickets before May 2020 aproximately. I guess they want to roll over them first and later on those on Dice.
  6. I catched Interpol at Primavera '15 because all my friends wanted to go and I was more focused on The Strokes starting 1 hour later tbh. Classic Primavera sweetheart like Beach House, Arcade Fire or Deerhunter (Bradford come back pls)
  7. Venues are fully booked until late 2023 because every living artist wants to tour and here we are choosing carefully what headliner is going to replace Massive Attack in a 2 month notice.
  8. Four Tet played at Ray-Ban at 2am or so in 2018 and it was packed. He could perfectly close Mordor as Jamie did when he replaced Frank.
  9. Apparently we're getting some info about the tickets and possibly the mid-week gigs this very week.
  10. They'll headline Primavera because they're booking several artists each day to headline. APE may be a good shout and BKS seems to have a soft spot for them but I can't really see them headlining +50k fests anymore unless they come back with a bang.
  11. Not to start another discussion but if the new album flops again I guess the band will have a hard time keeping their headliner status. Primavera can be a very fitting gig since the 5-or-9-big-names each day but we'll see what happens.
  12. Gabi said on RPS that Jenny Hval would play on the auditorium so I'd count she'll be there.
  13. If Disclosure are indeed playing at Ray-Ban, they're on at 3am. I don't doubt the info that appeared on that Dj Seinfeld post but their placement feels odd. Historically those 3am sets at Ray-Ban have been way too packed so putting one of the biggest closing acts of the weekend over there seems kind of ¿dangerous?. Anyway, if they end up playing at Mordor they'll be on at 2am so not much of a difference time wise.
  14. JASSS, Avalon Emerson and Jamie xx playing at 7am once the public went home 🙂
  15. This year we're going to see a few different things in order to spread the punters more than any previous year so wouldn't rule out the idea of two closing sets at Ray-Ban and the beach area clashing.
  16. Shows in Barcelona this month are being postponed til early February but tomorrow in Madrid Sen Senra is playing a 8k venue and Mujeres and Alizzz are playing shows on Friday. All of them are playing Primavera this year.
  17. Yea, I thought about that too. Jamie could actually close the stage like in '14 but Seinfeld, Bicep, Harle and prob Disclosure have 60-70min sets. This would allow Coco to retain his cosing set on Saturday but then it would be a very poorly written message from Dj Seinfeld camp. Besides, we're not talking about something kind of ambiguous like playing at dawn or around midnight: closing is closing, so maybe this year the 3am-4-am act starts later and there's no dj but an actual closing set from these guys at 5am-6am. Coco is not playing so I don't know anymore guys.
  18. I'm seeing he closed* Pitchfork on 2019 so he's following Dj Koze's path: closing Pitchfork and stepping up to the Ray-Ban closing set.
  19. Not before March given previous years and the current situation in Spain and Bilbao especially. But don't hold your breath much because no more than 6-9 names per day should be left and mostly undercard.
  20. Danny himself posted on Instagram he was closing Ray-Ban and had to redact the post probably after a call from management. It's kind of a weird slot for him but I can see them spreading peope even at closing sets so we'll see. Leon Vynehall was suppossed to close Pitchfork whatever day he is playing (I really can't remember anymore). And given the attempts I saw over here during the last couple of years you better stop playing with the schedules if you're still thinking Bad Gyal (or C. Tangana before he dropped out) had any chance to play before night falls 😅
  21. They're charging 77 pounds for a show so I highly doubt they're gonna drop by as a surprise guest. Line-up is closed according to the latest poster so assuming one of the hottest new bands in town is going to play because 1/3 of them is already playing and Yorke has attended the festival some years is kind of naive. But we're in 2022 with a pandemic still going on so who knows.
  22. Can we get more names? Hell, usually we wouldn't have a single name and we got 6 months to go. Anything can happen. But, and I think this is important, the new posters don't feature the classic "and many more..." so I'd say the line-up is closed.
  23. Don't know who is headlining and who is not, just based on last year's poster and assuming Liam is returning. Lori Meyers Ginebras Circa Waves La La Love You The Hunna Joel Corry Zahara Tom Greenan Viva Suecia Miss Cafeina Izal Cariño Elyella Becky Hill Carolina Durante La Habitación Roja Sea Girls Declan McKenna Dorian La M.O.D.A. Tom Walker Lost Frequencies Love of Lesbian The Kooks Steve Aoki Two Door Cinema Club Kasabian
  24. They stole from a forum where we posted the list of artists. I guess FIB asked them to take it down but the list is sill on 🙂 Kasabian and TDCC will be headlining plus Liam, Armin Van Buuren, Aoki and so on. Similar to 2020.
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