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  1. can anyone recommend any pubs nearby the event for a few beers beforehand? Meeting up with a few people from around the country so we be good to have a few sups and a catch up before heading in - preferably with a decent beer garden!
  2. Where else are they all playing? Strokes - BBK, Smashing Pumpkins - Mad Cool, and I cant see anywhere else for the Chemical Brothers... The price of flights and a day ticket is still cheaper than what a UK festival would charge for a lineup of that stature! And considering the only Strokes UK Date has sold out i'm surprised more haven't thought about heading out for this!
  3. I still cant believe that the Sunday hasn't sold out....
  4. Slightly late to the party, but could I be added to the WhatsApp group please? I feel today may just be the day
  5. I seen this last week and immediately put the idea to bed. But now you’ve brought it back up, I’m more than happy to see where this goes. i mean, It doesn’t actually say anywhere about music festivals being excluded....
  6. Black friday?! Impeccable self discipline! Id be lying if i said my current collection hasn't taken a few hits here and there..
  7. Over the last couple of months ive been buying the odd can here and there and storing them in my "Glasto box" which is now a lovely assortment of IPAs, pre mixed spirits, wine, bucks fizz, flavoured ciders and many more! Saves having an expensive alcohol run the night before and gives you a wider variety to chose from each morning when you're not feeling 100% fresh!
  8. Seems strange that there's been no email sent out and no update to the website, but at the same time no indication of anymore names yet to come? For a brief moment i was expecting a gradual release of names over the next couple of hours before announcing the day splits, but seeing as its now been nearly two hours since the announcement id imagine that's it in the way of announcements for today.
  9. Fontaines DC is a great booking, albeit slightly underwhelming. Id imagine thats it for today, and probably the festival.
  10. Surely they'll have to add another notable act to the Vetusta Morla day if they have any chance of shifting day tickets? It would make sense to splash the cash on that day and bring in someone else as a co-headliner, such as the libertines, phoenix, MGMT, Hot Chip etc.
  11. This is the first announcement in a while where they've made a prior announcement isn't it? Surely thats got to mean something?! (Been struggling to find optimism for a while, so im buying this)
  12. I did both in 2016! For some unknown reason one of our friends decided to be the sole driver for our European road trip, which included a truly spectacular journey straight from Lisbon to Benicassim. To this day ill never know how he was able to drive that journey with four of us passengers hitting the booze pretty hard for the duration of the journey... As for night buses, im not too sure, however i cant imagine a taxi being too expensive if split between a few of you? If not grab yourself a cheap-ish hotel and catch a train in the morning!
  13. Same here! I do unintentionally seem to gravitate towards the pyramid, other and JP, so having them on a small stage would do wonders for my plan to see more of the festival this time.
  14. Not sure I can handle another week of shit jokes from Benis social media without an actual announcement
  15. Squid replied to me on Instagram saying they're there this year! Only have a handful of songs out but they're one of my must see acts this summer! And they were also recommended by someone on here (cant remember who sorry)
  16. Hoping for a few shocks in this weeks announcement to cheer up my friends who failed miserably with Glastonbury tickets this morning. Phoenix, Metronomy, Disclosure, Foals, New Order, Car Seat Headrest, Interpol, Jamiroquai, Hot Chip.... any of these would be extremely welcome...
  17. DMF have just announced a new stage for the festival. Electronic music isn't really my forte but happy to see the festival is still adding new acts.
  18. If it makes you happy. I cannot wait to hear this live.
  19. ill bust out a few shapes to most things (as well as usually being in a shape myself)
  20. Id be over the moon with Phoenix! Here's hoping they get booked!
  21. I honestly cant see them announcing anyone this late of any notability. Announcing any big names this late on is surely a risk as most people who go to Beni would have surely made their minds up by now. Splashing the big bucks now on a big name when its probably not going to make much of a difference to ticket sales would be daft IMO. I personally think they will make a measly final announcement and just happily concede that this year has been a shambles.
  22. Reckon there is any chance that Beni may be holding off any announcements until the Glastonbury resale is out of the way? Never really crossed my mind before, but this year a few of my group who haven't got Glastonbury tickets have said they will come to Benicassim if they arent lucky in the resale...
  23. Is being able to see the stage even a necessity? If i'm watching an act i'm usually having a boogie, so not sure why id need to see them to be able to do this? Add in the fact that when i'm at a festival its probably highly unlikely that i could see as far as the stage anyway.
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