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  1. Looks like all days have now been updated on the app. Nadine Shah rather than Lianne La Havas headlining the North Arena on Monday.
  2. You have made a lot of sweeping statements in your posts to back your argument which I don’t think you can really prove. People can be mostly into women-only vocalists as much as they can be mostly into folk music, I have a couple of friends that fit the former. Remember, women and men’s voices are on the whole different and so doesn’t have to be declared sexism to prefer one or the other. Others may disagree but I wouldn’t be adverse to having a men only day on International Men’s Day. After all, there are a number of male specific issues that it would be helpful to raise as part of it. I also wouldn’t be adverse to all women MPs sitting together in parliament on International Women’s Day, it would definitely highlight the imbalance that you mention above and it would be a good way to promote MPs working with other MPs from different parties.
  3. Come on, this is just one venue across multiple venues across multiple days that is celebrating women musicians, on a day that is fitting to do so. It isn’t ‘Women only’, as I’m certain that there will be many men playing key roles at the Roundhouse on the night; performing on stage, roadies, light / sound engineers and even in the audience. And the festival itself has met your ‘Gender Parity’ requirement with a fairly even spread of male / female acts across the three days (not sure what exact % split as I got bored counting) so surely we can agree that this is ok? Out of interest, would you be offended if 6 music decided to celebrate folk music only on one of the nights, because it was international folk music day?
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